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Ok, a friend encouraged me to try writing something. I haven't written anything in years but the few  who have seen what I written so far really liked it, and thought I should share them with everyone. So here I will post stories usually based on encounters from 3dx. Hope you enjoy them and would like to hear your thoughts on them.

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An Encounter at the Dive. (pt1)



My thoughts drift away like the smoke rising away from my cigarette. Of all the seedy little dives in town she walks into mine. There's nothing special about this place, just a dinghy hole in the wall with a good sound system, cold beer, and booze that flows freely.

A stripper pole in the corner for the occasional drunk college girl and a pool table that's been my bed more nights than I care to admit. On this particular night, I sit in with the band on guitar wasting time and drinking bourbon. All is right in my world, then... she walks in.

We get all kinds here from the rich tourist kids spending their parent's money; the haggard old guys and their somebodies, and the local wannabe hipsters hanging out on the wrong side of town.

But we never get her!

I see her walk in. She has her guard up. I admire her beautiful face and strawberry blonde hair. She has a beautiful body with ample cleavage, long legs and my God what an ass! All wrapped in pretty pink. The room seems brighter whichever part she moves to.

I watch her and enjoy the vision. I watch her and laugh to myself as she swats away all the guys' advances like some little annoying gnats swarming around her. I watch her as she works the room, all eyes on her. I watch. Her.

Finally we lock eyes. Her face though looking like an angel gives me the "Fuck right off" look.

But her eyes give her away. Those heavenly green eyes. Lights glint off them like diamonds and they betray her guarded act. In those eyes I see her yearning for love. Her passion. Her soul. I fumble through the next few chords on my guitar. So for the next 15 minutes I watch her and we lock eyes here and there. Each time I'm dumb thumbing through a section on the guitar.

I follow her ass as she shimmies toward the stripper pole. I watch as she starts to work that pole!

As the song ends and the band takes a break I notice a young wannabe harassing her, I know she can easily handle him but I get off the stage and walk straight up to her, grabbing her arm, spinning her around into my arms. I glare at the wannabe, silently mouthing, "Back off, she's mine!" The wannabe slinks away with his tail between his legs.

Finally I gaze back into those eyes and say "Hello there." She smirks at me, "What, you think your some knight in shining armor? Saving a damsel in distress?" At this point my heart melts when I hear her sexy spicy Cajun accent. I just smile at her and then lean in to whisper in her ear, "You're still holding me!"

The band goes back on stage and they call me up, I break our embrace just enough to wave the band off and they start the set. I'm thinking they don't sound as good when I'm not up there but I don't care. Tonight has become about only one person and it's not me for a change.

The night ebbs away as we never break our bond. Slow song, fast song it makes no difference. She is melting in my arms and I feel her heartbeat against mine.

We kiss. And we kiss. The kisses feeling like one long kiss. We feel as two people joined as one.

As the last of the customers leave and I finally walk away from this angel to lock the door. I wrap my arms back around her and kiss her one more time. I take her by the hand and smile at her as we walk towards the backroom.

Actually I'm really smiling to myself because I know I'm falling for this girl. I squeeze her hand and lean to give her a peck on the ...

"Boss, boss wake up you fuckin drunk!" and slowly the world almost comes back in to focus.

An empty bottle of bourbon by my head. My head pounding, I feel like I was hit by a truck.

"You really got to stop sleeping on the damn pool table! Jesus boss I swear I'm gonna walk in one day and I'm gonna find you dead on that fucking table!"

"Sammie if you don't start whispering I'm gonna find you dead! What time is it?" I growl.

Thankfully quietly Sammie says "The suns been up and ready to set in a couple hours."

I think to myself. "Sammie gets to live another day as I stumble off the pool table and to the bar to light a cigarette. My eyes try to focus that last little bit and my head screams. I savor that first hit of nicotine and think "Fuck the doctor!"

"Coffee", is the only thing I can say as Sammie scurries to the backroom to get some.

I yell out. "Where's. where's..." as I search the cobwebs of my mind, I realize I never got the angel's name. "Where's that pretty strawberry blonde in pink that was here last night?"

"Boss man you've been drinking too much, there ain't never been a strawberry blonde girl in this place." Sammie answers "Great!" I think, "Just a fucking dream!" I take a long, long pull of my smoke.

I stumble back to the pool table to collect the empty bottle. I pick up the bottle and under it is a bar napkin with the impression of a kiss and a phone number all in pink lipstick. I tuck the paper into my pocket and smile to myself.

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An Encounter at the Dive (pt2)



I'm sitting in the backroom of the bar, drinking coffee, trying to feel human again. It's far too loud out there for my screaming head. I keep looking at that napkin thinking I should call.

Fuck it!" I decide and text her. "I want to see you again. Stop by tonight."

I'm hopeful but I don't expect her to answer.

About an hour later my phone goes off. It's her!

"On my way" with a smiley face.

I walk out into the bar and tell Sammie, "I'm going out."

On my way out, I pat the bouncer on the back and tell him, "Take care of the place while I'm gone."

I light a smoke and wait, enjoying the cool fresh air. Before I finish my smoke, a cab pulls up. There in the window is my angel!

As I climb in the cab I'm greeted with "Hey Daddy."

"Hey angel" is all I can muster. My heart melts at the sound of that spicy accent. I've never been called daddy before. I like it. I sneak a kiss and pull away much sooner than I wanted too.

I look up at the driver, who is ogling angel, "Hey Johnny, takes us through the park, and take your time."

