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"Thai Tea" is R&B Neo Soul vibe performed by Baenjamin Varney (Feat. Mintra A). It was a year ago but I like contrast MV presentation mood at old Chinese Shark Fin restaurant located near by my house 😁😁


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Hi delicious cookies I love your name LOL anyways my name is Jeremy I was wondering if I could burden you with a couple questions if it's any inconvenience just delete the messaging I'll figure it out hope so anyways I'm a newcomer at this 3DX chat I'm having trouble getting started all right I paid for the month special logged into the email and password they sent me got to that page as far as I can get I'm waiting for it to download on my computer still I don't know if you have answers to my questions or if you could direct me they're in the right direction to maybe who I need to talk to πŸ™‚... I guess I could read the manual LOL I never read manuals anyways thank you if I hear from you great if I don't cool too have a good day

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