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  1. Hello everyone, I present to you a room heroic fantasy project where I am working on game mechanics for a treasure hunt. It will be a huge room with lots of places to see and explore. I've been building for 3 years and I finally decided recently to come to the official forums. For this project I want an open world where many people from the world of heroic fantasy are represented. Humans, high elves, wood elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs etc... The room will be punctuated with various places in the form of spots but also teleportation points to move at the speed of the wind.
  2. Hi all, a question for all the community members, how do you see 3DxChat, as a game or a virtual world ? In my point of view, which may not be the correct one of course, i see it as a virtual world, because a game has a purpose, tasks to complete, rounds to win, and so on. I see it as a place where we can come and winwind from the daily stress, wihout any worries of the rl, which should stay out of it, obviously there is always a connection between real and virtual, because there is a human being controlling the avatar, with this being said, i would like to read your opinions on the matter, and please, if you do not agree with someone's opinion, do not engage in any discussion, thank you all for your time, mwah
  3. Hello everyone. When I am alone in the room, the game works. But as soon as someone else appears, the connection is lost immediately. Who has the same problem and how to solve it? I reinstalled the game, added it to the list of exceptions, nothing helps.
  4. Hello, this is a room not a house, it's the nerd refuge or simpy a place where two people can stay,no more. NERD ROOM.world
  5. Hello Everyone I will share some of my 3dx art work in here. Everything created in 3dxchat(by "World Editor") is for free. You can use it in any way you like if this is not against our community rules rules2. Some of my work isn`t optimized but I`ll show the file size and how it looks by pics. Every object will be uploaded on google drive. Every object will be included in starter post. Every object is marked (high glass column) for easy detection. Find an object by marker, delete marker, use your object. PS: object isn`t connected to the marker. Some pictures/announces can be here Let me know if you find any mistakes. Guitar File Under Contrabass File Under Contrabass (steampunk ver.) File Under My lazy side doesn`t give me a chance to create something fast, so the process can take some centuries time.
  6. Good afternoon. When I enter the game and I am alone, the game works fine, but as soon as someone appears or I go into the room with a lot of people, the connection is immediately lost. I solved this problem using VPN. As soon as I turn on the VPN, the game works fine. I paid money for the game, and I should not use other programs (especially paid ones) for the game. I understand that the attack is on, but I hope that when everything normalizes, it will be possible to play without VPN. I would like to receive comments on this subject from the support service.
  7. Hi all, I think it would be a good idea to highlight the chosen dance in the menu. Now, I need to memorize all the different dances. I hope the next patch will include this. Thx.
  8. Alright, alright, alright. The rule to this game is simple, go to Google, search images for your name along with the word "meme" see what happens. Post the results here of course. Disclaimer: If this game exists, I have not found it. Carry on. I will go first. Camden Meme produced interesting results with it being a city in Camden County, NJ. Yerrr uhhh. No pervy on this one. LOL My fave!!!
  9. Hello Gizmo, Lisa, hello 3dx developers I would find it helpful if we could create groups for the friends in our game friends list. A friend should be allowed to belong to several groups. It would be easier to send messages to a certain group, to invite them to a small private "party", or to simply open a room only for the members of a group. It would just help to keep our people together, such as Families, BDSM Players, Swingers, or Groups of other interrests Is this generally possible? What about the rest of the community, what do you think?
  10. I wish for a picture of = Say I wish for a picture of a cat when I post, then the next person has to post a picture of a cat for me lol, And then they can wish for a picture too ( have fun y'all ) <3
  11. Hello my lovely fellow 3DXers, Lets play a game! Choose a colour and the next person has to post a picture of something they like that is of that colour. Then they choose a colour for the next person and so on and so forth. I'll begin, I choose Red!
  12. I'll probably get in trouble for this & I'm sorry Gizmo but I want MaeLing & Ali to come back. We miss this game, we miss the humour and banter and good friendships formed, that this game & others like it create. Change One Word is so much more than "spam". It's part of the heart of our community. Change one word. Example - First person may post "Good Game." Next person may post " Good Day" Next person " Day Dream" And so it goes on .... So I'll start I guess with StarWars Rebellion
  13. This is the Yang to "The Complain Chain's" Yin. I found complaining all the time to be too draining, so I'm starting this thread to balance it. Commend things. Mention what you like. Say nice things about people. Be funny. Do whatever you want. Life is just a game, and all we can do is play... I commend kittens, heavy metal music, and a startlingly attractive Eurasian woman with a shining heart... Tlaera
  14. We all love to complain and we love to play games. So lets play a new game: The Complain Chain The rules a pretty simple.. you have to complain about the complaint of your predecessor and add a new complaint. Ready? Since nobody follow the rule... just complain about whatever you want So here is my complaint: People should really stop starting new useless threads in the Open Thread category of this forum.
