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Hey Diary.  Here to ramble to you again. Some other threads and personal experience in game got me thinking.  Perhaps some will read and glean some insight into how some of us think, at least me.

I am a bit older than probably the average 3DX'er.  I gained adulthood prior to this thing called the internet.  I grew up in a binary world, where boys were boys and girls were girls.

Biology aside,  I already knew we humans were more complex than that.  I have an uncle who is gay.  Heck, the best man in my wedding is gay.  My generation transitioned from hiding their sexual orientation to seeing it normalized for the most part, and even celebrated.  I know I do!

Now enter my immersion into this place.  Where even gender identity is more fluid.  It was an eye opener.  Not in a critical, judgemental way, but just oh!, that is what it means.

This should be a place to be open and honest about all forms of sexuality and gender identity.  A place to learn, to gain knowledge and acceptance.   To understand each of us.  I know I have had missteps along the way, but never out of spite, just ignorance. 

I am perhaps un-evolved.  I am a male who is attracted to those born and remain female.  It's just my thing.  But you are you, and I respect and admire what you bring here, well, you!

To those that might still feel ostracized and insecure in their own skin, hang in there.  Some of us are still catching up.  You deserve to be valued and respected, and only want you, and all of us, to share in the good times together. 



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28 minutes ago, JackPine said:

I am perhaps un-evolved.  I am a male who is attracted to those born and remain female.  It's just my thing.  But you are you, and I respect and admire what you bring here, well, you!

This part right here. 

That’s the crux for a lot of these issues. Because we’ve all been raised on a certain binary system. 

Man = Penis. 
Woman = No penis.

Any cultures that didn’t follow that binary system got pushed aside. 
Because many older cultures (for example the indigenous people of Hawaii) have systems where they had Man - Woman - Both/Neither. (Mahu in Hawaiian afaik)

My point is now that because we’re all raised on the above binary, getting confronted with how things really are. Is confusing. 

Not all men have dicks and balls.
Not all women have vaginas and ovaries 

You can be one, while looking like the other. 
Or neither. 

It takes an open mind to actually accept that what you where raised with, might be wrong. 

Anyhow, rant over. 
You’re one of the good ones Tim. 

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I have now passed 1 1/2 years in this place.  At times I feel like an old grizzled veteran of 3DXCHAT,  and then again a newbie still wet behind his ears.

A few of you I met early on.  Lucky for me I was welcomed into the fold.  Not only to experience and explore this place as only 3DX can provide,  but also to learn and  love you all that makes this world what it is .

Yet, I am still finding moments running into people I fondly read here on the forums for the first time.  Each time I am like "oh oh!  I  know you!"  Even though new, it's still like running into an old friend, we just hadn't met yet.

With all of you, you give me pause to wonder.  What a wonderful, compelling,  complex world I am a part of.  I don't pretend to fully understand it all, but with an open mind can't wait to learn more!

You.  All of you.  You are the reason I can't wait log into the game again!


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To all that have stumbled across this diary, to all that I have had the pleasure to meet here or in game.  This is now the second Thanksgiving  (a US holiday) that has seen us under the thumb of covid rules, shut downs and the feeling of being shut out. 

In the spirit of this holiday I do give thanks to this place,  to you.  Without it, I am not sure how I would cope. Thank you!

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