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  1. Hello ! I'm going to share here all my creations on 3DXchat, in order. I made them entirely, without any external contribution. There is no reproduction, so they are 100% creations, made from scratch. I used to expose my work on the game, during events organized around each new room, this topic allows me to archive it.
  2. *Update July 14* The results are in! Thank you to all builders who participated in this contest. The winners for our Lovense x 3DXChat Builder Contest have been announced! Find out which world will be used for our Lovense x 3DXChat Summer Rave Party, happening end July 2022: https://discord.com/channels/537730036485193748/840587105775386675/996591694407536690 Stay tuned for more details coming your way soon! ----------------------------------------------------- Do you have a knack for designing epic world builds? It’s time to push your creative boundaries with our Lovense x 3DXChat Summer Rave Party Builder Contest! From now till May 13, submit your world design ideas for our Lovense x 3DXChat Summer Rave Party happening in Jul 2022 and you just might be the talented builder walking away with attractive prizes brought to you by the team of Lovense & 3DXChat! Theme: Summer Rave Party Guidelines: The idea of the submitted design must be original, but you can include in other objects from users with their permission. Design must include elements of a Summer Rave, e.g. large dance party floor for ravers, DJ section, area for dancers, laser lights, strobes, area for F&B (we all need booze!). Design must include elements of Lovense Toys, Lovense & 3DXChat branding, e.g. a large Lush 3 DJ stand and a photo wall with Lovense & 3DXChat logos. You may download the 3DXChat logos, Lovense logos and Lovense toy renders here to aid you in your design process: https://www.lovense.com/p/2paRbn Submission Requirements: Writeup of the description of your World, and short summary of what each section of the World has been designed for Sketch mockup of the world (Can be hand-drawn or digitally created) List of credits (if you have used objects designed by other creators in your submitted entry) Sample attachment of any Worlds you have built previously (to gauge your World Editor skills and level) Grand Winner Prizes: 350 USD 2 x Lovense Toy of the Winner’s Choice (excluding Lovense Sex Machine) 100K XGold 1 Year 3DXChat Membership Note: The winner will be given 1 month to create the winning world for the Lovense x 3DXChat Summer Rave Party happening in July 2022 1st Runner-up Winner Prizes: 1 x Lovense Toy of the Winner’s Choice (excluding Lovense Sex Machine) 50K XGold 6 Month 3DXChat Membership 2nd Runner-up Winner Prizes: All Participants who submitted their entries 30K XGold 1 Month 3DXChat Membership Judging Panel: Lovense Team | 3DXChat Team | Redji (25% each) Public Votes (25%) Elements that Entries will be judged on: Creativity of the World design Presentation of the idea, and how it fits into the Summer Rave Party theme Building technique & methods Quality and thought put in the World design Atmosphere and effects of the World Use of animation triggers (bonus points) Submissions: Update: Submissions are now closed. Finalists Announcement & Public Voting: *NEW* Update as of 28 May: Congratulations to our Top 3 Finalists: Allalon, OliverX & JustinCredible! All finalists will be given up till Jun 25, Sat, 23:59 UTC+0 to submit their final completed worlds. Screenshots of the final completed worlds, along with their world concept will be posted for 3DXChat gamers to vote for their favorite world from Jun 27, Mon, 12:00 UTC+0 to Jul 6, Wed, 23:59 UTC+0. A lucky voter will be selected to win a special prize. Once the results have been consolidated, the winners will be announced on Jul 13, Wed, 12:00 UTC+0! 1 x Lucky Voter Prizes: 20K XGold 1 x Lovense Toy of the Winner’s Choice (excluding Lovense Sex Machine) Note: A random voter will be selected to win this prize for participating in our public voting! GLHF! With Love, Lovense & 3DXChat Team
  3. hey! i dont know if this has been suggested but i think adding in more weather effects like the snow in world editor would be very useful in creating more atmosphere in maps my first thought was rain, as i think it would fit in with many map styles including horror/Halloween ones ive created a example of what it may add to _rain_view.mp4 ive also had an idea for a material to go along with the rain rain _2.mp4 this could be added as a moving texture as we already have seen ingame as the ice melt 3f4de9bf2f18d138098a22cf87e5e57f.mp4 im hoping to see more of these kinda things added to the world editor so it gives that vibe a builder would want in there world! some other good ones would be falling leaves!
