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Found 10 results

  1. I'll probably get in trouble for this & I'm sorry Gizmo but I want MaeLing & Ali to come back. We miss this game, we miss the humour and banter and good friendships formed, that this game & others like it create. Change One Word is so much more than "spam". It's part of the heart of our community. Change one word. Example - First person may post "Good Game." Next person may post " Good Day" Next person " Day Dream" And so it goes on .... So I'll start I guess with StarWars Rebellion
  2. For those who likes the Catch 'N Fuck game created by the community I am attempting to create "Catch 'N Fuck World". The concept is to have a spawn that branches out to multiple zones with different themes. I haven't seen Catch 'N Fuck games lately and thought I'd try to create something fun for those interested to play. Currently I only have a Desert zone but I have more in mind. I had a test earlier today and a few people tried it out and gave me helpful feedback, which I am going to try and make happen. Adding more details and some structures. For those interested, please write your suggestions in this thread, and let's see if we can't get this off the ground. For those that don't know what Catch 'N Fuck is; It is a game created by the community where you are either a "Hunter"("Catcher") or "Prey"("Hunted"), where the Prey tries to run away from the Hunter. The Hunter tries to catch the Prey by either hugging or kissing. If the Hunter manages to hug or kiss someone, the person caught are theirs to do with as the please for as long as they please. Normally males are the Hunters and Females are Prey. These are the basic rules as far as I know, some rooms have different rules, but normally the host of the room will post their rules every once in a while.
  3. KINKSTERS INC. KINKHUB ROYAL FAMILY MEMBERS - REGULAR MEMBERS MAY 2017 UPDATES: NEW KINKSTERS INC. MEMBERS: PrettyDemon, CaraMortensen and SophiaSissyRegular Members page redesigned CLICK HERE TO SEE.NEW KINKSTERS INC. MEMBERS: xREDx, Demandread, SMAXXY, MzBadDestChick, MjMerry, MadelineKinkNEW FEATURE: User Reviews system has been added! Now you can rate and comment profiles. You can block specific users to review your profile and you can flag/report certain reviews. New KinkHub 3DXChat Profile Signatures added to library!NEW FEATURE: Kinksters Inc. & KinkHub community forums now online! Register in KinkHub now!NEW FEATURE: Real-Time Notification System.
  4. The Fuckers of Anarchy MC is a club of close friends in this crazy world called 3dx. The name Fuckers of Anarchy is a reference to the TV series Sons of Anarchy, so it is no surprise that we have a motorcycle club / biker theme. As club of close and dear friends and long lasting members of 3dx we are not different than anyone else in this game: we want fun and not drama. Of course fun includes sex, but like for everyone else who is longer than 2 weeks in this game, this is important but not the most important thing. Friendship and loyalty is what keeps us in the game, this we found in FoA MC. The Fuckers of Anarchy are: AceX, Aira, Colleen, Conlan, Franck, Jassa, Malvasia, meilyn, Morgaine, Nikki, Onnyx, Porunn, TomJM, Veronique, Vince FoA MC was founded in september 2014 by Franck, Simon, BlackStation, Prenessys, Weedjoe and BlackDiamond. Out of these 6 founders, known as the original six, Franck, founder and former president, and Simon are active in the club ever since. FoA MC started as a hangout of these friends, and soon grew bigger to an establishment of 3dx culture. With regular internal and public activities such as our well known club parties we created a home for us in this impermanent sexchat and became a family. Internal the club developed a system with a flat hierarchy of prospects, the apprentices, patch members and leadership. This system proved to be that successful that it led to the persistent presence of FoA MC in 3dx with a long lasting, loyal member base of DJs, porn producers, party organizers and even brothel owners. If you are now interested in joining us you need to know that we do not accept applications but send out invitations to those that seem to fit into the group. We rather want a small circle of good friends than 100 members that don’t know each other. So we try to pay attention to who fits to us, who likes to spend time with us and vice versa. So just join us for our public parties, hang out with us and get to know us edit: updated memberlist
  5. RoxyFuta

