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Found 14 results

  1. Hi! I'm Stronos, I've been a 3Dxchat member since almost 5 years now, during the pandemic lockdown I finally had the time to experiment with the worldbuilding and damn, I am having a lot of fun! Today I'd like to share with You my very first room I build with the little help from a dear friend. 〔ⒽⒺⓍⒶⒼⓄⓃ〕 Hexagon is a Tron, Retrofuturistic themed room designed for multiple social purposes. From the main Club area, that also includes a Bar and a Dancing floor, You can easily reach the following dedicated sections : SPA + Sauna Strip Club and Arcade Videogames Area Bathrooms GloryHoles (for lewds) Private Sex Cells (to have some more intimacy with your partner) The room is designed based on the hexagon shape and modular design , giving it an overall original look. The private pods You can find arround the room grant a certain level of intimacy without completely taking away the "exibitionist/public" experience thanks to the blur glass effect. Each section is interconnected by corridor tubes to allow a easier exploration. I hope you will find my room interesting and I hope you will come to visit us! 〔ⒽⒺⓍⒶⒼⓄⓃ〕is usually open between 19 pm - 2 am CET PS: I am still working on the room playlist but so fare there are already some room themed tracks Feel Free to leave feedbacks
  2. i am currently building my room and keep having problems with the stairs; when I use it, my feet sink into the stairs. I have already aligned everything according to coordinates with 0.25 units, but despite that the error remains. I have also noticed this in other gamers' rooms. Can someone help me? I have not yet found an answer to this in any forum. warm love greetings Sakura
  3. Well... I did change 3 different pc(all windoiws), 3 different version of patch 421(official, from friends, download 419 in member's area and update to 421) and 3 different ways to access the patch(419 to 421, 330(or something) to 421, and 421 directly), But in this 3x3x3 possibilities, non of them really works for loading the world files, I can't load the player worlds(even my own world!) and I can't see any players in the official worlds. But ... most of myfriends---who's in US or using a VPN with US ip, 80%of them could log on successfully and don't even have to try 27 times on how toaccess to the server!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know what I'm doing is ridiculus, but please......someone, anyone, just told me WTF is going on about why the world files can't be loaded! It's a torture that I could only build the simple furnitures at 1 time, because I can't load the saved world files, and have to worry about could I save them on time otherwise I'll lost them at the same time either!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! It's really a fking pain to do this for whole 3 weeks!
  4. Yup...... still can't see any rooms/my own room...... there might be some problem on loading files
  5. Welcum to Overfiend’s Orgy World!!! It’s an all-inclusive sex resort extravaganza for insatiable nymphos & sex fiends to fuck everywhere possible. It was designed with one principle in mind: Maximize the number of fantasy places to fuck. Ladies to see for yourself. Just visit and ask me for a sex tour. Live out your fantasy to fuck in mother nature. Or be a Stripper on a center stage. Be the center of everyone's attention and train fuck everyone on the center rug. Have a romantic encounter on Heart Island. Meet your next lover in the Sauna. Or warm up someone's cold shower by joining in. Or keep it discreet and visit the Glory Holes. You can do it all at Overfiend's Orgy Resort. Overfiend’s Orgy World Map At the center of it all is the Main Orgy Resort. It includes a dance floor, Stripper poles, BDSM cages, Glory holes, Sauna Showers Reception Desk Bathroom toliet Beds, 3some & 4 some compatible couches Sex tables Stools Orgy rug in the center to watch the orgy or be the center of attention. Glass Roof top access - Fuck on top of the world for everyone to watch. Flanking the island is the exotic & slutty lust woods for hide & fuck games. Custom sex compatible objects designed with natural materials Custom orgy tables Plenty of natural vegetation & obstacles to hide behind Small enough to find a mate, but dense enough to hide in plain sight Aerial view of the island depicts the body of her curvy heart shaped ass, tight waist and voluptuous breasts. Mother Nature is beautiful!!! Adjacent to the woods is the romantic Heart Island. a romantic Gazebo under the heavens tables for dining glorious ocean side views The Wet & Wild side contains a beach speed boat, floating hearts seats The sexy star pool The default pool Sex Olympics Colosseum (Still under construction) a sex compatible Tennis Court (New addition) Cheetah Race course (New addition) Billiards room (Newly addition) Areas under construction: Opposite the beach on the top side is another surprise still under construction Music selection: Private Naughty Stream with a mix of RnB, Pop, Rap, Soft Rock from Marvin Gaye, Lil’ Kim, Bruno Mars, Jay Z, Michael Jackson, Madonna and more True RnB – a RnB 3DX station Energy 93 – a party style 3DX station Jammin – a Caribbean party style 3DX station Breeze – a smooth jazz 3DX station Custom Objects: 3some & 4some compatible couches Orgy Hexagon table with stripper pole Orgy star table with pools sex & bed center Standing Sex Heart Stones Log pile couch sex Wood carved bed & couch sex Stay tuned for future updates: Romantic Gazebo - Completed Sports facilities - under construction Naughty uninhabited ocean islands for aerial viewing pleasure or private encounters General beautification maintenance Upcoming events: Hide & Seek sex games in the Slutty Woods Best Body contest Best Booty contest Best Tits contest Sex Race Olympics Hours of operation: During quarantine open 7am-6pm est time
  6. I have recently found that my objects have not been saved using the "Save selected to file" method. Anyone else experiencing this lately?
