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In Breasts We Trust 2 - THE VIBE CLUB - OCT. 13th @ 12pm EST

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well at start i wanted to like the post but i cant like sickness i will say only i like that u posted this so ppl get informed ...i might sound weird hehe with what i said n hope i didnt scew the mening of what i wanted to say 

in short its nice post of awarness but i cant like sickness if that makes any sence 


Since when do you make sense?

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Thank You Chloe for those kind words.

This event is not to gain popularity or the desire for a lot of guests.

But to support both women and men who are suffering from Breast Cancer.

I've had family members suffer through this disease.

Some survived, and some unfortunately passed away too soon.

So I implore everyone to please wear pink this Saturday, even if you're not planning on coming to the party. Just to show your support.

It would mean a lot to me and many others.

Like Ninja-chan said above, for those that do decide to come to the event, I will be donating $1 per guest that comes plus $100 towards cancer prevention research.

Hope to see you all there and remember, Wear Pink!


Great job Nat, well done .



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This event has been such a huge success. The room was filled to the brim at an amazing 120 guests. I donated a total of $220 thanks to everyone that came. Special thanks to all the DJs that participated and also to The Bare Bunnies for their support. I love you all and hope you all had fun. 


If you enjoyed the event, please be sure to show your support at THINK PINK III on Oct. 22nd. 

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