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    playing games, drawing stuff, my dog and i guess i am abit interested in sex too
  1. pretty much wanna be Dr manhatan. having controll over matter and energy and bending it to my will and see my own future. i would use it to destroy my enemies! then world domination even though i have the power to create a new world and new orginisms and be thier god... i just like world domination
  2. Peter

    St.Valentines 2014

    Later on that night i was visited by some sort of spirit, and he... well
  3. Peter

    St.Valentines 2014

    Some Screens from the valentine party
  4. a radio to call for help and get off the damn island... and some candy i supose and gameboy while i wait for the rescue. oh and my dog and my other "dog"
  5. A few Sceenshots of the newly updated Island
  6. i believe it comes down to honesty. i think all of these are ok if your partner is honest about
  7. Hmmmmm seems Mr Creepy has something else in mind
  8. i dream alot that i have needles buried in my flesh like my stomach, gums, arms and legs. i spend the dream pulling them out... soo yeah... oh and i dream often about poping pimples but instead of puss, its tiny larve that comes out...
  9. Peter

    XXX Rated Night

    And here are the rest... Again, sorry for the upskirts... actually im not sorry. i love em!
  10. Peter

    XXX Rated Night

    First 10 photos i took from the party... sorry for the upskirts
  11. Love means to never saying no when your man wants a threesome
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