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  • 3 weeks later...
Posted (edited)

Nearly three weeks from last post I made , time flies
(well nobody note it too 😏)
uufff, only now just stooping counting the days
At this moment, ending job tasks.
Huge news arrives from Western Europe (floods)
politics from Cuba (people flooding streets)
while our Covid friend continues flooding the news

I hope you all keep safe, and try to have some peaceful moments
with your family and friends,
flooded with love and tenderness,
August is near, many β™Œ wondering,
if, nice holiday's could arrive,
full of happiness flooding ...


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Ohhh another new weekend
just wondering how much fun all you will have
this Lenny's videos seems to share a menssage
just we are all ready for waking up

raise your forces
share you nice vibrations
together we can πŸ–€

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Hi my friends and unknowns,
today I was kick out away from an beautiful relationship
it was my fault

I deserved it. I could to try again and ...
but she was really clearer than me in her thoughts

I wish her the best,
someone better than me

Thanks for sharing with me
my dear love,
you made me feel alive


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Posted (edited)


Life goes on

Life goes on --they say--.
but it's not always true.
Sometimes life doesn't go on.
Sometimes it's just the days that go by

--Karmelo C. Iribarren



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  • 1 month later...

Well, today I'mΒ  unhappy as always
my chronical sadness
yeah, yeah,
- think positive, you can do it
friendly people usually says
my favorite illness
known shadows all these days.

... darkness seems approaching
my best one feelings are going away πŸ–€

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