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  1. Totally agree. A warning a bit ahead of time is the very least ffs how incredibly unprofessional can one be?
  2. I love the idea of being able to chose from a few voices/pitches at least, and with more variations in execution that you can select from at the time.
  3. Geez no need to yell like that
  4. I was saving up for something important too, so this is a bit of a setback . I don't receive any more coins when I log in now. I did so on wednesday, but had to start from the bottom again. And then there are the lost days. Not that I want to make an issue out of the lost days, really happy the game is up and running again already, but would really appreciate to be able to save up daily again soon (again, not wanting to complain or anything).
  5. Any suggestions for a patch that gets stuck while unzipping?
  6. Walking hand in hand, and being carried around (as in the existing carrying pose, or hugging the other with your limbs). The option to kiss during sex, too. The option to add red handprints on your ass Oh and, more gay sex poses in general, please. https://gaysexpositions.guide/ for example, lotus, pearly gates, suspended congres, teaspoons.
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