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  1. TERRA Un planeta sin descubrir Hay una vieja leyenda que habla de un planeta llamado TERRA que es el gemelo de la tierra y esta exactamente en la misma orbita que nuestro planeta, pero del otro lado del sol, razón por la que nunca se ven uno al otro y sin embargo en la antigüedad hubo mucho intercambio de conocimiento y de personas, dicen que ahí a TERRA fue donde fueron los Mayas cuando desaparecieron. Inspirada en esta leyenda he creado una Sala llamada: TERRA el planeta no descubierto (TERRA undescovery planet) es una sala diferente pues su objetivo es solamente divertirse y que cada persona experimente sensaciones, emociones y sentimientos disfrutándolas mientras explora y descubre TERRA. Hay 7 objetivos que descubrir en donde encontraran aventuras, sensaciones y en algunos retos a la valentía, también hay un tesoro que hay que encontrar y algunas trampas. Recomendaciones: Recomiendo mucho no usar La cámara Fly o F5 durante su estancia en TERRA pues eso quitara mucho de la emoción de la exploración. También recomiendo al entrar a la gruta o cueva (si la encuentran) cambiar a luz de noche para que aprecien el espectáculo de Luces. Por último, deseo que se diviertan mucho. Mamy TERRA Undiscovered planet There is an old legend that talks about a planet called TERRA that is the twin of the earth and is in exactly the same orbit as our planet, but on the other side of the sun, which is why they never see each other and yet in antiquity there was much exchange of knowledge and people, they say that TERRA was where the Mayans went when they disappeared. Inspired by this legend I have created a room called: TERRA the undiscovered planet, is a different room because its objective is only to have fun and for each person to experience sensations, emotions and feelings while exploring and discovering TERRA. There are 7 objectives to discover where you will find adventures, sensations and in some challenges to courage, there is also a treasure to be found and some traps. Recommendations: I highly recommend not using the Fly or F5 camera during your stay on TERRA as it will take away much of the excitement of exploration. I also recommend when entering the grotto or cave (if you found) to change to night light to appreciate the spectacle of lights. Finally, I wish you a lot of fun. Mamy
  2. well... i don't know is this trolling or just too lazy, but I must say this is the noobiest and laziest room I ever seen...good job. sorry for my straight saying, but this room is really a 0/100 trash... btw it has 15 ppl in it when I was here, and ppl are keep coming inside a attractive room name>a club/room with DJ>a fun room>a well designed room wow ↓yup, that's how this room look like: a template furniture mod, and that's it. Even the spawn point is half in the midair so people are keep falling down when this little room is full *nice job who ever made it, you're the laziest people I ever seen in the game *thank you for read my shitposting, sorry for the non-political correct point of my view
  3. Hi! I'm Stronos, I've been a 3Dxchat member since almost 5 years now, during the pandemic lockdown I finally had the time to experiment with the worldbuilding and damn, I am having a lot of fun! Today I'd like to share with You my very first room I build with the little help from a dear friend. 〔ⒽⒺⓍⒶⒼⓄⓃ〕 Hexagon is a Tron, Retrofuturistic themed room designed for multiple social purposes. From the main Club area, that also includes a Bar and a Dancing floor, You can easily reach the following dedicated sections : SPA + Sauna Strip Club and Arcade Videogames Area Bathrooms GloryHoles (for lewds) Private Sex Cells (to have some more intimacy with your partner) The room is designed based on the hexagon shape and modular design , giving it an overall original look. The private pods You can find arround the room grant a certain level of intimacy without completely taking away the "exibitionist/public" experience thanks to the blur glass effect. Each section is interconnected by corridor tubes to allow a easier exploration. I hope you will find my room interesting and I hope you will come to visit us! 〔ⒽⒺⓍⒶⒼⓄⓃ〕is usually open between 19 pm - 2 am CET PS: I am still working on the room playlist but so fare there are already some room themed tracks Feel Free to leave feedbacks
  4. My goal in building this room was to create a place where everyone would enjoy the game the way they wanted ... together, all at once! City Life is a place where all players can play in a complex way while being in a roughly realistic place with many options and usable locations. Everyone had already encountered the problem of getting into a very good RP room, but they weren’t in it enough to fill the environment with life. If, on the other hand, he goes to a room where the environment is full of life, the room is not conducive to him for role-playing. The point in this room is that everyone else fills the room with life. For example, if a police officer plays a role-playing game with their peers, it serves as a living environment for office role-players and vice versa. But even those who are "just" having sex are involved in city life ... getting into a strip club or just fucking in an alley. IMPORTANT: this room does not bind players to RP only. If that were the case, like many other complex RP rooms, only a few people would play. Suitable for parties, role-playing games, just sex ... because they all have the same goal ... to bring a huge room to life in a complex way. BTW the room is huge, but the file szie is not... many players tell me to not have laggy, so common PC can run properly this room. So don’t be shy and visit my room and enjoy the game in it together! I will be presenting the locations separately soon....
