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Hogwarts build (wip)


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So, somehow I got into my head that the notion of building a replica of Hogwarts in WE would be a good idea.

Found some scaled production design layouts from the films, and started from one end. Here's my progress so far. I've only gotten a partial layout done - still missing some parts in the western end and greenhouses at the main compound. But otherwise, the mockup is starting to look like something I can work with. I'm using Rhino 3D to calculate sizes and coordinates of the foundation blocks, because WE still sucks bawls at accuracy features.

Wish me luck!


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Thanks for the encouragement. Here's an update so far.

Layout and building mockups are getting close to being finished. It's all quite crude still, but I plan to get the basics right to begin with, before I move into details. Stairs are going to be such a damn hassle, I can already tell.

Screenshot 2022-12-03 011604.jpg

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Updated the Great Hall with side windows. some flooring and a grand door. Exterior needs a central spire still and some decorative windows.

The interior needs a LOT of work, before I'll be happy with it. But with the side windows out of the way, I can cross off a big mark on my list.

Next up; rear window and long tables, I think.

Screenshot 2022-12-07 010900.jpg

Screenshot 2022-12-07 011321.jpg

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I'm glad you like it, @Ashbash! I appreciate any enthusiasm I can get! 🤩

Here's today's progress; mostly I've focused on smaller details, the central spire of the Great Hall building, steps, some decking along with some interior furniture in the Great Hall. So, yeah... progression is slow and steady. I've come to realise that I need to switch back and forth from building architecture to making furniture and small detail work, if nothing else just to keep my sanity somewhat intact.


2022-12-09 01-10-26_346872.png

2022-12-09 01-10-17_346538.png

2022-12-09 01-10-11_346303.png

2022-12-09 01-10-04_346063.png

2022-12-09 01-09-56_345690.png

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Update: 1639 KB. Worked on lots of smaller details in the Great Hall over the last few days, e.g. the rear window, banners etc.. Also, trying to recreate that "magical" ceiling has left me scratching my head somewhat*. But as I've only been able to sit with it for 1-2 hours each night, progress has slowed a bit.

I think I'll move on to a different building or part of the school after this. In the meantime, here are some moody screenshots to match the season.



* I'm very open to suggestions, if you have any?


2022-12-15 00-36-32_42086.png

2022-12-15 00-34-56_39125.png

2022-12-15 00-33-02_35174.png

2022-12-15 00-32-40_34169.png

2022-12-15 00-31-44_32452.png

2022-12-15 00-31-08_31397.png

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On 12/19/2022 at 2:07 PM, SashaFoxy said:

Very interesting project! Some elements such as paintings, magic ceiling, faculty symbols can be rendered using Tamara's 3dxWorldPicture. But this requires a high-speed GPU

Thanks for the tip 👍

I have thought about using it. Might have some AI produce pixelated portraits of wizards/witches to keep down the amount of blocks used. But regardless, it IS going to be a massive map, so high end machines are likely going to be a prerequisite anyways.

Alternatively, the devs might get around to implementing image import on 2D planes before I get to a point in the process where I flesh out the build with paintings and such. There are so many buildings, rooms and windows on my to-do list 😅

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Update: 2166 KB

Continued work on the courtyard in front of the Great Hall. Moody sunset screenshots are below for your viewing pleasure. Note, the light blue blocks are updated placeholders, whereas the white blocks are still somewhat sketchy. Blocks with non-placeholder textures are locked in, as it were (oh, if only there was an option for that!).

Progress is generally slow going, as there's plenty to do and I am working with some time constraints. Add to that a healthy dose of wanting the details to be... juuuuuuust right 🤩

2023-01-12 00-51-43_235281.png

2023-01-12 00-51-39_235140.png

2023-01-12 00-50-58_233488.png

2023-01-12 00-49-17_230205.png

2023-01-12 00-46-17_225315.png

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