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Hello everyone,I write poetry sometimes,Im not very good,but I enjoy it. Some of my friends in game have suggested I share it on the forums.And since I need the profile space,seems like a good time to share.


This first one is just a little about me,and my ever changing and volatile moods.


I am Wisper,

I am the wind.

I am the breeze that kisses your face.

The wind that rustles the leaves.

The storm that lashes your home.

The hurricane that batters your coasts.

I am the unseen element.

I am the air that you breathe.
Breathe me in,

and I will give you life.

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My hands up in protest.

Before I could make the plea, no contest.

I was shot down.

Couldn't even blink before my dreams were laid to rest.

Fuck, all the things I could have done

But yeah, you know me, the lost one.

Always on the run.

At least that what they said.

Never mind that I was just a kid.

Whose journey had just begun.

Full of stupid youthful decisions.

No judge or jury, just dead.

There ain't no coming back from that. 

Can never learn or get my life on track.

Two shots two the head.

That was just two more of four.

Will my life be a cautionary tale?

Will it ever end

or will the system continue to fail.

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The Sea and The Shore

You always try to draw me back in,
Said the sea to the shore.
Why can’t you just let me go
Without clinging?

I cannot agree, cried the shore,
That I do any such thing.
I watch you come when you will
And go as you please.

Then why, said the sea,
Can I only go so far
Before I am turned around
And once again in your arms?

The sea:
Invariably mercurial,
Ambivalent in love,
Unfettered and unrestrained.

The shore:
Stolidly unequivocal,
Yet eroded bit by bit
With each ebb tide.

Thus thrown together,
Inseparable by nature.
Filling each other’s empty spaces,
Even when they could not remain as one.

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He is charming but he is easy.

He'll do you, her and her in the same night.

Some would call it sleazy.

But he is the man and easy is admirable.

He brags to the boys about the women he has had.

They laugh and applaud him.

He wears the number like some honorable badge.

But at the end of the day, it is his right.


She is sexy and she is easy.

But the label is marred with shame.

Rumors spread like wild fire.

Guys give her references as they chuckle her name.

Women look down at her with disgust.

As they clutch their man’s arm for security.

Maybe she has succumbed to lust.

She is not a reflection of you, lose that excuse.

Maybe she hasn't learned to trust.

Maybe she is empowered by her sexuality and rebuffs the term, ‘loose’.

It is really, only the private business of hers.

She should not be branded with an E

Nor the subject of misogynistic slurs.




Another term to bully women into idealistic roles of gender.

While double standards soak in hypocrisy.

Toss the label out the window ladies, never surrender.

Embrace who you are and just be.

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Cocooned in the warmth of his embrace.

Leg planted on his hip, I smile.

Then look up into his sleepy but smirking face.

He knows that I can feel him between my thighs.

My leg pulls him closer.

His lips graze my eyes.


Sometimes he wakes me up that way.

It is about that time to get ready for work

But the look in his eyes, the heat at my core

Begs me to stay.


He pulls down slowly, the sheet covering my naked frame.

I shake my head and he smiles knowingly.

The lust in my eyes silently calling out his name.

It always gives me away.

Gently, I push him on to his back.

He knows and I know it is the best way to start off our day.


Collapsing, labored breaths, the look in his eyes adorning me.

I start for the shower but he pulls me back into a heated kiss

Then says lazily, ‘morning baby’.

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Guest Justyna

Wislawa Szymborska
Nothing twice

Nothing two time does not happen
and not going to happen. For this reason,
are born without a good practice
and will die without routine.

Even if we were students
the best school in the world
we will no repeat
no winter or summer.
No day will not happen again,
no two of the same night,
the same two kisses,
two of the same looks in the eyes.
Yesterday, when your name
someone spoke with me loudly,
so I was like a rose
fell through the open window.
Today, when we are together,
I turned her face to the wall.
Rose? How is Rose?
Is it a flower? Or maybe a stone?
Why do you evil the hourly,
mix of unnecessary anxiety?
You - and so you need to take.
You will pass - and so it is beautiful.
Smiling, constrict
trying to find approval,
although we differ from each other
as two drops of pure water.


Its my try to translate the beautiful verse of our  Polish Nobel Prize winner poet forgive me for my mistakes

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this is some beautiful work. Thank you all for sharing. Ok Jensen, I'll come back to read yours....no pressure...



Oh go on then, anything for you Staci. No pressure indeed! This is certainly not poetry though, more a collection of random thoughts and ravings whilst taking the dog its walk beside the river this morning:



In the decaying half-light of an early morning chore.
On the turn from night to day, sleeping to waking, summer turning to fall.
I pause on my walk through the fields, at the river.
Cold comfort blanket of mist on bare legs, and I shiver.
No sun, no moon, no stars in the shadow of the mountains, just the mist and the river and I.
I take a moment to close my eyes, sink, detach, connect, relax... mind soars high.
Thoughts appear like a patchwork of white clouds across the blue, then drift away, old giving way to new...
...the ever running water, like a tiny thread unravelling in the fabric of a universe
rushing headlong towards maximum entropy. Am I unravelling too?
..search...connect...the deep thrum of my heart in my chest, the roar of blood, so big, so powerful, why have I never noticed that before?
...a whisper of a breeze brushes against my face, flirting with me as it passes. I feel the earth beneath my feet and I send down roots
 into the ground. I dream I feel the world turning, hurtling through time and space, and all at once I am both lost and found.
Then a SPLASH (a fish? a seal?) like a cymbal crash, a commotion, a row, in the background beat of the new day, pulling me back to the real and the now.
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Thank you all for sharing those beautifull words with us.


I like writing too, but unfortunately only in Spanish, my mother language. How I'd like to have such a good English and sensibility to write like you do. Please continue sharing your art.

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A cold shadow in the light.

A faint reflection of what I should be.


faster and faster.

Trying to escape from what I am.

Trying to outrun the truth inside me.

Running and running,

Untill night falls...

And I can be free.

Oh,but the night is so lonely...

And the tears..

like a hammer...

fall so hard.

So lonely...

So alone.

And every connection...

just a stark reminder of who I am.

And what I am not.

And what I will never have.

So I lie to be happy.

And Im miserable becuse I lie.

Perhaps in another life,

Ill be born the right way.

Thats why today,

Im not afraid to die.


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