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  1. Gosh. No free trial. What a terrible idea. I can understand the desire to bring more people and make it more accessible. But putting a tarrif, it protects us as customers and it protects minors from the content. And 3dxchat aren't the only one to do that pratice. Even IMVU the Adult Pass have a price of 20$. Also with free trial is open the door to scammer or malicious people. And by the way, if we want people to stay with us on the game dev need to fix their server problem or hire staff. Cause is a lot of frustration sometimes I decide to drop out and don't play at all. And must
  2. All that's missing are the people who advertise their room :-P
  3. This is because hold, elevator and Porn Industry use "Not Copyright" music
  4. No you can. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You just had to spend 10k to make new characters
  5. Oh interresting gonna save this link, but still nobody can't connect for now
  6. Yeah if it was a DDoS attack their website would have had some problems like the last time but I don't know what changes they've did to the servers. They probably don't have the website anymore on the same server than the game also the game isn't look like having trouble to "charge" something. We got instant disconnection and doesn't seem to have a request overload
  7. I'm agreed different voice/moan would be cool and give more diversity than a moan who is the same for everyone
  8. Welp, those who leave it's their business, on my side I take the trouble in patience. I'm sure 3dxchat devs do their possible actually to provide us a good experience
  9. Yeah pretty much the same problem for me and one of my friends Just hope isn't DDoS again
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