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  1. What I se reading through this is someone who thinks they are better than everyone else tankard some of the worst builds i have seen and by worst i mean laggy to the point of barely being able to move on a high end computer were from some of the so called good builders...No offense is meant here but maybe you should maybe make a useful reply or suggestion instead of trolling..Peace the lag imo is most likely caused by a limitation in the game and the fact its not optimised for use by the gpu easly seen by how high the cpu utilisation is as compared to your gpu..
  2. Gith


    Which basically made Pandora extortion pay money we keep your account private its possible to issue an account ban or an ignore function where it nbans all the avatars it possible to do so in almost all mmorpgs and while this is more of a social platform it has an ignore function which if you can ignore the main avi should allow to iggy all of them just IMO Peace
  3. Gith


    I agree with JaimieLynn and the original poster of this thread we should be able to ignore the alts as well as the main toon with a one time ignore otherwise the function is useless...
  4. Your not the only person Cisco a friend of mine has it as well
  5. same pan I too 7-11 am if you need me longer i can Ty for this
  6. Pan My sister SummerRose just told me about this I can make myself available all weekend if you need me...This is a great thing to support we support cancer awareness on my server
  7. They charged the credit card I use for gaming I would say that we are paying for it, at least those of us who have it removed automatically. Peace
  8. again with all the down time we have recieved common courtesy would have avoided this post apparently you are what a shill look iy up if you dont know what it means your trolling they should replace the gold spent for they kicked everyone without notice I pay for the game same as everyone else..I'ts not that hard to send a warning to all in the chat window every online game except this one apparently does..go away unless you have something positive to add
  9. actually yes you do pay for gold again stop trolling i bought and paid for 3k gold today your response you dont pay for gold 4.99 us stop trolling
  10. Just because i chose not to participate in the stupidity here does not mean i am a newb
  11. Ive actually been in game since january we pay money for the gold he just wasted stop trolling
  12. its not hard to do ffs even flash games post a warning in the chat room
  13. Sorry Gizmo you need to replace the gold your stupidity is causing not even the common courtesy to warn us you are frigging with the servers its a simple matter to set a warning and to post how long the downtime will be for. Gith Owner of Rock n Blues and Sillhouettes
  14. Yes and as usual no alert and no courtesy its a simple matter to alert players in the chat window of a coming reset or maintenance
  15. Thats honestly not an answer @Yvonny Better communication is what we ask and @Dave is right its a simple matter to configure an alert in the chat window
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