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What are you listening to?!


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On 8/13/2022 at 5:29 PM, Nicci said:


Though a bit too frenetic for me, exhausting my ears...
Mason's mastery and passion for this instrument compelled me to listen... and reply.

/me wonders what else those fingers can play. Β πŸ™ƒ

i may not like your sense of humor but enjoy your music and this performance.Β 
Thanks for sharing.

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Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me feat Michael JacksonΒ 

All I want is to be left alone, in my average home.

But,why do I always feel like I'm in the twilight


I always feeeeeeel like somebody's watching me and I have no privacy!!!Β 

I always feel like somebody's watching me, tell me is it just a dream??

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