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Allow to separately save/load body and clothes in character editor

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Thank you for the option to quickly save and load appearance in character editor.
It is very handy.

However, it would be nice to have an option to quickly combine body makeups (such as haircut, lipstick, nails) and clothes outfits.

You have 3 sections related to body makeup: Face, Hair, Shape & Color.
The rest is related to clothes outfit.

So, I suggest to allow users to save/load ONLY sections related to body makeup or ONLY sections related to clothes outfit.

This will be very helpful for in-game dressing manyaks like me)

Thx for great game!

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Yes please! 

I have few dozens of outfits and whenever I want to change something about my avi - I need to either make these changes with every outfit save or just do outfits again instead. Both ways take so much time... 

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A+ idea.

But given how the new material system causes old avatar files to load with the wrong colors, I shudder to think what bugs this could cause if they're as sloppy in the implementation.

Add this feature, but also please do it thoughtfully without causing bugs.

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