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Different voice/moan options


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Would be nice if we could have some choices in what our characters sound like when “getting to know” one another. 

For females you could have some cuter presets, some more mature ones, higher pitches, lower pitches etc


for guys maybe some deeper tones, or more feminine moans for the sissy/sub guys too. 

it just gets kinda lame hearing the same moans all the time especially in group stuff where two people sound identical. I’m sure members of the community would happily record some stuff to use too 

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To be honest, the moans are already in the game since it was released, it would be great to have some new voices, there are a lot of voice actors out there for this kind. Every 3d animation artists gets some great voice acting in their animations already, so maybe someone should hire a voice actor to get something new already. No need to look for free stuff as this game should make enough money that can be invested

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