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  1. hello everyone this is a thread that i will be posting all my builds in one place and how they progressing ofc all my builds are for those that want them and are via donations expressing their love to each said build and All the builds will come in unlimited numbers so to clarify this 1 club or whatever will go to many players n not just one . Ofcource special requested rooms are only for one n the one requested it from me but my presets rooms are for many ill start this year with Next Gen 2 club
  2. Hi! I'm Stronos, I've been a 3Dxchat member since almost 5 years now, during the pandemic lockdown I finally had the time to experiment with the worldbuilding and damn, I am having a lot of fun! Today I'd like to share with You my very first room I build with the little help from a dear friend. 〔ⒽⒺⓍⒶⒼⓄⓃ〕 Hexagon is a Tron, Retrofuturistic themed room designed for multiple social purposes. From the main Club area, that also includes a Bar and a Dancing floor, You can easily reach the following dedicated sections : SPA + Sauna Strip Club and Arcade Videogames
  3. Dear Dev. Can you at least change default room to improved rooms. there are so many creators who creating beautiful rooms. you can also integrate them all in one default room like city where players can find clubs, beach, apartments, park and some other areas for party, hangout and sex. or Defaults rooms are very old with bad lighting. game seriously need better improved default room. i have seen one player has created city life room here. even if you make default room like would be awesome too.
  4. seriously, what's wrong with those people? is change a name of their room so hard? Or they just want show their desires to public?
  5. Welcum to Overfiend’s Orgy World!!! It’s an all-inclusive sex resort extravaganza for insatiable nymphos & sex fiends to fuck everywhere possible. It was designed with one principle in mind: Maximize the number of fantasy places to fuck. Ladies to see for yourself. Just visit and ask me for a sex tour. Live out your fantasy to fuck in mother nature. Or be a Stripper on a center stage. Be the center of everyone's attention and train fuck everyone on the center rug. Have a romantic encounter on Heart Island. Meet your next lover in the Sauna. Or warm up someone's co
  6. I have a huge passion for all types of music, and unscensored broadcasts. Duee to quarantine, I've decided to start an online radio station. I Pay royalties for the music I play and am licensed and registered. Just trying to grow the audience. If you want music for your 3DX rooms I ask that you give my stream a chance- 87.7 FM Midnight Radio - The future of FM is Wasted Part of the 1670 Wasted Radio Network. http://player.live365.com/a92728?l&autoplay=1 If interested , check out our website site - www.1670wastedradio.com
  7. The Meet&Chat Holiday Resort ... just a place to chill, relax, roleplay or party ... your choice build by Jannick for 3DX
  8. I have a huge passion for all types of music, and unscensored broadcasts and due to quarantine I've decided to start an online radio station. I Pay royalties for the music I place and am licensed and registered. Just trying to grow the audience. If you want music for your 3DX rooms I ask that you give my stream a chance- http://player.live365.com/a92728?l&autoplay=1 If interested , check out my website site - www.1670wastedradio.com
  9. Hello everyone! Since I had one of my rooms clearly stolen I decided to share a bit of my creations! As I already told to many people here, I love to build real life places to have the experiences of traveling and living with my friends and beloved wife! And when is open, everybody is welcome!!! *** PARIS ROOFTOP BALCONY AND CABARET ***
  10. Hello , today i wanted to talk about room ranking from 3dxchat buisness point of view and new players point of view . Many people complain about rooms rankings mostly the newer ones. How does the current room rank works now ? The room with the most people in it is higher on list this ranking tho isnt fair for newer people they are always doomed to be down on the list . The more known people always on top no exeptions and i put my self in this i nver had issues i never spend much gold cause people know me same applies to other known people but its not fair for new players .
  11. Hello everyone So there was this topic the other day in WC on how to be the top room etc well before i mention how to be the top room ill say that its pointless...why? well speaking from experience having 150+ ppl in my parties ill say its pointless it might sound cool n all but if u follow this path u will loose the game essence Game isnt to compete with ppl having the more people etc,game is to have fun n enjoy ur experience here been there done that learn from that New people in game tend to want to be known w/e....is it wrong ? well i would say its not n i will say that everyone
  12. This topic originated in "upcoming-updates-discussion" around P30. http://3dxforum.com/...cussion/page-30 3DXChat Economy has become an interesting discussion between members and deserved its own topic so all views, ideas and thoughts can be found easy on the subject. All views and ideas welcome. Should 3DXchat have an economy where members can sell their builds etc... or should we maintain the uniqueness of sharing?
