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  1. I don't see the future for some people there
  2. Imagine how few of them will mean anything in relationships
  3. Meanwhile me sitting in my table in sin club all the time reading this topic
  4. Dont get me wrong, I love chinese people, as well as everyone else, officially
  5. Let's leave this topic to experts ☮️
  6. DDOS is not just about 3dx it is a more global problem from what I know, 3dx is just one of the victims (I can not be wrong, I am not all knowing) (sometimes)
  7. I must admit that the Chinese are able to spread viruses not only from laboratories
  8. so we're not different
  9. ops someone doesnt maturbate his soul at the thought of sex in sex social game, I'm sorry, damn, I didn't know it was such a shame, will you forgive me ? I promise to paint me black and start creating sex galleries on Twitter. Shame on me. Why do I have to hug someone in SEX game, cmon let's just take our clothes off and f*ck. Gosh, I've been living in digital error here for several years, thank you for opening my eyes because we must all be the same, thank you so much 🥰
  10. First of all, anything for male, seriously, I mean, I'm a visual and of course everything that is not a female mop is pleasing to the eye, but some good taste like Lennon glasses would be a nice nod to ethernal boner males 🦾
  11. I would see more hang poses, such as hugging or sitting together instead -Snip-
  12. people without drip, cute
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