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  1. Beautiful commemoration. Nevena would be proud of you guys. You did what she was proud of and wanted to do here: even in commmoration you showed her culture to the world. Dessy Dobreva - Hubava Si Moia Goro
  2. My thoughts and condolences to you and her family. I met her at balkan party and she was really open and beautiful person...touched my heart with kindness she showed. Promised she will have another party and will include more songs from my country. I made a promise to be there for next party and she said: you promised...you know what promise means to us. Yes i know Nevena...i will be there tomorow...not for party but for you to say goodbye. I'm sad we wont party again. I'm sad because we lost such a kind person. :(
  3. Mostly Dom you say?? Pffff....wanna fight me? 1. Dom.....if i win 2. Same as Jessy i guess. 3. Long. LOOOONG. 4. Jessy for sure. 5. Everyday.
  4. So can we please get these....i need one and some other girls also need it.
  5. Me and XXXJessikaXXX are one of that couple that did that. It works great and our friends come to visit us too. It's great...we are doing it for last week and...it's a solution for everyone who want's to do this.
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