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Tribute to my beloved King & great father of nation.

He was the great music composer. Mostly on Jazz & Blues genre.

This was the best adaptation tune performed by Larry Carlton & All Star Jazz.

"The Jazz King" was the name of this album.

All were composed by H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

My favorite tracks are "H.M. Blues" & "Never Mind The Hungry Men's Blues"


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This was the classical tune from Thailand.

"คำหวาน" or "Sweet Lyric"

It was created almost a century ago.

This was piano playing with Thai music instrument "Three-stringed fiddle" or "ซอสามสาย"

Within my time, I admitted this music creation was created for real love.

We have only one love, our tradition way...



OST from Thai Movie "The Overture"


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Another Classic tune from Thailand. This was 7 years ago.

There was no HD recording that time but I believed this was blowing the house, for sure :) :) :)

"กระต่ายเต้น" or "Jumping Rabbit" was the name of the song.

The main instrument was Burmese Drum Set (Thai recognized its called "Mon Drum Set", minority tribe in Myanmar).

It was cutting head deal between 2 drummers who performed this concert.


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