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  1. Hello again dani, try the following: -ninstall the crippled 3DX Version with the uninstaller -download the installer from the 3DX homepage and run as administrator: un-tick the chebox to automatically launch the game in the process -let the patcher update it to the last build -run the 3DX Chat application as Administrator from the game-folder It worked for me after some hustle! Good luck dani! Greetings from Tom.
  2. Hello dani, I experience the same thing here! I have to download the installer again now. I'll get back to you as soon as I found out more. Tom.
  3. Oh, it's so sad that you still have so much issues! Because I heard that many players start to leave the game because of just that! @Max: If the game loads but you can't see anyone in it (-nor your own profile data), it really sounds like some kind of connection problem to the game server. There are 2 sets of settings to check or to fix always: The ones in OS X and in Parallels, too! I stopped fiddling with Paralles at one Point because, even getting a playable Setting in the end, it crashed too often ): But I read a forum entry about a coming 64-Bit version of PlayOnMac!! There are already some test-files available on GitHub but taht will take some time until there will be an official version coming out, I think. The game is fully playable on a windows partition on a Mac, at least for me...I hope this can be an incentive??-No mouse or conttrol issues or Screen flickerings anymore. I'd offer a cocktail on the beach bar on the nightly Love Island, too...if that helps:) Good Luck! Tom. Specs: iMac i5, 3.1 GHz, 32GB (older machine) Win 8.1 Bluetooth Mouse
  4. Hello Qween, if you already have the desired picture stored on your computer, you can resize it or save it in another format. For example simply reduce it by 50% and save it as a PNG (which can be uploaded into your profile). I use the built-in graphics tool "Paint" in Windows for that. Good luck! Tom.
  5. Hello Freya, I think you're exactly right with your complains but men often don't show much taste when it comes to clothing, anyway:) I play tihs game for a while now so I'm not hooked on all those 18 year old fitness-bunnies anymore like in the beginning. It's about the players behind the screen and Avas and therefore a better chance for customization would be really nice. But the profiles make it all personal and interesting for me. I stick to jeans and a t-shirt mostly due to the lack of variety but often feel kind of under-dressed when going out into clubs and polished rooms. A bit sad indeed!
  6. Hello Thania, that seems to be the direction it all takes in the game: Just silent pose-hopping. Well...fine with me...but all respect and interest in the partner's wishes and joy are gone with it, too. Feels like what you long for is not "mainstream" here anymore? -a bit sad!
  7. Oh, that sounds like a real tip, thank you Takisa!
  8. Thanks to you all for your replies. So the bad thing is that there still is no way to add a so-called ghosts to a scene but the good one is to know that I'm not collecting ignores from people I hadn't even met before- like shown in the blank profiles
  9. Thanks for your reply Yvonny! Yes, that might be the case. It happens quite often that a profile is displaying an ignore when I try to open it for the first time...and I learned that I'm not the only one facing this problem 😞 I just wanted to be shure that I didn't miss something technically because this old feature of the tweaked DLL offered so many opportunities!
  10. Hello, actually I see more and more people in action with invisible partners throughout the rooms...after all the discussion about the possibility of playing with ghosts- is there a work-around out now? Greetings from Tom.
  11. Hello again to all you Mac users, I just want to forward some experiences with playing this game on a Mac. Of the virtual machine solutions you mentioned Aliviax, I only tried Parallels. But I bet that it can be said for all of them: Emulating a complete OS with all the high graphic loads and renderings is REALLY stressing the hardware, especially the graphic components in the shiny encapsuled bodies. My system started to flicker and later even crash when the GPU reached temps above 80 degrees. I don't know if it'S the skies that cause more stress or the water but foremost it seemed to be brightness in my case! So my tip is for Parallels users: -Run it in windowed mode ( not full Screen / Coherent??). -Switch 3DX to windowed mode in a smaller size, too (in the game's settings) and -generally try to reduce brighness: In rooms and the even general screen-brighness. After a while my whole system tended to overheat and even winding the fans up with tools only delayed the problem (-when sunbathing on the beach)... One thing that might be helpful for you: In my case the first room starting to flicker to a un-playable extend was indeed the common beach! Try to drag the 3DX window down until it is nearly not visible anymore when entering a room!! In many cases it loads without flickering, then Pull the window up again after the room is fully loaded. @SuzyShine: Your settings look really good, try to activate "windowed" and reduce the resolution (=window-size) a step and check for improvements, that depends on your screen size naturally... Ah, one more tip for you: The super-fast mouse-control and camera movement was suddenly gone after updating / changing the mouse driver, check for the version and usability with your Windows build. @ jbond, Sorry, I didn't read your sytem specs before answering you... I don't own brand new Macs, too but sadly i never really got 3DX working stable on my old i5 MacBook Pro (was it 2.0 GHz??). How much of graphic RAM does your machine offer? I bet the standard what was it? 235MB?- From my experience the bigger graphic card with 512 (?) MB is at least required, especially with the extra load when using Parallels? On my i5 iMac 3.5 GHz 3DX runs fine and on my i7 2,5 GHz MacBook Pro, too now. Both on a secondary Windows Partition now. Folks, i really hope that you can solve your problems...I always thought I was nearly the only one having them ): Good luck!! Greetings from Tom.
  12. Thank for your reply Doc, finally I got it to work...after at least 4 re-installs, patches and all...
  13. I play 64 bit on a BootCamp partition and even the camera rotation works fine. -PlayOnMac can't handle 64 bit applications until now, thatS true -Parallels seems to work, too but the real problem ist the massive extra load for the computer and the machine overheats, espacially the graphic card. You will have to fiddle around al lot with keyboard layouts and shortcuts and I know that the real problem on Apple laptops is the missing trackpad or mouse support for windiows of the hardware- that seems to be the reason why camera rotation is a problem. But there are work-arounds for that, too. Good luck, feel free to contact me if you need more help...although I'm not a real pro
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