  15. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EDIT: 05.10.2018 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thread has been moved to the 3DX-Modz-Page! All Updates, Downloads and Changelogs will be posted there! Links: http://northprojectz.com/3dxtest20/index.php?/files/file/413-llavis-prismarine-forest/ https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WARNING! READ! THIS MAP IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! Greetings, curious one! I'm Llavia, just one of the many builders out there. This is a bigger project I have in mind and i'd like to share with you. So I welcome you to: This Forest is a rustic, mysterious environment where you can find a lot of things and relax, or might get lost quickly. You will find caves, a treehouse, waterfalls and clearings, as the room progresses even more neat things. This forum post is meant for all people that are already asking me daily how the room is going and what i'm going to add next. So right here I'll be sharing progress, ideas, previews and also use the commentary-section for feedback, impressions and criticism. Your support and feedback really mean a lot to me; after all this room is meant for you - so let's do all this together! Of course: a lot of talking but still no pictures? Yeah yeah, calm down. You'll get everything you want in time. =P Here are a few previews. There are a plenty of Eastereggs to be found on the map! Can you find them all? Here is the Link to the Gallery!: https://imgur.com/a/VLJnR (Gallery updated! - Now the new lights are included!) And now about the Progress: Current total progress: 31% Building right now: Castle-Ruins (Custom Trees, Furniture and Walls) ToDo-List: • Swamp-Area (With Bridges) (76%) • Graveyard (0%) • World Border (44%) • Waysigns (0%) • Cave / Mine (87%) • Mansion (3%) • Polishing (23%) • Burned Church (0%) • Treehouse interior (63%) This selection will be frequently updated. But you can also find everything on a quick look on my In-Game Profile. Those points are NOT in order! Last Update: 03.10.2018 Map Version: 0.7.m --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Votes and Quotes: xCECILIAx: This room is so atmospheric that i would totally cold myself!! MissEmme: makes me think of peter pan :3 Granit: *speechless* more to come! =3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question: Hey Llavi! Are you going to upload and share your world with us so that we can also use it? Answer: Yes, I've changed my opinion on that recently. You can download the entire room on the 3DX-Modz-Page (See Link above) or you can find single objects on Torax' Buildsharing-Page (Link also above) or on my Modz-Forum Profile Question: Say Llavi, aren't you going to add a simple chill-out area? Answer: Other then the Fountain, no. I want this room to be a Roleplay-Room. If you want to chill and hang out and just coldfuck people, then you can join any other Sex/Slut/BBC /Cold/Porn/Gangbang/No-Chat - room. This one is meant for RP-only. Question: Will you help me building stuff or give me advice? Answer: I've never claimed to be a good builder. I just do that because it's fun. I can look at things but everything I'm saying is just my opinion and not how things have to be done. Question: When do you think will the world be finished? Answer: *mumbles* Ughhh, that's a hard one. Probably not before May next year, just by looking at the schedule. Maybe sooner, maybe later. I'm trying my best, but keep in mind that I am also a working person. Question: Ughhh, Llavi! Your room is lagging sooooo much!! Answer: Hihi, too bad! I'm not! - No seriously, cheese aside; I'm trying my best optimizing the room as good as possible, but please understand if you're playing on some Nissan-Shitbox Computer, I cannot help you much with that. I'm frequently running lagtests, bodyblock-tests, pathing tests and look for missplaced objects to provide smooth coordination inside my room. =) Still, I can only recommend using the 64-Bit-Client to provide better navigation. I left a question out that is bothering you? Write me! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh wow, you've read all this? Respect! O__O Well, in the end: Thank you for your interest and your support! I cannot discribe how much it means to me! Oh and...my excuses for any grammar or spelling mistakes; I'm from Germany, so English is not my mothertongue =C Stay tuned! - Yours Llavia ♥
  16. Guest

    Two Truths...One Lie

    I think...we have a burning need for another silly forum game to waste everyone's time in between complaining and arguing right? So... I love this one...idea is you post two truths about yourself and 1 lie...next person tries to guess the lie then posts theirs...if they guess right...then just like their guess right? Simple So here goes... 1 - I love rollercoasters 2 - I have 2 tattoos 3 - I still have all my teddy bears With me? ...go...
