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3DXChat 3.0 Beta


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3DXChat 3.0 Beta

How to join


  • Log in to the Members area, and click on the "Join beta test" link
  • The login and password from the beta account will be the same as you use now on your main account ⚠️
  • You will receive a link to download the beta client after you join the beta test
  • Participation is only available to players with an unexpired subscription. You must renew your subscription to join the beta server.

Please note:

  • Beta test is running on a separate server and does not affect your main account
  • You will get a completely new account, which is in no way connected to your main account
  • You can create new characters
  • We reserve the right to completely delete all beta accounts

Bug Reports:

  • Please use the #bug-report channel on our  Discord server  to report bugs you find


What's new?

Game Engine Update
3DXChat has completed the transition from Unity 2018 to Unity 2021.

Transferring XGold between users
You can transfer XGold to your friend or another player as a gift or as payment for a service.
Note that the transfer cannot be canceled or refunded through customer support, so beware of scammers.

Open your own store
You will receive 90% XGold from the sales of items in your location below:


You can build a store or simply place items anywhere in your location, such as on a counter, on a table in a bar, or next to a lounge chair. Grateful patrons can support your business by buying drinks and food. And many of the items also have fun special effects. Vapes, for example, can emit multicolored vapor and create a smoke screen.

You can restrict smoking in your location by not placing items for smoking. Goods don't move between locations, so you won't have a player coming to you with a cigarette.

All new props can be tested in this location:

3DXChat_0IyHhPHRKf.gif 3DXChat_5udxsAmngo.gif

3DXChat_DTPCCTjZJn.gif 3DXChat_s7SKnMqICU.gif

3DXChat_eoRsD0LGY0.gif 3DXChat_M47RTT4a9s.gif

3DXChat_YUhIwL1awq.gif 3DXChat_YRuvyGAz4f.gif

Capture your parties on video like a pro
A new additional camera mode for capturing video (hotkey F8). You can shoot smooth, shakeless fly-throughs or set the camera to behave like a quadcopter.


Also added a standard camera control to the keyboard arrow keys.

Remastering old clothes + material system:



New clothes:




+ 6 hand-drawn tattoos

Animations (not available in beta client!)
We have prepared many new animations of sexual poses for you. They are in the closed testing phase, and you will see them in the release on the main server after the beta testing is completed.

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