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Found 189 results

  1. Gold transfer between 3dxchat members. I see this feature as an investment in the quality of gameplay, interest for the game, as a platform for those who love to play and for those who love to be social. Just in a nutshell why I do the poll. I have seen many events such as fashion show, model photo contest, best dancer of the month etc. Most of event hosts want to reward their participants. I saw 5 gifts for the 1st place, 3 gifts for the 2nd etc. Why don't we reward them in a civilized way, by gold? Just this question was on my mind. Few days ago I was on fashion show(I will post few screenshots under spoiler) and it was fun, but something was lost in my subjective opinion. Some reward would be nice as a appreciation for participation. Not a gift, but gold. It would be awesome to spend it on everything you want. Right? We don't live and work for special tickets for bread, cheese or a pair of sneakers, as it was in some communist countries, but we are getting money. Just money and this is fair. Those gifts with pics are really cool in special situations, but seems we need a little bit more freedom. I hope, I am not alone with such a wish. How it was looking: How I see this with place for words from a sender: This feature can give us a reason and motivation to be longer in 3dxchat, to play more interesting, for helping friends, to create new events with rewarding, to buy a beer for a friend and so on In the end it will give us a breath of fresh air and freedom to use our money as we want. I tried to be short in words. Leave your comments.Thank you for your attention.
  2. I have a problem with the profiles. If I stay too long in a room, I am unable to open them. Does anyone else get this
  3. Vaughan_Rarius