  17. Hello 3dxers! Here's a silly game if you're reading this on your phone or some other mobile thing. Type a reply to this by saying "The thing I love most about 3dx is" and then hitting the middle option on auto-complete until you get a goofy sentence! I'll start: The thing I love most about 3dx is the tibialis posterior to enhance strength and range of motion in a nutshell super busy getting ready for Spring race season. hahahaha ok there you go. ♡ Caren
  18. Hey everyone! The Roll the Dice game returns this Saturday with a re-designed room and new and improved rules! The players will be in group chat, so let me know in local if you want to join in! We found last time that 6 guys and 6 girls is really the optimal number. So be there early on to have a spot Here are the rules: Girls are in the middle, guys around them, on the couches. Guys roll the dice one after the other in a clockwise order. If you don't have a six sided die at hand, use random.org. Do not cheat! 1 or 6 - ACTION. A girl of your choosing takes off a piece of clothing or if she's already naked, you can pick a position for the two of you to do. If you already have a partner, you can change positions, or swap her for a naked girl in the middle. 2 - SUDDEN DEATH / SUPER SWAP. A girl of your choosing looses all her clothes! If everyone is naked, then every girl on the sides shifts one spot clockwise. 3 - SWAP. Pick two naked girls that switch with each other. One of them can be from the middle. 4 - LADIES' CHOICE. Pick a girl that chooses a number for you (except 4) and decides what you do with it. 5 - BAD LUCK. Pick a girl who puts a piece of clothing back on or if she was doing naughty stuff, stops and goes back to the center. There's no real win condition, the goal is to have fun and make new friends (with benefits) Shoutout to LaraMera who came up with the original game! If you want to play, the room will open on Saturday (December 2nd) at 9pm CET / 8pm UK / 3pm EST / noon PST. I'd love to see this game catch on, so feel free to host yourself if you like it.
  19. The problem has been going on for like the past few hours. I have not been able to enter 3DXchat at all. It keeps saying: " Could not connect to the server " ,and on the whats new section it states: " Please check that your internet connection is enabled. Try to turn off firewall and antivirus software. Because it can block the game." I have rebooted my computer afew times. Please notice that i cant enter the 3DX website at all it. Could it be that 3DX has been blocked in my country? Any help would be lovely. I cant stand it when things dont worry and this is getting on my nerves.
  20. edit: oopps, i guess only screenshots of 3dx here ha?! well, nic3e new port came with the latest pacth and just had to take a shot of that^^ so anyway: mods feel free to delete, thx!
  21. During my time playing for the day, I have encountered just one bug, which is pretty breaking for me. It's the Water. Now I don't know the best way to explain it, but whenever I move the camera in any way the water breaks into a strange square of colours. Here's a couple of images to explain it better. Whenever I tilt or pan the camera the whole water becomes this headache inducing spew of the colours below. My PC specs: AMD FX6300 6-core CPU Asus M5A78L-M Motherboard AMD Radeon R9380 2GB version GPU 8GB (2x4GB) HyperX Fury RAM The things I've tried: Adjusting every single setting from highest to lowest qualities, reinstalling drivers and the application itself. Any ideas or fixes? Possibly even upcoming ones?
  22. WELCOME! I had an idea for a fun game and need to test it out. If all goes well, I will be turning it into a regular event with a fixed schedule. Here's how it works: There are two modes: 1 vs 1 and Team-Matches (Teams of 3-5).The players enter the "racetrack" alone and have to run towards one of the light-cubes (in the huts on the racetrack) and then come back to the start.I will take the times of each player. The faster player/team wins.The cubes can either be a bonus or a handicap (I will explain after the race, so people do not all run towards the same cube)If you fall of the racetrack (only possible if you try really hard ), your time will automatically be doubled.Here comes the FUN part: The winning player/team gets to have some "fun" with the losing player/team for 1 hour. The room has a purpose built area for this. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I need your help with giving the game a few test runs, to fix problems that might occur. Stupid me also couldn't come up with a good name for this event, so please feel free to drop some ideas for names down below! The second trial run is on Sunday 23rd - 22.00 CET. (Check out the room on the pictures below. MIght give you and idea of what to expect.)
  23. " This game is just For Fun So Hope From everyone To Join And Have Fun " " game rules " i start with a sentence - and then YOU carry it on, one sentence at a time. You can take the story anywhere you want to go, but your sentence should fit in with what has come before. You're only allowed to do ONE sentence, and then you have to wait for someone else to add another before you can add again. Let's see what happens! Here's the first sentence Once upon a time there was a girl named Olivia......
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