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  1. Oh, such a merry songs you posted, Poisoned My Dying Bride "What have we done? Who killed the sun?" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZFiTRIWaK0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUZPaC2CEsQ
  2. Metric http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRtd8ArvH_s
  3. I don't know what song describes me, so i'll just will link ones i love and thats a LOT, so hang on Fever Ray and Royksopp
  4. "There is no spoon" Reality is boring, making reality in game turns it into boring place. I have 2 chars that ment to be quite opposite in behavior like the different sides of me (and yes Bran, we all Shizophrenics more or less. Coz we acts different at home with friends and on our work, public places even if we do not notice it). But im not that pro, so those two sides at the end merge into schizophrenic real me represented by Adelaide. But if i'll get some inspiration reading book or watching movie ill made third char to share that inspiration with others, letting them know that it's still
  5. In the Hornburg horny satyrs with horns drinks wine from horns and play music on horns.
  6. Adelaide

    A story...

    Adelaide handcuffed to the fireplace managed to call her fire elemental, that melted the handcuff chain. After that she throw something into the fireplace and black smoke arises in the room giving the time for Adelaide to blow a sleepy dust into Loki face and help Polte stand up to take a defence against father and son. In the moment Loki falls down asleep and blacksmoke winded out ...
  7. Adelaide

    A story...

    see Adelaide with black metal cage in hands. In the next moment she puts that cage on crawling thing and closes the little door. -I guess we got a new pet- she tells while putting this cage on the bar table. Shivering from the cold she went to the fireplace but bumped into Bran in the dark and ...
  8. Adelaide

    A story...

    become day brightened when lightning hit the roof of the building across the street killing all electricity in the block. In that short flash brunette in wet black clothes and with disheveled hair just standing in the street could be seen through the window. In the next moment world falled into the deep silence, even the wind couldn't be heard in dark BDSM club. Slow and deep knoking break that silence, it was the ....
  9. Yes thats us Is this that revenge you spoke of, Peter?
  10. Adelaide

    Say Hello!

    On behalf of whole pirate fleet, gremlin army and all the summoned creatures I welcome you.
  11. White Black Green Blue
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