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Hello ! We are proud to announce our new project🥰

3DXLY .. we have made a short presentation below in pictures... We have seen that many players use twitter as Social Media. So we had the idea to create our own platform for 3DXchat 😍


You can join our discord ( click here )  Or if you want the link invitation : https://discord.gg/tSak7T5u

Just some example about the feature :

  • Create a personal profile and a page for your group
  • You can create your own blog inside
  • Post and promote your event
  • You can talk to your friends directly through the website(chat system)
  • You will be able to play some game and cool alone or with your friend
  • We are trying to set up the feature to watch exclusive movies with your friends in a group room
  • And more...


I want to make it clear that we are not a party group. We just create a social media for you and to add a little more socialization around 3DX.


You can visit the waiting page... with that link :   https://3dxly.com

The website will be ready very soon, we just need to fix few things :)


Seeee you thereee 😍



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Thanks you for your kind message ! :)🥰


We just finished to include the blog feature. Everyone will be able to create their own blog on the website and share what they want !

We also include today a "Verified" logo.

That mean, all group who will be partner with us, they will receive a Verified badge.


For more information, you can join us on discord : https://discord.gg/tSak7T5u


See you there ♥

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The development of the site is soon on the end! At this time we confirm the opening in 2 days, as indicated on the site https://3dxly.com .🥰

When opening your 3dxly social media, it will be simple and easy to use. When you go to the site 3dxly.com you will have to register first, to create your own account on the platform.

Then, via the interface of the site, you will have a lot of functionality.🤩

When you create your account on our site, you will have a profile page automatically. However in addition to your personal profile, you will have the possibility to either:

  • Create a blog
  • Create a page for your band or other type of group.
  • Create a group if you want to make private and/or public groups.
  • Create events for your parties.


You will also be able to create your own photo album on the site.All the details you will see directly on the website.Currently it will be the different features that you will have.
We are working on it and I hope to have it ready for the opening, on the movie and game features.

We will be able to put movies online, whether they are 3DX movies or even on-demand movies that you can ask us to put on.And for the games, we would like to include mini internet games on the site, so you can play with your friends if you want :)

Moreover, 3DXLY will not stop at that, we will focus on different projects to add social content around 3dxchat

And all this without your help will not be possible, in order to make the network more interactive and lively, do not hesitate to talk about it around you, and to invite your friends on the discord. I remind you that we will never have a party, we are not a group party, we are just here to bring more social around 3DX🥰


Our discord : https://discord.gg/saGpCznh



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Today, we will proceed to the opening of the website.🤩

You must understand that it is possible that it has problems that we do not know yet. We have been able to try the totality  of the website and for the moment everything goes well

So if you find any bugs, please let me know in private message and i will do my possible to fix that very fast.🚀

It is also possible that we encounter slowness of the website. I will analyze all this and will make sure to react quickly to solve any kind of problem.

We thank you for your reactivity and your support!🥰

Let's make 3DXLY the number 1 social network for 3DX💪


Website : https://3dxly.com

Discord : https://discord.gg/q5sgYUrV

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