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disappearing mouse cursor


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On 9/19/2014 at 9:44 PM, Angelspit said:

7. Key Bindings


1                          Moan (works not only on sex furniture) Will also fix eye blinking bug (if occurs)

2                          Cum (active while sex)

3                          Hide/Show Penis (available for females while having FF sex)

ESC                     Menu (ESC again closes menu)

F1                        Game Settings

F5                        Spy Cam (WASD/Arrow key camera movement)

SHIFT+O             Oculus Rift mode

SHIFT+Z             Hide/Show Interface (good for taking screenshots)

SHIFT+C             Hide/Show Mouse Cursor

SHIFT+X             Background Blur, focus on character (good for screenshots)

Enter/Return       Shows Chat Box (if not visible)


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2 hours ago, MistressBeryl said:

OK ctrl+shift+c is the shortcut for gyazo to take a pic. It´s not a Laptop, but could be the reason. Will try another shortcut, thanks for your support.


I have a standard US Keyboard and it is only R. Shift+C.

Your keyboard may have a setting on it that makes the "crtl" key a function key of some sort.

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