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  1. Those eyebrows.. best eyebrows. {~, ,~}
  2. "Shut up guys, now is not the time for innuendo.." *giggles* Oh boy, this was so awesome you had me in stitches Loki.. I'm probably going to have nightmares now but it was worth it, watched it 'til the very end! It reminded me so much of my play through of Amnesia.. reminiscent with the locker/wardrobe part and trudging through the sewers bit too. I'm hoping you are brave enough to do more of these. Pleeaase? *gets on knees and begs*
  3. Disturbed - Hell Linkin Park - Powerless Incubus - Wish You Were Here Seether - Careless Whisper Stone Sour - Hesitate Trivium - Strife
  4. 3DX encourages you to be the person that you want to be. Some people want to be themselves, as they are in real life, and are accommodated by a single character slot. I feel it is profound - being content with who you are as an individual. Someone who has accepted themselves, found their inner peace or.. alternatively, come to terms with their inner turmoil. Someone who has no need for masks and disguises, one who does not feel compelled to explore their own individuality any further than they already have. I admire and respect their accomplishment, because I know it's not always a simple feat to merely be yourself. Some people are more complex, and there are many reasons for why that might be. Some people are not satisfied with who they are, or perhaps aren't finished with figuring themselves out. We never have all the answers, and while it's true that no one knows you better than you do.. perhaps even you haven't unraveled everything about yourself. Perhaps you haven't explored everything there is to explore, or placed yourself in every situation for the experience, to see, to feel, to know. I don't think we are ever done, learning and evolving, changing and growing.. and it makes me happy that there are some who try new things, escape for a while and explore a new persona. I respect their insatiable curiosity and wanderlust. Personally I'm just Poly. There is already many sides to me, and I'm complicated enough as it is. I have the one character slot and that will do. I'm happy changing my clothes like a chameleon shifts their skin, and meeting new people all the time, learning from them and their own ways, behaviors and personalities. Watching others interact with each other can reveal all kinds of interesting things. Even if most of the communication is private.. world chat has the occasional gem. Your last point is interesting to me.. Real life is full of societies and cultures and countries, etcetera.. We are compelled.. lightly or heavily, weakly or strongly.. to conform to the norm. Peer pressure, associations, business, chemistry.. there are so many influences on us as people. Some don't mind, are not fazed. Some do, and rebel. Real life asks that we be a certain way, and that might mean simply being yourself. If so, you're a lucky one. It might mean pretending or blending into the crowd. Being yourself might be the hardest option available. Games are a way for people to escape these pressures. Setting real life aside for a time can be a relief like none other.. and if wearing a blonde wig is a conducive or constructive means towards this end, it puts a smile on my face that they're doing what they need to do.
  5. Thou would have the feel in thee, a new perception, a new look.An eagerness to learn, growing and seeking in thee it that it never will be.Thou withheldest not to believe it, retaining physically.That which had not its place in thee, that thou do not want to see.Which should never have been there. Be there. Never again will we see to two, got rid of an incision to the blade.The extraction will still take place, the screaming screeching trick thy soul.Leaving thine eyes dry, not a tear. Him, come out of this hovel.Steeped in alcohol, smoke, already smearing of thy blood unclean.His first sensation is weighing as a vision, a printing, the madness behind the walls. Shalt thou never the breast, everything that could hang up to him it was nothing.Leaving this seed threw her to the ground unconsciously, develop as the gangrene.Not thinking about that with the children, the life of a being is determined.Thou wouldest yet embody the visceral linkage between this heavenly belly and its content cursed.Do you know that that can be a life to suffer, nourishes the roots of a lethal love.Believe that thou goest come? Cry, violence & non-compliance of the being may not bring that to evil, to live, to a bitter rancur.Always also presented, forgiveness cannot be considered, only a violent revenge.A discharge of all that is wrong, unhealthy, deep within the subconscious could allow more thinking.About the black memories which are corrupting my flesh making each day a little more sick.My feet are bogged down, my spirit follows. I am lost. Plunged thy hands in my tears white, swimming in a volute of abominations, of ugliness, of carnage.Tasted in my mouth, the bitter aroma of boredom. All these tortured who haunt my nights.Hear of my hearing, these notes melancholy, my gnashing of teeth, this symbolic music.Look in my eyes, a troubled vision of the true face of the man scary, torture, key, to my hands, thy cheeks wet. A sweet scented skin which will eventually putrify, feels this liquid which struck thy temples.Blushing my eyes, but yet feeds the cur infant as that of the old woman, marrying thee in the flesh.The bumps, the hollow thou canst perceive, feel trickle down, it is no longer the penalty to believe.No, I cannot forget! No, I do not want to forget! A profound imbalance fleet in me, musky, glassy.I must be torn, I do not know what I am doing. Thy mouth is tumefied. That said, not much, all it had to happen.The important thing, in substance, that is to starve the abscess, howl, externalized, in pieces bury thee.The blood thick and hot, galvanized my hands. My cur, by land.Borrowed from the path that leads to the horror of a morbid excitation, the glowing eyes, the next matricide.This evening, thou hast made me sickening yet again... You had mentioned that you will be back soon, but the earth in thy throat...Leads me to believe that, now, thou shalt not return any more.I built the Abyssal Specter.It is so beautiful, when it is at the bottom of the skin.That I love thy soft gaze that creased...It is so beautiful when I fucked your brain.
