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Using the Oculus rift tips


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I just bought an Oculus Rift S specifically to use in 3dxchat.

The game is amazing in VR, and want to use vr with it all the time but there is a lot of stuff that needs to be fixed to make the experience more pleasurable.

1. only thing the touch controllers work with is  movement ie. going from spot to spot, it does not react like a mouse.

use your mouse as usual to combat this issue.

2.Names and animation indicators ( the green star symbol that appears on hover) do not align where you look.

aim the dot above the object and it will appear.

3. Typing is very difficult as the Keyboard is very low in comparison to where the chat box is.

This KB can be moved to a better location by pressing ctrl + V and it will center where you are looking.

One other thing I had found was if you look to your right or left and recenter the UI, and when you look forward the UI will be out of view so as not to block any viewing area

and recenter it when needed by pressing space.

Please devs fix these minor issues as now VR is very affordable and more people will be using it I suspect.

VR is a total game changer.

I have submitted bug reports on these issues.

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