  5. Please anyone help me with this problem. i try to load room but i keep getting this error. after trying few times room loads but when i share it for public. it again shows error. i need help. i don't know how to solve this problem. Help me.
  6. I think that's all I want to say in the topic: maybe it's a good idea to turn the official rooms which not very much people in it to a big rp city with multiple clubs/stores/streets or other buildings will be a great idea? such like red-light center or a 3d version of MNFclub? btw...I'm actually planning to make a big cyberpunk themed rp room for people to chatting, rping, playing games(catch&fuck maze of course!)...or even "buy"(book...... not rmt or vmt tho) a decorateble house in the map! (how to achieve that is a secret;) ), and I'll start after server is completely fixed. If I'm doing it...will anyone join& help me?"
  7. ♔Neon Nights♔: A Sex Club created by me. Have a look.
  8. Welcum to Overfiend’s Orgy World!!! It’s an all-inclusive sex resort extravaganza for insatiable nymphos & sex fiends to fuck everywhere possible. It was designed with one principle in mind: Maximize the number of fantasy places to fuck. Ladies to see for yourself. Just visit and ask me for a sex tour. Live out your fantasy to fuck in mother nature. Or be a Stripper on a center stage. Be the center of everyone's attention and train fuck everyone on the center rug. Have a romantic encounter on Heart Island. Meet your next lover in the Sauna. Or warm up someone's cold shower by joining in. Or keep it discreet and visit the Glory Holes. You can do it all at Overfiend's Orgy Resort. Overfiend’s Orgy World Map At the center of it all is the Main Orgy Resort. It includes a dance floor, Stripper poles, BDSM cages, Glory holes, Sauna Showers Reception Desk Bathroom toliet Beds, 3some & 4 some compatible couches Sex tables Stools Orgy rug in the center to watch the orgy or be the center of attention. Glass Roof top access - Fuck on top of the world for everyone to watch. Flanking the island is the exotic & slutty lust woods for hide & fuck games. Custom sex compatible objects designed with natural materials Custom orgy tables Plenty of natural vegetation & obstacles to hide behind Small enough to find a mate, but dense enough to hide in plain sight Aerial view of the island depicts the body of her curvy heart shaped ass, tight waist and voluptuous breasts. Mother Nature is beautiful!!! Adjacent to the woods is the romantic Heart Island. a romantic Gazebo under the heavens tables for dining glorious ocean side views The Wet & Wild side contains a beach speed boat, floating hearts seats The sexy star pool The default pool Sex Olympics Colosseum (Still under construction) a sex compatible Tennis Court (New addition) Cheetah Race course (New addition) Billiards room (Newly addition) Areas under construction: Opposite the beach on the top side is another surprise still under construction Music selection: Private Naughty Stream with a mix of RnB, Pop, Rap, Soft Rock from Marvin Gaye, Lil’ Kim, Bruno Mars, Jay Z, Michael Jackson, Madonna and more True RnB – a RnB 3DX station Energy 93 – a party style 3DX station Jammin – a Caribbean party style 3DX station Breeze – a smooth jazz 3DX station Custom Objects: 3some & 4some compatible couches Orgy Hexagon table with stripper pole Orgy star table with pools sex & bed center Standing Sex Heart Stones Log pile couch sex Wood carved bed & couch sex Stay tuned for future updates: Romantic Gazebo - Completed Sports facilities - under construction Naughty uninhabited ocean islands for aerial viewing pleasure or private encounters General beautification maintenance Upcoming events: Hide & Seek sex games in the Slutty Woods Best Body contest Best Booty contest Best Tits contest Sex Race Olympics Hours of operation: During quarantine open 7am-6pm est time
  9. Hi All, There are so many brilliant & experienced people on the forum that I'm sure this has been discussed many times before. I'm looking forward to your participation in this discussion. With the "Spam" ban that swept game recently and the perpetual room "monopoly", it seems like this thread would be helpful. The aim of this thread is to discuss solutions to room advertising. Problems: 1. repetitive advertising on the world chat 2. 300X coins paid to get to the top of the room list lastly very briefly before someone else bumps up. This can be very expensive to stay at the top of this list 3. a few rooms are open 24hrs/day and attracting alot of users keeping them at that top of this list. This makes it tough for other rooms to attract visitors. Solutions: 1. A separate "Room" chat similar to the World & Local chat features When a user selects to share the room "For All", another text box opens specifically for that room's advertisement. Users can enter their room advertisement in that box. There should also be check box to "Advertise" or "Do not advertise". Once the "Advertise" box is selected then the room ad will be included in an automatic feed of scrolling text for room ads in the separate "Room" chat. A "Room" chat menu will be added next to the World & Local chats. It will display the automatic feed of room ads A rule should be applied that as long as the room contains less than 30 people then it will be included to the "Room" chat feed. Rooms of greater than 30 people are already benefiting from being at the top of the "Locations" list. Therefore they do not need to be in the "Room" feed The aim is to give all rooms that are not already full, a fair method to advertise their room without "spamming" the world chat I know similar ideas have been shared about this in other threads. But feel free to discuss it more in depth here. Other ideas have been promoting your room in the Forum and other social media platforms. I believe those are good ideas as well. Hopefully we could find additional in-game solutions to assist. Thanks for your feedback Overfiend