    New Forum

    Thank you for improving Forum. It does seem much better. Unfortunately I was unable to see where to post for queries to be addressed. So I opened this to ask... 1. Signatures - Are Signatures no longer allowed? They made forum very colourful before and some were very witty, wise and some downright dirty. But they were fun to see and read. If they are allowed, how do we re-add them? 2. Please do not remove the fun silly games. I appreciate that some may think they are pointless and spam but... they are a fun way to encourage members, especially new joins to post and to learn to negotiate their way around the forum topics. They are also a good way to make friends and again see the witty sense of humour of members. Please allow them and re-open the one you closed - Change one word. 3. Is size of pictures when posting in a topic limited and if so what is the maximum allowed? Some pictures have been distorted. 4. Are the number of likes still limited or has this silly limit been eliminated? I was never sure of the point of the limit. 5. Has the forum now been opened to new members again? Is there any limitations when their / our subscription ends? 6. Do we have to have our forum activity and friends on public view. Can we hide this from public view? I'm sure I or others will have more questions. LOL.
  4. This topic originated in "upcoming-updates-discussion" around P30. http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/8235-upcoming-updates-discussion/page-30 Forum Moderatron has become a large discussion between members and deserved its own topic so all views, ideas and thoughts can be found easy on the subject. All views and ideas welcome. Is it a good idea for Forum members to moderate their own topics or should 3DXChat appoint their own Moderators. Of course another option is leave things as is.. (added as suggested by Kaitlin. TY Kait)
  5. Many of my friends write to me in the game that they have an error during re-registration! I think this question should be studied! That's what my friend Hincholas sent me.
  6. HI, Does the referral link still work? http://3dxchat.com/refer/index.php When I enter in my e-mail address nothing happens, the page only refreshes and im not receiving an e-mail either (don't know I that's what suppose to happen). Let me know please. I want to refer a friend and get some XP for it in return. Cheers. Jason
  7. "The 1st 3dx Artist`s Festival" Warm welcome to every "world editor" user. How to take part in the festival. Link to the Poll - information about how this should happen. Conditions: 1. Up to 8 participants. 2. Up to 80 KB for each file. 3. 1 week (since 1 July) for preparation,1 week for presentation. 4. No more than 1 file (working place: 20x20x60(height)) per each artist. 5. Google Drive should be used for uploads. 6. Only own creations, which haven`t been published anywhere must be used. 7. Theme: freestyle Explanations/recommendations. "Up to 8 participants, Up to 80 KB per file" was made for optimization. Everyone looking forward for beautiful works, but less reflective textures and lights for better optimization are very welcome. Since Today till July 7 - preparation time when you can create, fix, test your work. July 7 is a time for creating final test and festival file. When your work is done, upload it to google drive and send me the link by private message on the forum. Since July 8 till July 14, the festival should be open everyday for everyone in public place by me or participants. If you see that a place isn`t opened, just use the place and open by yourself. Festival file will be given to each participant. Theme: freestyle. "It could be a graffiti on a wall, a car, a bed, a statue, or whatever you have in your imagination(except something can break the rules of the game)." Conditions can be changed. I may lost something(info). Nothing is perfect. Feel free to post you questions/ideas here or by pm.
  8. This is a blog. It is something like a diary, but a forum blog where I will write about knitting school, cross-stitching, how to make a child fall asleep well and quickly, photography of nature, boring jokes and so on.
  9. Very beautiful and unusual place! This is space) Thanks VeronicaLee
  10. It is interesting to know today. Feel free to leave your opinion. Have a good day.
  11. If you have strange and unusual music videos and music, I want you to share it in this topic) I really liked this clip BLVCK CEILING - PARK EYES and I want to look at your clips)
  12. Hallo zusammen, wer von euch besitzt ein Toy von Lovense (Max oder Nora) und benutzt auch die App Body Chat? Ich finde die paralelle Nutzung von 3DXchat und den Lovense Toys super reizvoll und suche da nach Gleichgesinnten LG
  13. Hi 3dxchat citizens and artists! It will be interesting to see how many people want to see it and how many WE artists want to participate in such festival. Why? To make an festival from 3dxchat artists for people who interested to see artworks and use those works in the future. To make a place wich will be opened every day by every participant. The place where people(especially those who are not registered on the forum) could see any works and upload it by the links from the forum. To show works of various artists festival by festival and show that the world editor is not just a thing but also an important tool that can be used variously, that can keep an interest to be in 3dxchat. How? A simple place like a circle with an entrance at the center, with artist`s spots/places around this entrance. People can get to any work and then walk around one by one.It could be a graffiti on a wall, a car, a bed, a statue, or whatever you have in your imagination(except something can break the rules of the game).I can made a first wave of artists festival while I have few weeks on it. If someone wants to lead it, that's cool. If no, I am able to do it.Create something, link to me by the forum pm. I will put it in the festival place. Before starting festival we meet inside the place to fix anything. I will link final place to every participant. While festival going, if you see that a place isn`t opened, just use the place and open by yourself(need to think how it will be named). That is how we can lead the festival together and keep it opened all the time. Or most of time :3 Questions: 1.How many artworks(participants) would be nice to see accordingly with 3dxchat file limit? 2.What limit (Kb) for one participant? 3.How long should the festival take place? (a week, two, a month or any ideas)? 4.How many cubic meters should take a spot for any artwork? 5.What site should we use for links of works? 6. Any idea of a name of festival? Feel free to discuss. Maybe the idea isn`t good. We will see.
  14. Hello everyone In this thread i wanna say things i learned in 3dxchat n how my gaming experience became so much helpful due to playing the game <3 1st a lil bk round short story i was always a trance lover n spend most of my time on Youtube listening all kinds of music ofc im a anime lover also,due to the fact that for my papa im still small they not let me go out at nights in clubs etc So my free time was devided on youtube anime n coffee early with university friends. Then one magic day i saw a Youtube video of 3dxchat consisting of a party ppl dancing all arround with trance music and that was for me i had to try this game i started playing 3dxchat going to parties etc watching (djs playing music) then i had this strong desire to be also be able to play my favorite music in the way i want so slowly i started to learn to dj later i even took lessons still do and i love so much mix live the music i love . So point to 3dxchat cause even tho its a game i learned something and i love what i learned So i kept playing 3dxchat and i had also the chance to see people in various situations that i didnt have the chance to experience in real life exept in school but in school people there almost all same age but in 3dxchat various age n people ,i went through good n bad stuff here but i dont regret anything cause i saw how people are . So another point for 3dxchat i kept playing 3dxchat n i came to love build rooms , i build rooms 16 months now and i have to say i realy love it so i made my blog post rooms i build there etc and now i wanna do n learn more stuff so i thought i learn 3D design etc . So after a talk with my papa and after he saw my blog n what i build and what i dream for the future he agreed so i go to a 3D design school <3 So another big point for 3dxchat personaly i found some realy cool stuff to do and im so happy so i made this thread as a appreciation n to say a big Thank you to 3dxchat MUACKS 3DXCHAT
  15. Very nice place. Thank you very much WildHoney and Downriverden))) I really hope you enjoy my video)
  16. A very beautiful place! thanky Xailliax)Limahl – The Neverending Story
  17. hello everyone well to keep it simple If you love 3dxchat as i do please help with ur awesome cool comments in this link n help our Game flourish n grow thank you in advance <3 https://forum.fenoxo.com/threads/sex-social-game.15625/ ive been many months now there advertizing our beloved game to rest of the world later i might give you more forum n social media that we can support the game we all Love <3
  18. Very beautiful place) Thank you QueenofSpadesx
  19. We invite everyone to participate in this HipHop night with us, lots of music and fun, music by great DJ's. Hostess JazzieSweetness - Club Frost - 04/07/2019 gates open from 8:45 PM / CET - 2:45 PM / EST
  20. Very beautiful and unusual place thanks Prescious and SweetS and ForOnlyOne
  21. Very beautiful and unusual place thanks Favna and Aveolon)
  22. Very beautiful place) Thank you Morgani)
  23. 3DX CHAT Night of Sin by FriedhelmWinterv
  24. Very beautiful location) Thank you EroTiK
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