  13. Hello this post is only for those i have gave rooms the past months via donations. since we got now some new mats including doors if u wanna add this door or do a lil update u can always pm me so i fix that for you. Alivia always provide support to the rooms that has been given via donations ps please understand that it might take time cause i have given hundrends be it houses clubs yachts w/e anyway just pm me
  14. Hello everyone This is the Aquadome (Alivia rework-Remake) So a few words about this Few days back i went to a room that stelania had open n i realy loved the big pool theme as i love pools so much. while i stayed there some ideas hit me on how to further evolve this room. So i asked n she told me room was on modz so i went there got the room n started to build it a new . Now at this point i want to mention that AQUADOME SPA was build by TracyRyan so good job tracy ok here is how Aquadome was originaly And bellow how it became Anyway to sum it up i started
  15. Hello sweeet ppl <3 i hope ur ready for the New tropical island . This one tho is full version ,full deco ,also different layout . Many awesome beach,many hidden places ,many stuff to explore . have u done hiking on 3dx? hehe now you will ,you will want to explore this massive yet light tropical island . each spot in this island has been build so view from all sides to be awesome . ok lets see some pics ,tho i was lazy take many pics cause i have to upload then copy paste here here is a taste If you like my job you can always donate on my blog n remeber all this have been
  16. Hi everyone this idea for a stracture hit me so i started build this Its the house that only Gods can live inside started 20 mins ago so its WIP here some pics . accepting pre orders for anyone that want this here a lil preview
  17. So I got this weird bug, everything used to work, I haven't changed anything, it just stopped working from one day to the other. I can load in rooms on the world editor, change the room etc. etc. When I re-enter, no matter what I do, I will get back to my old room. I can add new objects in, but I cannot delete them or change them after the rooms has been saved. First I tried changing the proxy. So I tried reinstalling the game, that didn't work. So I tried reinstalling the game and running Gizmo's tool, that didn't work. So then I tried to Uninstall, reboot, use Gizmo's tool, reboot, ins
  18. meowww everyone its time i show you the dungeon that is Work in progress but soon will be ready n available to whoever wants, u know me by now how i do things ok few pics as a preview n remeber its wip meaning lights etc are subject to changes till final result
  19. Hello everyone title says it all 'build for you . i was thinking to share some of my stuff i have build or my inventory that i store my unique items i build but then i thought its better for you all if i simply build for you something u may want. so in this thread you can ask stuff , rooms , etc u want me to build for you . ppl ask me all times whats my fee lol , there is no fee , i just like to build , i feel good when i see ur smile when u have a new house u like thats my fee . so i wait ur requests <3
  20. Welcome and thank you for step by and read / see this. For longtime i have wanted to show some of my creation's here, but i have just been to lazy and i am not one there use the forum that much also But first i will show you some of my free giveaway house's / Homes OBS: You can't download them here on the 3DX forum, they all are on the Modz site. You find it here: http://northprojectz.com/3dxtest20/#MyPopup (yes i know the link looks weird, but i am not the one there have choose that )
  21. Hello this is a new villa i made Meant for parties etc pm me here or ingame if you want this villa
  22. Hello ur friendly next door lil Alivia here So you want to do a cool party for ur new house or club or ur B-DAY L.I.O.N group is here to make that happened with the best djs-builders-dancers-escorts and talented poster makers . pm me anytime or any member of L.I.O.N so we can help you have the best party possible
  23. Hello! I share my room. Please add in the title when opening for all Medusa, for example ·.·´¯¯`·MEDUSA·´¯¯`·.· Thank you. https://yadi.sk/d/kRmtYo-x3Q8Tfz
  24. SOO.... Pierro here... i warned several times, people keep attacking me and steal my own work, my white palace that took me 1 month and half to build it here the review ---> http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/7091-official-room-ownership-thread/?p=287443 i got stolen one time, warned..; two times.. warned... three, 4, 5 times... i didnt do it... now lets go... now there we go, no jokes anymore. we all play same game, we all pay same price to play it, ok ? yes we ok. when i 've got my room hacked, i asked several times to devs to ban people who steal / hack my work, they
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