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Found 19 results

  1. ITALIAN VERSION Suggerisco l'aggiunta di due nuovi partner per la modalità singolo, oltre Betty e Bob. Benché sia usata relativamente poco rispetto alla modalità online, ritengo che la modalità singolo sia una cosa carina da completare. Non è ancora possibile fare i FFM o i MMF in singolo perché il terzo membro (computer) risulta invisibile. Se si risolvesse questo bug/si aggiungessero 2 nuovi personaggi in solo......sarebbe davvero molto apprezzato dagli utenti a mio parere. Me per primo Cosa ne pensate? ENGLISH VERSION I suggest to add two new characters for solo mode. Betty and Bob are not enought to do a FFM or MMF in solo, because of a bug. When you select two times Betty, the copy does not appear. The same thing happens with two Bobs. That's why i suggest to solve this bug, or at least add two new assistants (computer) for solo mode. That cangreatly improve game, and complete it. Online mode is a great one.....make perfect also the solo mode please Let me know what you think about that
  2. Suggestion: 1. Create a new chat channel for any event/room/party announcements: 2. Make people know about rules per each channel in a way of a special welcoming message: (put your correct words because my English is bad and wet) 3. Put a 5 minutes limit per message. It is enough. 4. Make it so that only room hosts can post their announcements and no one else. 5. Put a special rule in site rules about new things. @Gizmo @Lisa Look at it. It can make things clear, decrease aggression between hosts and wc chatters, and whatnot. This is necessary for both sides, in my very subjective opinion. Feel free to leave adequate and constructive comments/ideas.
  3. I hope I communicate this clearly. I would like to see a feature (and maybe it already exists) for a user who is not logged in to 3dxchat, directly in game, to be able send and receive PMs from some sort of chat application with active on line users. This would show to the active user just as an in game PM. If you need more clarity just ask and I’ll do my best. I know a lot use discord but that requires an active user in 3dx to be logged into and monitor 2 platforms.
  4. I'm not sure if this has been suggested before, but I'd like to suggest that we start the rp chat in different ways. Currently, every single rp chat starts with your name. While that's fine for the most part, if you're writing a large block of text and you need to follow up in the next block, it becomes a bit weird to read. Example: If we start RP by writing /me FutabaSakura reached out her hand and patted your head. She lowered herself into the water and sat down next to you. Or if we could start rp with just writing / I reached out my hand and patted your hand. My feet slowly slipped into the water, feeling out the temperature. The rest of my body quickly followed as I sat down next to you. Another example is when you're out of characters and you have to start with the next sentence. With /me, you'd have to follow up the next sentence like this: (Whole bunch of rp, almost nearing the limit) She rubbed her shoulder against yours, looking -- FutabaSakura -- into your eyes as she blushed. While if we could just start rp by writing / (Whole bunch of rp, almost nearing the limit) She rubbed her shoulder against yours, looking into your eyes as she blushed. It's nothing major or anything, but I'd love to see a change like that. You'd be able to start the rp in different ways too, that'd be great. What do you all think?
  5. Its that time of year again! The Holiday Season has arrived and with that, our Second Annual Ultimate Christmas Party brought to you by the Underground Staff and friends! The party will be held in the Enchanted Forest Room. We look forward to everyone coming out and having fun, joining in lots of different activities and games and just enjoying the music and people! The evening will begin at 5:00 pm ESTwith DocQ and DireTeddyBear warming Up the Crowd with their humor and great music. Next the Wild Cat Women will take over and do five hours of music Shaking their Sexy Bootys and playing music for your pleasure. And Last but not least, HandsomeDevil Will take over and Dj the Afterparty! It will be an Amazing Night for Everyone! Our Wild Cat Dj's are ready to rock and shake your body's down to the Ground. Plus we will have the Bare Bunny Dancers! Our Helpful male Fill ins are :Dire, DocQ and Devil We Look Forward to Seeing You ALL THERE!
  6. PARTY!!!!!!!!!! May 5th Free For All party. Totes Bohemian. ( more to come )
  7. PARTY!!!!!!!!!! May 5th Free For All party. Totes Bohemian. ( more to come )
  8. Fall Festival Of Homes 2018 Contestants would submit their built entries by Oct. 1 to the organizer or organizers for a Nov. 10th judging. There would be two categories Fall or Halloween to compete in. One entry per person in either. It must be something you built not used from another file. Application would be made directly to committee and no application taken after Oct.13th. Two or Three judge panel. Contestant's would be given a number to add after Fall Festival of Homes #1, 2, 3, etc. to open their rooms publicly. If you don't feel comfortable putting your room public send a PM to me. The judges will visit each room entered and decide who the top three are during the week of Nov. 25th to Dec. 1st. Winners will be announced/contacted during the week of December 9th - 15th. First place gets a 1 year prepaid subscription. Second place gets a 6 month prepaid subscription. Third place gets a 1 month prepaid subscription. (There will be people asked to judge so it will be done fairly as I know a few people who have done it before.) (If someone wishes to DJ in one of the rooms as they're being shown off, please PM me so arrangement can be made.) Due to things being said to me regarding it, I'm solving the problem. I was the one giving away the prepaid not the Devs but thanks.
