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  1. Curious what this new day has to offer
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  2. mrbigxxl

    More boob play

    I feel the breasts are really neglected in this game, there should be some more options. kissing breasts sucking nipples licking breasts/nipples pinching nipples rubbing nipples biting nipples These can be used as either individual actions, or combine them with some other mutual foreplay i.e. handjobs Also during certain sexual positions, the ability to grab or kiss/suck during penetration depending on proximity to hands or mouth would also be a welcome addition. Possible positions could be: cowgirl (hands) doggy/from behind (hands) missionary (hands or mouth) These don't have to be permanent animations, as it obscures the breasts visually, but perhaps adding it as an triggered action (like the moan or orgasm) would be best suited to allow the action to be controlled when physically possible.
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  6. The size of your build doesn't always equal lagging rooms. I have experienced large rooms that don't lag, and also small rooms under 500KB lagging to the extreme. Sometimes it just boils down to the complexity of what you have built in a localised area. Too many objects in the same spot can cause the game to Lag. If you can, try to build complex looking builds with the least number of objects as you can.
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  7. Lady_Andrea


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  9. Here are some tools: * Remove Duplicates tool by Chloe https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/product/remove-duplicate-items-tool-by-chloe/ * Excel add-in to perform several tasks over your world file (most recent version 4.32) * Tool for creating some nice and useful effects
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