  4. Hello~ Elysian Falls will be having it's Grand Opening on April 29th starting at 7pm (est)! We are currently looking for a few more Trance DJs who are able to play for 30mins to an hour (more if you would like). Anyone who is interested in greeting people as they come in or dance groups that are able to participate I would love to hear from you as well. Please feel free to leave a comment here, or send me a private message. A small glimpse into Elysian Falls: I love gaming and fantasy so I wanted to bring a bit of that into 3DX with my own isekai. There are two main areas on the map, the entrance will lead you to area 1 with a dance floor, pool, and bar area, home and various small areas to enjoy. The pink portal (first portal image below) will take you to area 2, a palace with a dance floor, pool and many private rooms for people to relax and enjoy themselves in. Each room is unique, so I hope you have the time to explore and find a place that suits you. With plenty of room to explore, Elysian falls has a total of 6 portals that will take you to different areas of the map. Some will take you to a secluded cave hidden away in the rocks and mountains, others may take you to a distant beach or forest. Weather you are playing solo or with a partner, I hope you enjoy exploring this map. The portals are color matched and go both ways so I hope you are easily able to travel around the map. ♥ Be sure to look up~♥ Many hours went into the small details of the builds on this map and some of the rooms have the best parts a bit hidden from view, the entrance of the palace area has a beautiful starry night sky mural. Below are some extra images of Elysian Falls(the rest you will have to come see in person ^_~) , I look forward to seeing you at the opening if you are able to make it~♥!
  5. ♥ Hello ♥ I just wanted to share some images of a build-in-progress that I have been working on the last month or so. I named it Elysian Falls because I used to have a town with that name in Minecraft when I was younger and it just always stuck with me. I joined 3DX Chat back in January, and quickly became addicted to creating my own world within the game. I hope that the build will be finished and ready to open by April, and will eventually be looking for some DJ's/greeters and dance groups who are interested in coming by to help with the grand opening. So if you are interested please feel free to contact me here. The area has 3 main portals that take players to various areas on the map, as well as some caves hidden around the landscape. While the main area is completed, there is a palace in the back that is still being worked on. I would love to hear any feedback or ideas that anyone may have. If there are areas that you particularly enjoy in other rooms that you have seen and would like to see here, or something that you wish people had done and have yet to see please comment and let me know. I hope to make more rooms in the future, as this was my first room and was my attempt at testing out what the world editor could do. I do wish I had been aware that you couldn't swim in the 'placed' water and discovered the flattened sphere bug. But I hope that I can make some adventurous new rooms for people to enjoy.
  6. Heey guys! I need some help... I merge in a part of the room built by someone else, but there's an extra 300 size ... I don't know where it is. IF I DELETE EVERYTHING, there are still 300 hidden somewhere. How can I find it ??
  7. Insatiable Clubs Presents WERE BACK London Tower Bridge Filled With Anticipation, Tasteful Thrilling Tunes, Tempting Grooves & Moves, All In This Build By DemiTx, The London Tower Bridge, The Elegant olden Refined Pleasing Looking Work Leading Around The Steel Frame, Feeding The Desires Within The Glow Stunning To The Eye Sunday (11/21/21) - 7 PM EDT DJ MommaBear DJ CrashDown DJ Linux The FLAUNT Dancers london tower bridge_returns.mp4
  8. Calling All 3DXChat Builders! It is time for another amazing Build Competition to win some amazing 3DXChat prizes! Following the wildly successful building competition hosted by Mr. Ash. I was inspired to hold one of my own! This build competition is being sponsored by Ninja Entertainment, 3DXModz, and Bunnybot. It is time to once again take your world editing skills to the test to create something absolutely amazing! For this build competition we’re setting our eyes on the clubs! More accurately Night Clubs. It is time to see which bouncing, raving, and flashing gig is the best on the block! Good Luck to everyone who participates! Please be sure to follow and read the guidelines Carefully. Happy Building! Theme: Night Clubs When it comes to social gatherings surrounded by good company, booze, and awesome music, Night clubs is where the action is at. There are many themes that Night clubs can have. But building one takes planning and many steps to make it memorable. With so many possibilities it is up to you to choose a theme and stick with it. Guidelines to be Eligible to Win: Has to have Night Club elements e.g. Light features, Theming, DJ Booth, Dance Floor, Lounge/Seating Areas, and Bar. Rooms such as Sex Rooms, or