  7. Hello 3DXChat Community! We want to let you know of something big we have been working on. We are working on a powerful World Editor (User Rooms)! With scalable basic primitive shapes you can build structures and worlds of any complexity and style. Features available in the first release: - Basic scalable primitives: Cube, Sphere, Cylinder, Ladder etc. - Materials: Now materials can be applied to different building blocks, for example to make a brick house with a tiled roof etc. - Tools: Rotation, Moving, Scaling using the X, Y and Z axis, using new tools like you would in 3D modeling software. - World Tools: Snap objects to surface, Snap objects to grid, Adjusting the level of the ocean etc. - Effects: Fire, Smoke, Electric Discharge etc. - Water: Simple Water for low performance systems now supports waves and caustics. - Backward compatibility with old User Rooms. Now you will be able to make a floor not from thousands of tables, hehe, but from one stretched primitive box. This will increase the fps for many visitors to your location Stay tuned!
  8. So I got this weird bug, everything used to work, I haven't changed anything, it just stopped working from one day to the other. I can load in rooms on the world editor, change the room etc. etc. When I re-enter, no matter what I do, I will get back to my old room. I can add new objects in, but I cannot delete them or change them after the rooms has been saved. First I tried changing the proxy. So I tried reinstalling the game, that didn't work. So I tried reinstalling the game and running Gizmo's tool, that didn't work. So then I tried to Uninstall, reboot, use Gizmo's tool, reboot, install 3DX, reboot, then lunch the game, letting it update and finally reboot again. That didn't help either, so I'm lost on what to do now. Does anyone have the same issue or is it just me ? Or does somebody have another idea on how to solve this ?
  9. As the subject line says, How do you make lights blink in sequence? I have seen this effect in various 'nightclub' worlds but for the life of me can't figure out how they do it. The illuminations in-game seem to have their own timer which can't be changed. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Hey there dear builders! As a fellow builder I'd like to open this thread to collect some information on building efficiently. That means, like everyone knows, that rooms will take longer to load and are starting to lag under certain circumstances. I'd like to collect tips for everyone who plans big projects, in order to still have everyone running the room smoothly and prevent crashes and lags. I'll start off with things that will cause trouble when building: • The larger the .world - file, the longer it takes to load and might cause crashes when joining a room. • .world - files are bloated easily when using many small objects at the same place, together with lights. The light will be rendered for every single object. • Overusing lightsources will cause lag and increased filesize (needs more testing) • Overusing animated objects will cause lag and increased filesize (trees, fire, steam, smoke, etc.) • many people in the same world will cause lag • poorly attached metal-surfaces will catch light and endlessly reflect it between gaps, creating rendering errors. You will notice those as white flickers on your screen. This is all I can currently think of. If you have any tips to prevent those points I (and probably many other people) would be really glad! I know that the Unity engine isn't coded perfectly. Maybe there will be some improvements soon. My room for example is already laggy for quite a few people. But i don't want to lose any quality there. Things I've done so far: • Use Chloe's Tool to remove duplicated objects (Thank you so much Chloe! 4500 Dupes removed, 260 kB less roomsize! <3 ) • Reduced resolution • remodeled structures to reduce the number of used objects However, let's see if someone can help us out! Yours Llavia! ^-^/
  11. hey everyone, i built a house and made sure i saved it, but i wanted to build a club so i started it, then when i went back to load up my house again everything was gone, does anyone know why this happened and if i can get it back or is it lost forever lol
  12. Hello everyone! Well this topic is to make a little survey about what people think about developing a 3dxstore that all free content can be put there in a more better way.... so I actually discovered wix last year and it is a badass tool for website building for those who dont know coding such as myself.... its just drag and drop just like the World Editor .... so I came up with this idea to collect all those free content in one organized place.... so if you see that its worth it I need you to vote with yes or no or/an what you think or what should be added here is the link for you to view it I have added some freebies from the thread on the forums.. well without permission from the publishers but just to try out the idea (sorry guys). So please I need everyone to participate.. this thing is for all of us and especially for those who have difficulties building things.... I made this just to help you out! I want everyone to have amazing rooms and have fun with the features that the devs added recently... ***** UPDATE ***** As Requested the name was changed to "3DXWORKSHOP"
  13. So today, DICE have unveiled and revealed their new game in the Battlefield franchise Battlefield 1 ! I have always been a Battlefield fan since Battlefield 2. (I know right, the numbers chronological order is all messed up but it makes sense because of the era it's based in) And each game I have always thoroughly enjoyed! Now they have revealed their newest one in the franchise and it will be based in the era of World War 1. But have little twists to it! I am extremely excited for this and cannot wait to get my hands on it in October! Here is the reveal trailer for you all to see.
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