As the cab pulls away I turn my attention back to my angel. She's wearing a strapless black number and seems to be very short! I see those gorgeous legs covered in sheer stockings. God I love this girl and I don't even know her name.

As I look up to her face we lock eyes. "Baby, I need to know, what's your..."

She places a finger to my lips as she says, "sshhhh Daddy."

She replaces her finger with her lips, then replaces her lips with her tongue. Her hand slides down my chest and then further down, rubbing me, making me grow. I slide my hips down to the edge of the seat giving her better access. We never break our kiss as she starts to fumble with my jeans. I lean my head back as she releases me from my jeans, her hand slowly stroking me. I lift my head up and open my eyes. I see the driver staring into the mirror.

"Hey Johnny. Eyes, road, drive!" I growl as her hand squeezes harder and increases its pace.

I kiss my angel and undo her zipper just enough to slide her dress down. It's enough to expose her ample bosom. My right hand reaches for a breast, kneading and squeezing while I kiss down her neck and chest to her other breast. I suck on her nipple as my hand rolls the other nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I feel her body react to my touch and she kisses the back of my head and softly moaning. Her hand continues stroking me while I release her nipple and kiss back up to her lips.

After enjoying a kiss, I trail my lips down her neck and kiss her bare shoulder. My tongue tracing a path as I go. I kiss and lick my way back up her neck, feeling her breath increase and I quietly but firmly whisper in her ear, "Take care of daddy."

With that she starts to lower her head. Her hand now holding the base with her fingers stroking my sack. Now it's my turn to moan. The outside world passes by as we enter the park. Her tongue starts at the tip of my cock and runs down to her hand and back up.

"My God, it feels so fucking good." My mind is swamped with the heady sensations.

She repeats this two or three times. Finally she slides me into her mouth, just my head to tease.  Her tongue swirls over it. It feels heavenly, but I need more.

I notice the car is now parked up, I look at the rear view mirror and the driver is watching intently. I can't blame him. I'd be watching too! The sexiest angel on earth is in his backseat pleasuring a man with her mouth.

Finally I growl at my angel, "I said take care of daddy not tease daddy."

With that, I put my hands on her head and slowly push her head down over me. I push her all the way down and hold her there, enjoying the feeling of being deep inside her mouth.

I hold her there as she starts to gag and then release her so she can breathe.

"My God! The feeling of her gagging around me!" My mind silently screams.

She happily goes back for more. Again I push her all the way down holding her there and thrust my hips up trying to get further in. I hold her there longer this time, savoring the feeling of her gagging. I moan when I release her again.

Now she starts to go to town. She doesn't need me to hold her down anymore. She's learning quick and now knows how I like it. She works me good. "Such a good little baby girl!" I murmur.

I look up at the mirror. I can hear him! It's obvious the driver is pleasuring himself while my angel is pleasuring me!  My hands are resting on her head as she moves up and down. She releases me long enough to say "Give it me daddy." And she goes right back to it. "God I love her!"

Now every time she fully engulfs me, I thrust upwards. She reacts and increases her pace to accommodate my lust. I grunt with each thrust upward. I'm getting close to climax but I'm trying my best to hold off. She feels so good. I want to savor every moment as long as I can.

But, she's too good and nature takes over! I feel it building. "Baby I'm going to explode!" I grunt and warn her. She doesn't flinch. She quickens her pace even more. Finally I push her head down and thrust up as I start to let go,wave after wave engulfs me! My baby girl takes it all.

I moan. I grunt. I thrust.

I release her head but she still doesn't move off, keeping me in her mouth, working and sucking every last drop from me. She finally pulls off of me but continues to lick me like an ice cream cone.

After she finishes cleaning me she looks up at me asking "How was that daddy?" I smile, "Not bad baby, not bad." And I start to laugh with the wonder of what just happened. She laughs too, sexy and highly desirable laugh. I swear I hear the driver laugh as well!

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This story is publishd on Literotica


An encounter at The Dive.     https://www.literotica.com/s/an-encounter-at-the-dive


For those who dont know ShovelHead passed away today (Wed 15.5.19)   


Please give this story a 5 star rating on Literotica and earn the guy a red H.  I think he would have been pleased that his story would be so well received.

He was a very talented writer and it's our loss, he did not write more.



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Jersey told me that he had always wanted to write more.  His mother had always encouraged him and he enjoyed it. It had always been a dream of his to be published.  But he had not taken the time to write anything in many years.  When Vaughan and I began our writing he once again mentioned it but this time in front of V.  Well, those of you who know V know that he was not going to let that slide. Once Jersey actually sat down and focused on it the words just flowed.  He sent the original to both of us and V helped a bit with the editing.  Once it was submitted to Literotica he was so proud and then, when it was accepted without needing any rewrites, he just beamed.  He had become a published author!!  


He was proud of this piece.  He had enjoyed writing it and had looked forward to writing more.  But you know how life is and how some people would rather hold you back, belittle or critisize and that is just what happened.  He did not pull it down but he never picked up a pen again.  I thought this very sad, but, in the end, he remains a published author and no one can ever erase that moment he had in the sun.

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I included a few songs in last saturdays Dangerous Divas set to pay homage to Shovelhead!

They were :

- RED -with- NOT ALONE (A probable message from SH to his loved/closed ones)

See you around SH! You will be missed!

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I stare at the screen

hoping for a "Good Morning"

My first daily smile.


How can this be true?

You have left us forever?

This cannot be true.


I heard the words clear

Delivered by sources true



Yet still my mind looks

In an attempt to silence

the screams of my heart.



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