strip clubs will not be eligible to win. Player Rooms participating can have pleasure areas separate from the Night Club but won’t count towards judging. The night club must contain all original work. You may use downloadable files in your entry to bring the scene together but the work MUST be credited to the original creators in the Build Entry. Failure to do this will result in automatic disqualification. The Name and design of the night club must stay true to your chosen theme. That theme can be anything from modern, futuristic, Rock, etc. If you choose to build any exterior design, that too must follow the theming. Entries must include pictures, a brief summary of inspiration and description. Participants must have a world file available for Judges to use in order to judge the room. Prizes: 1st Place: 1 Year 3DXCHAT Membership Gift Card 2nd Place: 6 Month 3DXCHAT Membership Gift Card 3rd Place: 1 Month 3DXCHAT Membership Gift Card 4th/5th: 10,000 Xgold Meet The Judges: Natsumi - 3DX Ninja Kitty and an experienced event planner with 7 years experience of holding various themed events for the 3dx community. Chloe - Co-Owner of BunnyBot and Queen of Bass. Chloe has nearly 8 years experience of Club building and has thrown several events during her 3dx career. She is also one of the top forum posters with over 4,000 entries to date. Nym - The Head Admin of 3DXModz and a master builder with many of his works showcased by several groups through the years. Elements your Entry will be Judged On: Presentation - You will be judged on how you present your Night Club and how the theme you’ve chosen works. Creativity - How well you’re able to adapt with the limited tools and what styles and techniques you’re able to pull off with the World Editor. Functionality - Your night club will be judged on how it functions and if it would be something that could be possible in real design. We will be paying extra attention to see if structures would be considered stable or outlandish. Effects - How well and unique are your design and layout with effects and lighting and implementing them in a way that makes them work for the setting. Quality - With many builds, its all about the quality and not the quantity that makes a build epic. We want to see what you use to fill in empty spaces and how you layout and design your club. Performance - A crucial factor for any room is to make sure that the room is accessible to all parties and able to run smoothly for guests with little to no lag issue or loss of frame rate. Overall Design - Lastly, we’ll be judging the club based on the 6 key points that define a Nightclub. Lighting Sitting Area Dance Floor Bar DJ Booth Theming Credit - Please be sure to credit the creators of objects you use in your Build entry in the following format at the end of your post. Object Name Used - Creator’s Name Object Name Used - Creator’s Name Object Name Used - Creator’s Name Etc. Submission Guidelines The Build Competition will be done in 3 phases. Phase 1 - Build Time! Entries must be submitted no later than Sept. 6th @ 11:59 PM EST / 5:59 AM CET Phase 2 - Build Entries will then be judged and the Top 10 entries will be picked for a final round. Phase 3 - The Top 5 entries chosen by the Judges will then be entered into a poll and then judged by the community to determine which Nightclub is the best. (Further instructions will be given by the Judges during Competition). Prizes will be given based on the number of votes made by the community. Submissions - Must be submitted to the link provided below https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/forum/108-3dxchat-build-competition/
  9. Calling all 3DXChat Builders! It's time for a competition to win some 3DXChat prizes. (Prizes Provided by SGD) With all that is going on in the world at the moment, I thought it would be a great idea to find a way to get minds off of it a little bit and get those creative mind juices flowing and to host a competition in 3DXChat, for all you talented builders! I've been hopping around and the builds I've seen since the World Editor was released have been absolutely insane! And you guys always find ways to push it to the next level, it's fantastic and inspiring, now it's time to challenge you all and to see what you builders can really do! So I contacted SGD and ran this competition idea by them and they agreed, and are happy to provide the prizes named below. So here we go, the important information is below. Good luck to all who take part! And make sure to follow the guidelines! Theme: - Urban, City and Nature To build a city with urban and nature elements, make it appear as natural as possible. It doesn't need to be a big build, but can be a street, a square, a city block etc. But it must be quality over quantity. You are not limited to modern designs and can build from any era. YOU are the artist and the creator. It is YOUR creation. Guidelines to follow to be eligible to win: - Has to include city elements e.g. Shopping mall, Police Station, Streets, traffic lights, road signs, pavements, high rises etc. - Has to include Nature elements e.g. Vegetation, Water