  10. i will try upload here my files. At first: Meet count Orlok silhouete lil adv before Dracula comming wish you all - happy halloween kisses to all Count Orlok.world ORLOK ROOM.world
  11. Hi everyone short storry is that i wanted to make a erotic-sex gallery ,so started shoot pics n then making props for sexy posing for the pics ,so slowly i build more n more twicked poses for my gallery that u can download here for free ....for now http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/8087-alivias-erotic-gallery/ anyway lets see those twicked poses i made for the needs of my photography meowww thats for now hope Gizmo give us soon sex pose editor so we create amazing stuff
  12. Hello everyone, I'm not sure where to post this, but I was wondering if there's anyone who could build my club/house? I can draw up some blueprints. PM me if interested.
  13. Hello 3DXChat Community! We want to let you know of something big we have been working on. We are working on a powerful World Editor (User Rooms)! With scalable basic primitive shapes you can build structures and worlds of any complexity and style. Features available in the first release: - Basic scalable primitives: Cube, Sphere, Cylinder, Ladder etc. - Materials: Now materials can be applied to different building blocks, for example to make a brick house with a tiled roof etc. - Tools: Rotation, Moving, Scaling using the X, Y and Z axis, using new tools like you would in 3D modeling software. - World Tools: Snap objects to surface, Snap objects to grid, Adjusting the level of the ocean etc. - Effects: Fire, Smoke, Electric Discharge etc. - Water: Simple Water for low performance systems now supports waves and caustics. - Backward compatibility with old User Rooms. Now you will be able to make a floor not from thousands of tables, hehe, but from one stretched primitive box. This will increase the fps for many visitors to your location Stay tuned!
  14. Hello this is a small preview from the new prison i build no escape
  15. Hello everyone I call this Pleasure room, few words about this room, This room is for ppl that like to shoot pics or vids or just to have fun . We know this game have the best graphics but with bad lights graphics are like going down So my focus here is the lights n how they make Avi body seem. So If ur a porn director or a photographer or u juts wanna have fun n have the best graphics for another level of experience this is the room u have to get Also i have made some artifacts that can be used for pose pics lets see some pics see how the lights reflect so nice on the body making look so good i made those pose devices 1 year back but never used them so now its time very usefull for photographers to take pics etc here i made kinda a pose,man can sit on couch n masturbate in the face of the girl its all about good lights in the right position see how light can make body look with every detail so good in above pic every single muscle line or however it callled hehehe Anyway thats for now room still WIP So this room is for porn directors n photographers to shoot their movies with the best possible lights so Avis n graphics look awesome or just for those that wanna have the best sex experience n graphics . PM me to order this room
  16. Hello! I decided to share some stuff I built and will build in the future. So first here a little thing I made and can't enjoy as much as I'd like. Let's call it "Love Shore" a room with a romantic ambiance, perfect for a couple (or more ). It's a simple build with a bungalow. And lots of candles (Please be careful don't burn everything!) There's a pool directly in the sea. Some champagne: And a heart shaped platform for nice cuddles just under the full moon. If you use it, lemme know what you think of it. Some technical details: The radio is under the spawn point Ocean level settings at 170 The room is made for night time. The file can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vv81lsk4gr925jo/LoveShore.world?dl=0
  17. Hello this is the new strip/sex club almost finished still working on vip area n its done here some pics bar soon will have bottles etc my new sofa with hearts lots of lovely poles waiting the update and last is the vip area im still working tomorrow will be availavle u know how to find me bk to building now
  18. hi everyone this is the new club my sweet bf made he did most of the stuff from guitars seat stracture i only did floors wall deco n lights here some pics suitable for rock n metal parties with multi layered walls that can be easilly deco to any likings
