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  1. Their best except to solve solo mode problems hahaha xD
  2. The idea to interact with the environment and spend xgold for eat pizza or drink something different is not bad... But we are talking about the solo mode....and we have no intenction to spend xgold for a default game setting ^^
  3. I agree for everything you wrote....that's the sense of a game:"pay for have fun" If my fun end for a game bug, or for a lack of play....i can also choose to not pay the service anymore So...like you sayd...customers have not to care about the game, devs are here to make the game fun for us And solo mode should be a default mode, with no xgold required And it should be much more rich of things than now....because my impression is that only the online mode counts They leave the solo mode a little lacking in features Completely agree ps: Happy 2020 😜
  4. For gifts (example) For marriage (other example) For sharing your room and leave it on the top list (example) These things will not be understood for a normal game customer ^^..... Anyway, if i want to use my male character why should I change avatar only for solve this solo mode problem? Is not more intelligent to fix it? Instead of leaving this game bug? Because is a bug...nothing else. Surely developers will find a better solution for clients than you haha ;P ;*
  5. Hehehe sure; P but if I wanted to solve it from myself I wouldn't have written it here as a suggestion for developers, don't you think? ^^ Anyway thanks for the suggestion haha, even if I had thought of it ;*
  6. Why should i spend my game coins for a thing that creators can easily fix? 😜
  7. ITALIAN VERSION Suggerisco l'aggiunta di due nuovi partner per la modalità singolo, oltre Betty e Bob. Benché sia usata relativamente poco rispetto alla modalità online, ritengo che la modalità singolo sia una cosa carina da completare. Non è ancora possibile fare i FFM o i MMF in singolo perché il terzo membro (computer) risulta invisibile. Se si risolvesse questo bug/si aggiungessero 2 nuovi personaggi in solo......sarebbe davvero molto apprezzato dagli utenti a mio parere. Me per primo Cosa ne pensate? ENGLISH VERSION I suggest to add two new characters for solo mode. Betty and Bob are not enought to do a FFM or MMF in solo, because of a bug. When you select two times Betty, the copy does not appear. The same thing happens with two Bobs. That's why i suggest to solve this bug, or at least add two new assistants (computer) for solo mode. That cangreatly improve game, and complete it. Online mode is a great one.....make perfect also the solo mode please Let me know what you think about that
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