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Hello, friends!

I am in the market for a new computer for my home office.  Could someone offer their expertise on what I should purchase to make the game as enjoyable as possible (without breaking the bank!)?

Graphics card, memory, etc.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I've got an Intel i7-8700 CPU, 3.2 Ghz, 16 Gig memory. NVidia 2080 GPU, SSD harddrive, additional M2 NVME harddrive.
My PC is about 2 1/2 years old, and I'm playing in 4K on a 30" display with every graphics setting at highest level. And it's absolutely smoooth.

So, as a reference, something like this or better should be more than enough to play 3DXC. And even Microsoft Flight Simulator, with Sim Update 5, ist really enjoyable.
But be sure that you get an SSD or better an M2 NVME drive!

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If you are a gamer and play other high performance games, Diana Prince suggestion is mostly on par. If you are just playing 3dxchat or a minor gamer you can get by with less.

My processor is AMD Ryzen 5 3600 , GPU RX 5600 XT (compares to NVidia 2060), 16gig memory SSD and I play on the all highest level graphic game settings and I have no lag issues. I can also play other high performance games without issue.

I will suggest a desktop over a laptop, laptops will run hot as hell no matter how good the GPU, especially for high graphic gaming and majority of laptops you can't upgrade the GPU so if it burns out or gets too slow you have to go out and purchase a whole new laptop if you want to game on it. Desktops you can always upgrade the GPU without going out to buy a whole new system.

Here are a couple sites to do comparisons of CPU's and GPU's




Good luck.


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here's a path.

Buy a writing machine, link it to an old tv with a cotton wire. Once it's done, repeat 5 times "pikeleedoo pikeleedee" with your fingers crossed over your head. This should make appear the best computer on earth right in front of you.

If this don't work, just ask someone that know more about computers than me 🤣

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks to @Leeloo's technical savvy, I am now better equipped.  It even comes with a calculator so I can ditch my abacus. 😉 

Thanks for the feedback and advice, all of you.  I did some research based on your comments, made a few concessions to mind my budget and upgraded by computer.

I have only been able to be in game for about an hour so far, but...





What a difference this has made!  I was having fun in game previously, but mainly through who I know and how we chat.  This world has come alive now!  And now fire, smoke, water, dancing lights don't slow me down to a crawl.  

Now I can truly enjoy my cabin in the island wood that Torax was kind enough to build.  I love the place but the amount of motion effects made my experience not very good due to the lag.  No more!  I love this place and will have to have it open from time to time.  Hope to see you there!! 

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