  6. Courage is.. choosing optimism.. .. in spite of everything else.
  7. Teehee.. Bran gives good advice I feel. There's no mistaking it.. it's not easy advice to follow for many, but the benefits you reap from doing so are worth having and experiencing. Attraction toward men and women isn't a 50/50 ratio for myself either. Even if we knew that "yesh, Poly's attraction ratio for men and women is 64/36" I assume those numbers would change within the next 5 minutes. I suggest attraction isn't particularly mathematical. ^.^ Well, I will say that intrigue and mystery are very appealing qualities to have. Being obvious all the time may result in being less interesting. I don't think you want to overdo it, but there is a vast difference between being truthful and being obvious. I agree that your proposed effect of 'altered perception' exists. When someone learns that what they originally knew to be true about someone else.. is in fact false.. it changes things. Of course it does. I believe the best remedy for this problem is to avoid it altogether and be truthful to begin with. "Let it all hang out" as Bran dear suggests. Fear can be a rather restrictive emotion and it can cause us to behave irrationally.. making decisions that we might think are best for us, especially in the short term, but.. the long term circumstances seem to suffer. I wonder at why you feel bisexuality is something that should alienate you. There's no denying it.. in the eyes of some people it will alienate you. I wonder why you burden yourself with their problem and their perception of bisexuals. You might say that you wish to avoid any negative reactions of others.. but if someone was a friend of MrRob the heterosexual and is not a friend of MrRob the bisexual.. were they ever a friend of you at all? Are you certain you actually want that particular person's friendship? I agree. Real life perceptions extend into our game.. but don't worry about the negative perceptions of some. We are an open minded community and for every negative perception there are two or more positive perceptions. For any scathing comment there is a bunch of misfits willing to back you up and shoo away the nastiness. ^.^
  8. There we are loveys. Blue is finally posted for your reading pleasure. ^.^ Next up I'm looking at Purple for Jena and Loki.. and Pink for Caylix and Elodie. White seems to be very popular as well.. teehee.
  9. Wowzers.. Mr Creepy was at the coronation of Empress Josephine? He's even older and creepier than I thought.. ..but daym, he still keeps in shape for an old man.. rrowr..
  10. It's not usually a deal breaker for me, and I can be a very flexible girl at times. Variety is the spice of life.. and I don't see it as a compromise if my partner prefers me on top. By the time we make it to my bedroom I usually know who I've brought with me.. and how they prefer to perform. Compromise is like a lowering of -- or a rising to meet -- expectations.. and I'm not easily surprised. ^.^ Still.. if a man doesn't appeal to a woman's sacred need.. I wonder how long the relationship can last. If a woman is never entirely satisfied.. she is likely to seek the satisfaction she craves elsewhere.
  11. That article probably takes an educated guess.. with maybe a survey of x amount of women questioned to give it a platform to stand on.. but I can't say that I disagree with it either, Jena dear. I've always enjoyed strong and dominant males willing to lead and show me what they want. You could call that a preference of mine. However, I feel that it depends on the partner. If they aren't a powerful 'take what I want' kind of male then it doesn't appeal to me at all.. and trying to make them act in a way they aren't familiar with doesn't do it any justice. If they don't make me feel that little bit helpless, make me feel like I've lost control of the situation, then it's not going to get me off. In those circumstances I'd rather be the one on top rocking their world, and while that may not be my favorite it's being truer to ourselves.. Making them feel real emotions and intense pleasure is most rewarding and is easily shared. Things are different when it comes to women.. teehee.
  12. Polte

    Songs about Sex

    Here you go.. One of the songs I've had playing while having sex. *wink*
  13. ♪♫ Love hurts.. but sometimes it's a good hurt and it feels like I'm alive.. Love sings when it transcends the bad things.. Have a heart and try me.. 'cause without love I won't survive.. ♫♪
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