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Please add Elf Ears


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This has been a request i've asked for in-game for many many years now. Really only in hopes that others would ask on the forums for me. But i've been a supporting customer for this game since the days when the tv's use to work~ (hehe) and room design was bare bones. Can I request Elf ears just for my continued support over all these years~ I don't mean to sound entitled or anything, but its the only thing I really want. I love all the work you've done with the game so far and I can't complain at all, i'm very happy with your design choices, but the only thing that would make this game so much more better for me is the elf ears. It would compliment the succubus horns and tail's so much!

If anyone else thinks this would be a good idea! Reply to this post! I'd like to see them add them to the game in the future! more replies may get them added if people like the idea!

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