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DJAsh in the Night Club round 2!


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Hello everyone!


I will be DJ'ing live in the Night Club on Saturday 20th December 2014 @ 01:00am GMT.


Here is a TimeZone Converter for you all to understand the time zone! And what time it will be in your time zone!  :D (Click the "Timezone Converter") The date and time of the event is there on the left and the box on the right is the time in your timezone. I hope this helps you all who aren't too sure about the timezones.  :)



It will consist of EDM music, examples being House, Electro etc... I will be taking requests also, so if there is any songs you would like to hear live in the club let me know either here or in game and I will make sure to fit them in with my live performance, but make sure they fit in the genre of the music being played!  :P


So make sure you all get down the Night Club that night and let's have an amazing night! Raving it out on the dance floor, just generally having a good time. So I expect to see everyone shaking their booties on the dance floor and enjoying themselves! So let's have a great time! Hopefully see y'all there!


Here have a screenshot of my ingame DJ (Looking Realistic) Thanks to Cryavision I suggest checking out their thread too!




Kind Regards


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Well that's my last set of 2014!!!



I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who showed up you are all awesome and you make it worth doing. I hope you all enjoyed my final set of the year 2014 and could say it was one of the best ones I have ever done! Had some amazing songs playing! And the atmosphere was unbelievable! You all truly make it worth every second of all the hard work I put into it! Here's to a positive future and to the year 2015 let's make it a big one!!!! Until then guys.....


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!








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ash, it was mindblowing and awesome and thx 4 adding 2hs!!






dont know who it was in localchat?
but someone one owes u a blowjob for the extra time^^





and dont forget to upload that mix one day plesae,
me and my bro want to buy it!!!




merry xmas all




meeeeauuuuuuuuu mietz mietz

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