etc. - Copy and pasting of objects are allowed, but has to look natural and cannot look too duplicated i.e. Rotate objects, positionings, colour changes, scaling etc. - Must include screenshots with closeups of the main parts of the build with a little explanation of each screenshot and what it is. - Has to be your own original build work, but it can use individual objects others have made that bring the scene together. i.e. .world files for objects that users have uploaded for others to use etc. With their permission. Prizes: 1st: 12 Month 3DXChat Membership Giftcard 2nd: 6 Month 3DXChat Membership Giftcard 3rd: 1 Month 3DXChat Membership Giftcard 4th/5th: 10,000 xGold Judges: Gizmo | Lisa | Ashbash Elements your submission will be judged on: Creativity - How creative you are with the limited tools provided for the World Editor. Presentation - How you present the creation. Whether it be clean, smooth, rugged etc. How the presentation reflects, relates and fits in to the aesthetic/theme you have chosen. Quality - That the creation is built with quality, rather than quanity in mind i.e. A ton of items all over the place making it messy and chaotic will not be judged as well as if you had specific design ideas and plans and implement them into your creation to bring all the scene together to make it look like it's meant to be there, rather than placing lots of items just to fill the empty space and it's a mess artistically. Atmosphere - How it makes one feel when they enter/view the build, what type of atmosphere you go for such as dark, gloomy, bright, serious, dangerous, erotic etc. Effects - The use of effects to bring the scene together, an example: You build an alleyway next to a building, it looks like it's a homeless stay, you have barrels with fire coming out to keep the homeless warm for example. Another example: You make houses with chimneys and the chimneys have smoke/steam coming out of them to make it seem a fire is on in the building etc. Build Methods - The types of methods used to build the scene i.e. Layering, grid based design, intersections, painting, scaling, rotation etc. Basically using the different tools in the scene that the world editor offers. (Doesn't have to be all of those, but are just examples). Credit: Please credit the creators of objects you may use in your creation in the following format at the end of your post: ObjectName Used - Creator CreatorsName ObjectName Used - Creator CreatorsName ObjectName Used - Creator CreatorsName ObjectName Used - Creator CreatorsName Also hyperlink the objects name to the link where you got the item from. (Don't worry even if it's the Modz site, and other 3rd party websites it's fine.) to help others discover the fantastic objects creators have made. Bonus Points: - Creative use of the animation triggers. Submission Deadline: - 24th July 2020 @ 11:59pm UTC (Any submissions made after this time will not be entered.) Countdown Winners will be announced on 31st July 2020 Submissions - Must be made in my other topic here:
  10. Hi, this is one of my latest works, the "urban" style and the almost gaming atmosphere was the effect I had set out to recreate. The location is not available because it is used in the "chupa chupa club" events but I think I will create other environments with this style and make them available to everyone.
  11. 3DX Xtreme is having a builders contest with GREAT Prizes. Go here to register, enter your images and/ or vote ! Need to be registered by December 4th to enter contest !!! https://3dx-xtreme.com If you will, Please add this poster into your gallery in 3DX Chat & get it RATED! Want to say thank you and good luck to the many contestants so far!!!! Thank you
  12. My goal in building this room was to create a place where everyone would enjoy the game the way they wanted ... together, all at once! City Life is a place where all players can play in a complex way while being in a roughly realistic place with many options and usable locations. Everyone had already encountered the problem of getting into a very good RP room, but they weren’t in it enough to fill the environment with life. If, on the other hand, he goes to a room where the environment is full of life, the room is not conducive to him for role-playing. The point in this room is that everyone else fills the room with life. For example, if a police officer plays a role-playing game with their peers, it serves as a living environment for office role-players and vice versa. But even those who are "just" having sex are involved in city life ... getting into a strip club or just fucking in an alley. IMPORTANT: this room does not bind players to RP only. If that were the case, like many other complex RP rooms, only a few people would play. Suitable for parties, role-playing games, just sex ... because they all have the same goal ... to bring a huge room to life in a complex way. BTW the room is huge, but the file szie is not... many players tell me to not have laggy, so common PC can run properly this room. So don’t be shy and visit my room and enjoy the game in it together! I will be presenting the locations separately soon....
