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  1. Hello, Since private messages can't be sent to @Gizmo nor @Juliet from support and @Lisa seems to not read them I have to make my demand public. So please if one admin read this, delete my forum account Have a nice day.
  2. Actually it fits only on the new male top. I guess it's made on purpose.
  3. You're a grown up now you should know, Santa is a myth
  4. I want this: And this: That'd already be good. Of course if devs have more in stock, i'll take it too.
  5. Well i'd say "year" or even decade... But yeah you're right "baby steps" and slowly, we get what we want. Patience is a vertue after all.
  6. Some 3dxchat Community threads.
  7. Yeah that's why i don't want them to be able to moderate their own topic. Do you really want them to have any kind of power, even the smallest one such as moderate a topic they created? But i aggree we need faster moderation on forums but certainly not from the community. Most of us can barely moderate ourselves, how would we be able to moderate anything else? And now i go back in my cave.
  8. Easy: most of games got azerty settings so we simply use zqsd the same way you use wasd ^^ Here's a tip btw, if you want to switch from azerty to qwerty or from qwerty to azerty, use alt + shift.
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