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Thanksgiving, Giving Thanks.

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                                                                                                                          Happy Thanksgiving!


                    Happy Thanksgiving!!                                         

                                                                                                                                         Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Yes its that time of year, the time to count our blessings and be grateful for all we have. Family,  Friends, Freedoms, Food, Shelter, etc.


Please join in here and post pictures or thoughts of what you feel Thankgiving means to you, what things make it a special day or event or anything positive pertaining to this day and the Holiday season it ushers in!                           







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Thanksgiving has always meant Family to me. Birth family, Adopted Family, Friends that are like family and those I take in without family.

          Its not just about Food. Though, who doesn't love a huge lovely spread of many kinds of food, both traditional and new?                       















Its about a season where we count our blessings, love our loved ones and remember all our many memories of times shared with our favorite people and family.


And its not just on Thanksgiving day... its every day.. but most especially days when our loved ones are  with us.






So many have given sacrifices for their day of feasting. Many past generations have paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we now have. Let  us give "thanks" for those of our own too, that have fought the hard fight and kept us safe at Home.




There really is NO place like Home for the Holidays. But Home is not necessarily a place... Its that feeling in your heart that is warm, cozy and secure. Home can be a person too.






Song:There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays, by Perry Como





And Think about those lovely traditions you all have around the Holiday seasons.



For my family Thanksgiving harolded the beginning of the Holiday Season. We got a tree, and had it ready to decorate the following day.


We baked pies, and desserts were made, Turkey was basted a full day before and then put on at 5 or 6 am that morning depending on how big it was. We made cookies with the kids, delivered meals to widows and widowers and generally enjoyed the cooking and fixing for the Family Feast on Thanksgiving Day. There might be as many as 50 at the tables. Or as few as two or three. It never mattered. It was and is still a day to give thanks and stuff ourselves with great food prepared with love for all that would sit down to pray with us and eat.




And yes, Praying was and is still a part of that. God has blessed us richly. America has had many blessings and God Grant that she continue to be a nation that remembers where ALL THINGS and All People are loved, respected and given the basic things they need and deserve. 



                                                             Song: Give Thanks.










   I am fortunate that I can celebrate Thankgiving twice in a year. Canadians also celebrate a "Thankgiving" in October, and the USA in November, traditionally always the 3rd Thursday of that month.




I feel truly blessed to be alive, to have loved ones and to have food, shelter and safety this Holiday season.




It is my humble wish that you, and yours, are happy, fullfilled, have your needs met and can join with me in wishing everyone, a healthy happy and safe Thankgiving and Holiday Season. 

Please remember to drink responsibly, and have a designated driver or arrangements to be taken home if you are going to drink more than soda, water or egg nog this holiday season. 



                  HAPPY Thanksgiving One, and All!

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Posted Yesterday, 06:09 AM

(Posted by Matrix  aka Rambo, in previous post)

Do you know what ThanksGiving is really all about and who is really responsible in making it a national celebration... hint she was a woman.


                                     THANK YOU MATRIX!!!


                                                              I loved this so much I wanted to post the speech made by this fine Newsman. So here it is in its entirety *Click the HTML Link above to SEE the FULL Editorial Report!)



CNN's Chris Cuomo said Tuesday night that Thanksgiving was "actually designed for times" just like now.


CHRIS CUOMO, CNN HOST: Thanksgiving is coming, and not a moment too soon. This national day to give thanks was actually designed for times just like those we are living. I'll prove it. Let's start with the current President today, citing the correct message for the coming Thanksgiving.



 TRUMP: This is a time for Americans to unite together in a spirit of love, understanding, unity, and joy as one very proud American family.




CUOMO: True. Does he practice what he preaches? Certainly not enough. But that's not the point of this Thursday, nor should the President be the focus. In fact, the designers of the day would insist on that. Thanksgiving was made to be bigger than anything and anyone. Yes, it was actually done as an offset, a reminder of gratitude during the worst of times. In fact, especially then. The pilgrim references, it's all true. All applies, 1621, the 53 pilgrims, the 90 or so Native Americans, the days of feasting after the first harvest. All true. But that's not what Thursday is really about. Their plight, their coming together with strangers, that is much more metaphor than a true measure of the reason that we celebrate it when and how we do. President Washington started by calling for a day of public thanksgiving and praise not to commemorate the pilgrims but to help people then keep perspective in the midst of a particularly tough time of lean crops and illness.


When he looked around him and surveyed the distress, he said, you know what? As bad as it is, we have to give thanks. Look where we are. Look what we escaped. Look how good things still can be. The pilgrims were a touchstone. They were a metaphor for perseverance but the message was about those early Americans, seeing the promise of what they were building through their pain. The darker moments of deprivation. To give them some perspective, some promise.


But still it was a one-off. Colonies, then states, they did their own things all through the 1800s. They celebrated Thanksgiving different days, different times, different ways. Then came Abraham Lincoln. In the military of the Civil War, 1863 during the birth of the emancipation proclamation, Lincoln called for a day of thanks during one of the ugliest periods of the Civil War.


He decided to remedy division by ignoring it in favor of the greater goals and common aspirations of all those fighting. He called them all Americans. He barely referred to unionists and rebels. He said, we should all pause and give thanks for the better days to come and the increasing freedom that was the destiny of this land.


And now here is the delicious and greatly unknown detail. Where did this great man get such a great idea? A woman. Sarah Josepha Hale. For decades, this pioneer in publishing -- she was a publisher when, you know, women didn't even have the same access to the literature. She wrote stories and essays impressing the importance of the idea of the need for a national day of thanks. 


All of us, all on the same day, and all of us on the same day in the same way. Why? As a building block of our interconnection, our interdependence, our collective fortune and fate. 


She even wrote up recipes and rituals to make the day special, like here's how you should do it. She was obsessed. She wrote several different presidents and got nowhere. Then she wrote Lincoln, and Abraham Lincoln saw the genius in her suggestion. 


Truly an epiphany. How to deal with the rampant war and bloodshed, the utter despair. Clear indications that no matter who won the war, the nation might be lost. How did he do it? He reminded all those fighting, no matter the side, that together you're going to do more than the way you're doing it right now. 


And that even in the midst of all this bloodshed -- and it was terrible. It makes what we're dealing with today meaningless. You still should be thankful because there are going to be better days. What a key. 


Lincoln spoke as the leader of all, not half. He was the union commander. He did not call himself that. He was giving thanks as a way not just to recognize blessings but to heal. He wrote, with one heart and one voice. That's who we are. And he was right. 


Days of division. Can you imagine living through those days? An echo of this perspective. The national holiday still wasn't passed then in 1863. It wasn't until Congress did it in 1941, and, again, think about these dates. Washington in the midst of that early despair. Lincoln in the middle of the Civil War, 1941, we know what was happening there, right? We had just gotten done with the Great Depression, kind of. We still weren't. 


The president FDR signed this into law right after Pearl Harbor. Once again, in a time of national crisis, the worst attack on domestic soil at the time, reeling from the Great Depression, FDR saw the coming of Thanksgiving, a point of national resolve, all of us in it together. The truth greater than the vagaries of the time. Even Pearl Harbor. 


The reality that we have much to be thankful for as Americans as one of those interconnected and interdependent in a place and during a time where the best is still yet to come. 


That's the story of Thanksgiving, and it comes again this year just like it does every year, and it is exactly the right time with what we're dealing with. 


So, me? I'm going to give thanks. I have so many blessings. I'm wildly fortunate. And I'm going to include you. Trolls too because we are all in this together. Thanksgiving is designed and forged from hard fates to remind us of exactly that. The best is still yet to come.

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