  13. Is there somthing wrong with spheres while building in the game? Its like there is an invisible "no go" area around them? It’s like if the game uses a hidden "hitbox" for them that is 3 times the size that they visually are Seems it apears after i rezize a sphere using the rezize tool. @Gizmo @Lisa
  14. Hello everyone, As my original topic here sort of steered off track and got a bit messy with posts, this topic will be ONLY for the submissions. So please follow the guidelines and submit your pictures and such here. If any posts are made off topic, they will be reported to and deleted by SGD, please post in the original topic with comments and in general chit chat about the competition when submissions are made. If you want to send the actual .world file to have the judges hop in and look around, please send me a private message with the .world file attached, or a link to download the said .world file and some pictures to accompany it, that we may use in the final topic when we announce the winners if your submission is a winning submission. Also please submit some pictures in this topic so the community can also see your submission. Important: Once the .world file has been hopped into, and checked, if you asked for this. The DM and the .world file will be deleted. As it will only be required if you want the judges to jump in and look around. Thanks and good luck to all who enter!
  15. Yesterday morning (Saturday Feb 29, 2020) I was in the room editor building a new room. After a while when clicking on the room editor the load screen load icon spins for a second and then freezes. I am then totally dumped from the game. Game icon gone, as if I exited the game completely. So now when I log in my default room is the room I was in the process of building. If I attempt to enter the room editor, again the game closes up on me. I downloaded and reinstalled the game again this morning and the issue still exits. I can no longer get into the room editor. Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone have a fix for this? Thanks, Adriano
  16. Hello everyone, I will open tonight an old room already shared, but felt like to reopen it Music will be EDM and Rock and I hope to have some more dj's on the way. If not I will make your ears bleed all night long New rooms are on their way, but I have no clue when I will finish them, so meanwhile I will resurrect some old ones Like usual, everyone is welcome!! Opening around 8PM CEST tonight Also, I will try to be more active with the website, so if you feel like to share your creations or look for some great work by builders, have a look here: https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/
  17. Hello guys, from today i will post some free stuff made by me and my wife for you ) all screens will by under the spoiler ) And first build is ReM Express ) enjoy! Touch for download
  18. Hi everyone This thread is about build tricks that I will share for faster build some may know some not so this thread is for those that dont here is my first As u can see in the pic u have made a round platform and u wanna dress it with bars so u cant fall in water . you have put some initial bars arround the platform n now u want to make some horizontal ones . well the only thing u have to do is make only 2 of them in opposite direction ,then group those 2 .now since i made those vertical bars with 15 angle rotation ill use same angle for the horizontal and first ill copy and then ill start make new ones in perfect place i will keep copy n rotate in 15 deegre angle then ill delete spare ones n we good to go u now perfectly have dressed the bars its only a matter of few seconds stay tuned for next build trick muack
  19. Hello this is a small preview from the new prison i build no escape
  20. meoww sweet 3dx ppl here is a new sex/party villa clean build ofc ,cool lights awesome uplifting enviroment to make ur mood made with cool color combinations so if u want to have a awesome Sex room or party room that ppl can also have sex this is a nice choice Pm me if u wanna get this (via donations only) still in progress but finishing soon
  21. Hello everyone I call this Pleasure room, few words about this room, This room is for ppl that like to shoot pics or vids or just to have fun . We know this game have the best graphics but with bad lights graphics are like going down So my focus here is the lights n how they make Avi body seem. So If ur a porn director or a photographer or u juts wanna have fun n have the best graphics for another level of experience this is the room u have to get Also i have made some artifacts that can be used for pose pics lets see some pics see how the lights reflect so nice on the body making look so good i made those pose devices 1 year back but never used them so now its time very usefull for photographers to take pics etc here i made kinda a pose,man can sit on couch n masturbate in the face of the girl its all about good lights in the right position see how light can make body look with every detail so good in above pic every single muscle line or however it callled hehehe Anyway thats for now room still WIP So this room is for porn directors n photographers to shoot their movies with the best possible lights so Avis n graphics look awesome or just for those that wanna have the best sex experience n graphics . PM me to order this room
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