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Found 14 results

  1. Hello everyone I decided to do a small website to share my work, and finally decided to open it to other friends and builders. I totally know some excellent forum exists about it and there is topics here as well. My Idea was just to make a display website, gathering rooms and objects. Just galleries, no forum, nothing, to keep it simple. Also I want this site to be totally free, all contributions are given away. All we ask for, is people not to take credits for what they didn't do So far the objects section is quiet empty as I made the site yesterday, but I will load m
  2. Undersea Bullet Train https://sabercathost.com/9k30/Train_Final.world Enjoy
  3. Blaze is one of the most advanced DJ Mixing Software. It can be downloaded & used completely free. Get it & mash up the EDM train http://www.independentsounds.de/ ENJOY UND HAVE FUN
  4. Hello Everyone I will share some of my 3dx art work in here. Everything created in 3dxchat(by "World Editor") is for free. You can use it in any way you like if this is not against our community rules rules2. Some of my work isn`t optimized but I`ll show the file size and how it looks by pics. Every object will be uploaded on google drive. Every object will be included in starter post. Every object is marked (high glass column) for easy detection. Find an object by marker, delete marker, use your object. PS: object isn`t connected to the marker. Some pictures/announces can be here Let m
  5. Hello guys, from today i will post some free stuff made by me and my wife for you ) all screens will by under the spoiler ) And first build is ReM Express ) enjoy! Touch for download
  6. I thought it would be fun to display some Signature Banners for Forum Profiles with instructions how to display them. I'll include the instructions first what to do. Then upload some Banners. Please feel free to use if you like them. ****************************************************** 1. Log into Forum. 2. Go to your Forum Profile by clicking on your name, top right and choosing “My Profile” Option. 3. Then click on “Edit my Profile” in a black box, on the right, towards the top. 4. On the Left is a menu, Click on Signature. This will lead you to your Forum Signature / Banner pag
  7. Welcome and thank you for step by and read / see this. For longtime i have wanted to show some of my creation's here, but i have just been to lazy and i am not one there use the forum that much also But first i will show you some of my free giveaway house's / Homes OBS: You can't download them here on the 3DX forum, they all are on the Modz site. You find it here: http://northprojectz.com/3dxtest20/#MyPopup (yes i know the link looks weird, but i am not the one there have choose that )
  8. yes i know you think i gone crazy n give free stuff well im in good mood and as a big thank you to all ppl that so far has requested me stuff and ofc the rest ppl here are some free stuff i give you Bottles-glasses chair individualy grouped so u can grab w/e u want gothic style sofa and ofc a bed download link on my blog ..on the right u will see pages and under home page u will see free furnitures etc link will be on comment section. https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/
  9. It's not 50$ not 20$ not 10$ NO NO NO IT WILL BE FREE... how awesome is that?
  10. Myth No. 1: It’s on the Internet, so Anyone Can Use It. Legal Truth: This one is unwaveringly and unequivocally false. Claiming that all online content is free is like saying, “Hey, the front door of your house was open, so I just came in and took whatever I wanted.” Just because you find an image or blog post or article or video and you like it, you may not have permission to share it. “Folks run into problems when they do more than just link to something online,” Koustenis says. "When you directly copy or display the actual copyrighted material—in whole or part—even if you also provide a l
  11. HI TO ALL YOU DJ's AND LOVER FROM GOOD AND NICE SOUND MUSIC FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD This music platform has been created new and for you all whether you're old dj hare, or the new DJ beginners. every once started small. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1480756112239631/ https://www.mixcloud.com/DjMegalon/chaostika-sunday-couching/ https://www.mixcloud.com/Dj
  12. The next freebie in Ubisoft's ongoing series of monthly game giveaways will be the 2014 online racing game The Crew. Ubisoft said The Crew is an important piece of its history, “as it is the first fully connected open world we ever created.” “Through the Crew, Ubisoft proposed a way to reinvent driving games by offering features that were traditionally dedicated to MMO or shooter games,” Ubi wrote. “This is also the first game Ubisoft developed and keeps on nurturing with constant community support and regular content update. Released in 2014, the game has since then welcomed more than 9
  13. Guest


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