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On being a member of Forum for quite awhile now and having made some really good friends here, I see there is a great need for some certain members to fuel old arguments, state publicly unresolved issues with other members and bicker openly in public.


The need to be public and be heard is so great,  PM will not feed this addiction for publicity, silence cannot be an option as it burns far too deep and its impossible to forgive and / or ignore to move on.


The need and want is far too great to care about other members who use Forum.

It matters not that other members are irritated by the constant topic interruption and bickering.

It matters not how many topics they infect with these personal issues, nor that actually they are driving good people away who could have something interesting to say and become valued members of forum.


So having asked nicely to refrain in some topics or for them to look at their behaviour and what they are doing - sometimes direct, sometimes with humour, - then maybe they need their own Play Pen to bicker in.


So here it is.   TaD.aaa


Their very own topic to rile each other, piss each other off, call each other names, make their accusations and witty comments and comebacks.

Be mean to each other to their hearts contents, without disruption and they will always be on topic.


In the meantime, others can enjoy forum and hopefully encourage others to join up. Members can stay on topic and enjoy the fun again without wading through mires of crappiness or  topics being deleted.


Other members can even direct potential antagonists and opponents to this very Play Pen.

It's a WIN WIN situation


May you enjoy.   Let the Bickers Begin .....



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We mentioned that RobT does exactly what you are describing and your exact words were that it was “Ok”. So is it now not ok? Or just ok when your friends do it but not anyone else. Then you spam topic after topic with insulting images and rhetoric. Is that ok? You are sick of forum members doing the exact same things you do. So again, is it ok for you but not everyone else?


I have a suggestion, take pause and take some time and make some changes to not be so biased and full of shit and return again with your message stated here. Good luck and wish you the best in that endeavor.

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