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    Please respect my wishes, if you want to contact me:

    - Don't hug or kiss me if we are not friends
    - Never send unasked invitations
    - I am absolutely faithful so never ask for sex
    - Do not sneak with several avatars on my friend list
    - I am absolute not a friend of role played drama
    - Do not send me unasked pictures of yourself, you will not get one back
    - Never ask for Skype or any other real life contact
    - If you mind fuck me, I will hunt you
    - Never tell lie about me, I am very unforgiving
    - I don't care about your true sex as long as you really feel like the gender you play

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  1. MAKE OR BREAK IT - RULES 1) You will receive the download link to the 100 mp3 files 2-3 days before your performance. 2) These songs may not be shared with others but they are yours after the event. 3) Each DJ plays about 30 minutes, that's about 7-10 songs that have to be mixed together. 4) Speaking of mixing: A DJ controller is not mandatory, but helpful. But if you have your DJ program under control in such a way that you can make transitions with the software alone, then you are of cause welcome. 5) The songs in a package are tagged with MIXED IN KEYS. All of
  2. You are wrong... we all love what you do
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