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Building Structure is different ...


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The first structure of the "buildings" category in the editor is broken. The windows are a lot smaller, all of my buildings did not fit anymore in the hole for the windows.

Bug or feature ?



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Youll have to wait 6 months most likely or they will never fix it. 

Youre also right about Updates, they shouldnt destroy perfectly working elements of the game to bring in new ones, thats just Bad Game Development. Obviously no one is testing these New Updates properly. They just have a bunch of Sex NPCs playing Beta to try all the new Sex Poses Bwaaahahaha.

Maybe going through a simply built room to fix these broken things is simple enough but trying to fix a bunch of rooms that are detailed is a different story.

Anyways, totally expected a bunch of New Problems with their Update, like always, i thought they would naturally get better at what they do.



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