    A new hope

    So I have been thinking, while I aimlessly wander the internet trying to find a good sex RP that could wet my appetite and get me through some more dry months of gaming. I have unfortunately found only a couple, I like games where the description is good but also has graphics on top of it. A few games I have seen have come up but they do not entirely fit the bill: COC, TiTs : Great writing but no graphics. SexDevilGames: Great graphics but no real writing Monmusa Quest: Great story, anime pictures - no animations There are tons more, but I wanted to use these examples. No single player game out there seems to have found the formula between great graphical animations and good story, if they have please let me know. So after a while of playing these games I thought to myself what is close to what I want, and 3dxchat was it. There are times though I just want to get lost in a universe and to read things written. Basically I do not want to write back but actually play an RPG game that gives me choices. My idea / proposal. A user story created game - Basically a few people think up the story universe and main plot lines. The rest of the community can fill in the gaps with random encounters and characters. Coders and designers to animate, code and do simple animation - This is basically like what 3dx chat is but more in a sense of RP, you have your characters at the screen having their fun, but on top of that you have the communities RP to read while it is happening. The mix of the two would be great, graphical animations may need to be simple though, since there is a good balance between graphics and RP. As of this moment 3dx Chat does a great job of this. Let me know what you guys think. I would really love writing for something like this and would like to think there is an outcry of perverts everywhere wanting the same thing. See you in game as RoxyFuta, and keep smutting. Disclaimer: These are just ideas, I am not trying to request anything, but to build an interest in something like this.
  6. Hi, and sorry if I made this thread in the wrong place. I have a lot of experience with chats and online games and in my experience they die eventually or their numbers dwindle to a depressing number. Sex chats that have been out for years turn into cliques where new people are ignored and no one talks about fucking anymore. Anyway, did this game peak and is now on the decline or is the game growing...? Another big concern is, is this game still text based or mic based...? Another concern (lol) how many people want to have random sex or just have small talk and sex...? Or is this game people looking for people to talk to...? I don't mind talking, I have tons of hobbies, I listen to a massive variety of music, have both life experience and do normal shit like play video games...not trying to brag but I'm interesting, I can start and keep a conversation with pretty much anyone. However, I have a high sex drive, so obligatory friendship for virtual sex doesn't interest me, though, online friendships, are cool. I have multiple online friends I've had for years. So yeah, is this a large or decent sized community? Is finding someone to have sex with like super hard? Oh, can you have rough sex...? Hair pulling, spanking/slapping, rough trade...no gimp masks, no razors, no fire (lol), no caning, etc. The preview video looked pretty vanilla, which is fine, I'm just curious. Thanks
  7. Guest

    Good Morning 3dx Community

    Just wanted to start a thread (post) where I could say "good morning" to the entire 3dx community every morning. You are welcome to join if you want...
  8. Ashbash

    Music Events!

    Hello everyone, MrAsh here! Hi! I have made this thread for feedback or suggestions on the music in game in specific zones, to get peoples opinions and possibly ideas for future events that may be able to be arranged in game, whether it is a more Smooth Jazz theme in Sin Club one night for example for people to go up on stage and strip for everyone, having a strip party of some kind, or perhaps something else in another zone, something to just spice things up again for the community to decide and think up on what they would like to possibly have as events here in the world of 3DXChat! All feedback and ideas will be noted and the most agreed up on ideas will be set in motion in the future. So keep it respectable to other players and respect their ideas and opinions! Post away I am excited to see what you would like to see! Kind Regards MrAsh
  9. Album has timed out sadly they have gone
  10. WARNING! THIS POST ONLY SHOWS MY OPINION! IT'S NOT MEANT TO TELL READERS WHAT TO DO OR NOT! WHO AM I TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO?! A few weeks ago user-rooms got added by the development. Rooms, which can be decorated by players as they want. The idea might have been a good one for giving players the options for roleplays in a local like area. Sounds exciting but the consequence is that local places got more and more empty. Sure, there are still players at local places, but it became less since players can open their rooms just for friends. Actually this splits the community into several smaller or larger groups who are in their apartments. For those players who are playing here for a longer while and have plenty of friends it’s not a problem, but did anyone think about new players who want to try out the game? Just imagine you enter the game for the first time and everything you can see are local places where not many people are around. Then you see the open apartments, also mostly empty. What will you think? Easy to answer: “This game is really empty and the community is small” But you can’t see that there are a lot more people in their apartments, because you can’t see them. I totally understand when people want to be for their own and have some privacy with friends or a bunch of people they invited. This is human. But I think all of us have some responsibility for this game, since it’s still in progress. Or our development has this responsibility at least and should do anything to keep this game growing. Now how to handle with this problem of user rooms? Removing them will make people angry and some might leave. Also which development ever removed new features? They get changed until all problems are fixed, what we all could see during the last weeks. Every update was for the user-rooms. In my own opinion development should focus on other things right now. More stuff in public locations, which make those places more interesting again. Maybe some new furniture or special features which only work in public places. And those should stay at these places. If we get able to put everything in our apartments, why do we have public places? We could do it like in Achat and have a dating portal and invite people to our apartment. Great idea! Please development don’t reduce the public places to empty rooms, because everyone is somewhere in private. Make them more interesting to people will use them. Work more on those places to improve what we already have and what’s been good in the past. Or bring this game back to Achat standard which will make many people cancel their subscription. [i included for sure]
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