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DEAR MEMBERS OF 3DX,some people knows me,some not. But i want ask you all for help. Yes,i know times are not so good for all,but what happened to its worst thing ever. I lost my job and have big problems with money. And now can`t get any cause of COVID. Also can`t work in COVID centers too cause problems with health. Also my family members don`t want or simply can`t help me with that. Bank there i had payments and credit sended me in hell also. I really hope you all can understand my setuation and act adequately and wise. Everyone could be in same shit as me. I really hope you will listen to heart and give a hand with what happened to me. I have 10K euro credit and have no idea Where i can get money now. Covid ruined all my live now. So i`m asking you: PLEASE HELP!!!

My info about there you can transfer you donations:

Bank account-***5334


I really hope you can help me. Eugene or U-Gene . Peace.

PS.i hided full numbers for save. Pm for delales.


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On 9/15/2020 at 7:56 AM, Eugene said:

So i see that nobody even care... That is sad. 

What makes you say that? Would it matter to you that everyone else is not in a position financially to give money away? Covid has hit everyone hard. Sorry you are having a hard time. I cared enough to warn you about posting your bank information.

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