  9. Hello Everyone, My account was recently suspended for 48 hours due to spamming. However, I did not spam at all and was puzzled how a spam report on me could have been taken seriously. Well after some thought on it, I figured out why the report was taken seriously... Some troublemaker in World Chat saw that i was chatting. He/she then put everyone else in World Chat on ignore, which only left what I was saying showing up in the chat. Then after I had posted enough times to fill the person's chat window, the person reported me for spamming and the screenshot he/she included gave the false impression that I had been. I'm asking everyone to please ask the 3DXChat Developers to add timestamps to the chats so this sort of deception, and subsequent suspension of an innocent person, cannot be repeated by troublemakers in the future. Thank you.
  10. An alle Freunde und Neugierige, wir machen nun jeden Mittwoch Abend (sobald wir on sind) unseren Beach Club auf und würden uns freuen, wenn Du uns besuchen kommen würdest Der Beach Club soll ein Treffpunkt für deutschsprachige Spieler sein, um alte Freunde zu treffen oder um neue Freundschaften zu schießen. Musikalisch wird es recht chillig zugehen, was aber nicht heißt, dass der DJ Pult nie in Benutzung sein wird Wir werden ausschließlich unsere Musik streamen, also keine Radio Einheitskost. Dann bis Mittwoch KISSES Felia & Chloe
  11. So I download the new beta patch yesterday and discovered a new feature; offline private messaging. Some time later that day an email arrived to the account which I registered 3DX telling me someone had sent me a private message. There was no content, so I had to log in to read what was written. This, of course, might change and the body of the text could be included in the future. I have some reservations. When I log out.... I log out. Anyone I wish to speak to, or communicate with, out of game I do via Skype or similar and do so through choice: both on my part and that of the other person. I worry this new feature will not enhance connections between good friends but may allow less well-meaning players a method to harass others, even when they are not in-game. It also undermines privacy - I'm sure there are number of people who play who don't wish their RL connections to know, and an email entitled '3DX Chat' is indiscreet. Of course, you can spam the email but I'm uneasy about the principle of letting anyone on your friends list message you out of game. Sometimes, we all have people on that list we keep there rather than remove, because of the hassle doing so might cause, and would certainly not want that connection to spill into real life. I wasn't a big fan of being able to PM people in different locations within the game when that was introduced but I can see why others might like it. I would have preferred it limited to one PM from other locations and treat it like a cell phone. Sometimes being alone with someone in there is practically impossible. But this I feel, is a step too far and is taking the game in a direction which makes me a little uneasy. What next, I wonder? Thoughts?
  12. Members Natsumi Kimbn Ukari xLisbethx SamanthaSweetheart
  13. Fancy something a little bit more quirky for your 3DX night out? London in game and real couple, Andras and LuciLondon would like to welcome you into their Camden based indie bar, Muse. Everyone else seems to have their music genre catered for here, and although we don't have flashy glowing cubes and resident djs, you are guaranteed a friendly welcome, good chat and some top music (indie, decade classics, chill, emo). And not a flashing cube in sight! Come join us for a night out in a London bar....excuse my husband dancing on the tables, its an ex Hungarian rockstar thing! On beta version.....come over to the dark side...so much space for activities!
  14. Ok so ive read other people have had this problem as well but i have to wounder why it hasnt been fixed. Me and my girlfriend live very far apart and got this game to be close to one another and we both love it very much but from time to time we will be in the middle of a conversation or doing somthing more and the chat in the game just stops. I can try all i want but nothing will be typed. I exit the conversation all together and try to re open a new one and nothing so just to finish up somtimes i have to send gifts just to talk with her because for some reason i can type on that just fine. After a bit the typing in private message will start back up but honestly is fucking bs and needs to be fixed. Sure i can exit game and relog and it fixes it but the point is when your in the momment you don't wanna kill the mood and im sick and tired of spending 300g every once in awhile to keep in the momment because somthing as basic as chat stops working. This needs to be fixed considering chat should be the most basic thing they should get right and problem free >_> or maybe its a plot to spend our gold so they keep getting money from us. Anyway if anyone else has faced this too lett me know. Also for a last fyi I have tried everything when this bug happens. opening a new pm or trying to us local chat. Nothing works except for the gifts or if I exit and relog ><
  15. Hi there. Today something weird happened while chatting with a player of my list. Of course I didn't block/ignore by accident, but anyway we weren't able to read each other using the chat (local and private one). I tried to invite to my place, to use emote, to add as partner, etc..nothing worked and no pop-ups of "Request sent". In the end we've been forced to use gifts to communicate and suggest to restart the game. And later I got the confirmation about my pms, written but never arrived/sent. Is that a common issue, or perhaps could it depend on the internet connection of the other player ? Mine works without problems, so no clues about what happened during those 20-30 minutes of silence. Thanks
  16. So, for a few days now I haven't had the "Invite Home" option in my menu. I've been having to make group rooms for privacy, and it's getting tedious and annoying honestly. I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue, and if so, is a fix on the way?
  17. Heyy guys, i couldnt start this topic in "Developpement & suggestions" , so i decided to post it here. Everybody knows here that my English is really really not perfect, so i have to use google translate often with some words i dont understand.... I think i'm not the only one... It would be so usefull to can copy the chat in the game, and paste it on google translate. In particulary when you want to talk with someone in russian, german, portuguese, etc... Some people cant speak in English here... I hope you will love this idea, and hope to see that soon ! Kiss all
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