  19. Hello everyone this is now my own room i build well it has a title but i wont mention now as its too early here is a preview i promise you lots of unique stuff that no ones has build lots of hi tec stuff also its on a whole other level than what builders do but expect spaceships hi tec objects space crafts unique buildings stractures n many more that i wont say now just few pics n maybe some will get the idea where i go with this Look at this now u see why free is dead now its not random cheap stuff just started well it will take sometime but in the end you will see something amazing . for now i just build various stracture so later i see which ones ill use
  20. Hello people, you missed it, yeah, it's a shame but today was the Grand Opening of the AFKBar! It was such a blast! At some point we were 4 different people in the room, yeah, i know it's huge! And they weren't even my friends or my alts! But don't worry! The AFKBar aka your new favorite place is now officially open. So, we're open and that's cool but we need rules cause rules are important in a room, I heard it, they make it more respectable or something. Here they are: 1) No Colds 2) No Chat 3) No Sex It's AFKBar for some reasons as you can see. But let be clear, since I have absolutly no way to check what you do and to punish your bad behavior, you don't need to respect them. I don't really care to be honest. Well, except if you're a complete moron. In that case, please respect those rules. Or don't come at all. Yeah let's add one more rule. 4) If you're a moron don't come That being said what does the AFKBar have to offer? I hear you ask. Well so many things you'd think you're living in a dream. We have a dancefloor! Yes i know so unique. Dancing is the perfect thing to do while AFK, nice moves make like you were still here. We have walls! Protect you from unwanted cold cuddles (they're so annoying) in a so classy way! We have barstools! Work your fake alcohol addiction (or the real one no judging in the AFKBar). We have sofas! It's a classic but ours are so nice and comfy you'll never want to leave. Trust me. And finally we have beds! People love beds so we give them some! The AFKBar will be randomly open on Mondays, Thuesdays, Wednesdays and Thurdays afternoons (CEST yeah i know might be in the middle of your night or during your work time but hey life is a bitch). The place is still a work in progress so some changes and additions might happen later. If you want a quiet room with some music from random 3DXChat radio (cause an AFK DJ makes no sense) come and enjoy the AFKBar a room made by AFK people for AFK people! Because we know what you really need! We don't really know what you really need. Changes and additions to the room might never happen. The AFKBar is not responsible for the social interactions you may experience or may not experience during your stay. You can pm me for more informations but you are warned that i could be AFK or pretending I am. Cake is a lie.
  21. Hello this is a new villa i build called villa version1. Available via donation on my blog Multi layer walls so u can re color whatever u like with just one click ready carpets waiting ur prefference colors with just one click All set up for the new update ^^ with all poses +custom made sofas double the size for 2 couples same time All items are grouped so with one click u move the entire sofa or w/e u choose also if u have any specific orders just pm me here or my blog See here on my blog : https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com
  22. Hi 3DX Chat Community !! Next Sunday, 30th September at 8pm CET ... ★★★ШҤIŦЄ ǷÁĿÁƇЄ ϦƦØŤHЄĿ★★★™ & Bass FACTORY presents : DJ LINE UP : (CET) 8pm - xYUNAx 9pm - EmmaFR 10pm - Chloe 11pm - KathyF midnight - MissyB You are all invited to celebrate and have a great party, See you there ^^ Pierro.
  23. Fall Festival Of Homes 2018 Contestants would submit their built entries by Oct. 1 to the organizer or organizers for a Nov. 10th judging. There would be two categories Fall or Halloween to compete in. One entry per person in either. It must be something you built not used from another file. Application would be made directly to committee and no application taken after Oct.13th. Two or Three judge panel. Contestant's would be given a number to add after Fall Festival of Homes #1, 2, 3, etc. to open their rooms publicly. If you don't feel comfortable putting your room public send a PM to me. The judges will visit each room entered and decide who the top three are during the week of Nov. 25th to Dec. 1st. Winners will be announced/contacted during the week of December 9th - 15th. First place gets a 1 year prepaid subscription. Second place gets a 6 month prepaid subscription. Third place gets a 1 month prepaid subscription. (There will be people asked to judge so it will be done fairly as I know a few people who have done it before.) (If someone wishes to DJ in one of the rooms as they're being shown off, please PM me so arrangement can be made.) Due to things being said to me regarding it, I'm solving the problem. I was the one giving away the prepaid not the Devs but thanks.
  24. HELLO:) Following the same path as my friend Katay, I publish photos of my clubs so that one day someone would say that it is his club (MYSZKA, I am talking about you). I do not see a way to secure my places, I do not want to spend time building this, I was betrayed by such unhappy people as this man (MYSZKA) ALL THOSE ROOMS ARE PERFORMED BY ME AND MY WIFE AND THERE IS NO OTHER RIGHT TO OPEN THEM, ONLY ME AND MY WIFE 1. CRAZY CLUB 2.Jungle Club 3.Octopus 4.Smurf party 5.Asterix & Olbelix
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