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  1. 3DX Xtreme is having a builders contest with GREAT Prizes. Go here to register, enter your images and/ or vote ! Need to be registered by December 4th to enter contest !!! https://3dx-xtreme.com If you will, Please add this poster into your gallery in 3DX Chat & get it RATED! Want to say thank you and good luck to the many contestants so far!!!! Thank you
  2. My goal in building this room was to create a place where everyone would enjoy the game the way they wanted ... together, all at once! City Life is a place where all players can play in a complex way while being in a roughly realistic place with many options and usable locations. Everyone had already encountered the problem of getting into a very good RP room, but they weren’t in it enough to fill the environment with life. If, on the other hand, he goes to a room where the environment is full of life, the room is not conducive to him for role-playing. The point in this room is that ever
  3. Calling all 3DXChat Builders! It's time for a competition to win some 3DXChat prizes. (Prizes Provided by SGD) With all that is going on in the world at the moment, I thought it would be a great idea to find a way to get minds off of it a little bit and get those creative mind juices flowing and to host a competition in 3DXChat, for all you talented builders! I've been hopping around and the builds I've seen since the World Editor was released have been absolutely insane! And you guys always find ways to push it to the next level, it's fantastic and inspiring, now it's time to challenge y
  4. Is there somthing wrong with spheres while building in the game? Its like there is an invisible "no go" area around them? It’s like if the game uses a hidden "hitbox" for them that is 3 times the size that they visually are Seems it apears after i rezize a sphere using the rezize tool. @Gizmo @Lisa
  5. Hello everyone, As my original topic here sort of steered off track and got a bit messy with posts, this topic will be ONLY for the submissions. So please follow the guidelines and submit your pictures and such here. If any posts are made off topic, they will be reported to and deleted by SGD, please post in the original topic with comments and in general chit chat about the competition when submissions are made. If you want to send the actual .world file to have the judges hop in and look around, please send me a private message with the .world file attached, or a link to download the sa
  6. Yesterday morning (Saturday Feb 29, 2020) I was in the room editor building a new room. After a while when clicking on the room editor the load screen load icon spins for a second and then freezes. I am then totally dumped from the game. Game icon gone, as if I exited the game completely. So now when I log in my default room is the room I was in the process of building. If I attempt to enter the room editor, again the game closes up on me. I downloaded and reinstalled the game again this morning and the issue still exits. I can no longer get into the room editor. Anyone else exp
  7. Hello everyone, I will open tonight an old room already shared, but felt like to reopen it Music will be EDM and Rock and I hope to have some more dj's on the way. If not I will make your ears bleed all night long 😛 New rooms are on their way, but I have no clue when I will finish them, so meanwhile I will resurrect some old ones Like usual, everyone is welcome!! Opening around 8PM CEST tonight Also, I will try to be more active with the website, so if you feel like to share your creations or look for some great work by builders, have a look here: https://www
  8. Hello guys, from today i will post some free stuff made by me and my wife for you ) all screens will by under the spoiler ) And first build is ReM Express ) enjoy! Touch for download
  9. Hi everyone This thread is about build tricks that I will share for faster build some may know some not so this thread is for those that dont here is my first As u can see in the pic u have made a round platform and u wanna dress it with bars so u cant fall in water . you have put some initial bars arround the platform n now u want to make some horizontal ones . well the only thing u have to do is make only 2 of them in opposite direction ,then group those 2 .now since i made those vertical bars with 15 angle rotation ill use same a
  10. Hello this is a small preview from the new prison i build no escape
  11. meoww sweet 3dx ppl here is a new sex/party villa clean build ofc ,cool lights awesome uplifting enviroment to make ur mood made with cool color combinations so if u want to have a awesome Sex room or party room that ppl can also have sex this is a nice choice Pm me if u wanna get this (via donations only) still in progress but finishing soon
  12. Hello everyone I call this Pleasure room, few words about this room, This room is for ppl that like to shoot pics or vids or just to have fun . We know this game have the best graphics but with bad lights graphics are like going down So my focus here is the lights n how they make Avi body seem. So If ur a porn director or a photographer or u juts wanna have fun n have the best graphics for another level of experience this is the room u have to get Also i have made some artifacts that can be used for pose pics lets see some pics see how the lights reflect so nice on the body mak
  13. Hey. Going to completely reinstall the game, but want to save my houses and user information. Where is this located? tnx
  14. Hello everyone This is the Aquadome (Alivia rework-Remake) So a few words about this Few days back i went to a room that stelania had open n i realy loved the big pool theme as i love pools so much. while i stayed there some ideas hit me on how to further evolve this room. So i asked n she told me room was on modz so i went there got the room n started to build it a new . Now at this point i want to mention that AQUADOME SPA was build by TracyRyan so good job tracy ok here is how Aquadome was originaly And bellow how it became Anyway to sum it up i started
  15. Hello everyone this is a new laxury sex club im working currently WIP but soon will bea ready to 2-3 ppl that want this. If you want to open a sex room but A class n see ppl swarm inside n jaws on the floor this is what u need this is what will skyrocket ur sex party . a sex tag will not bring you ppl ,the warm hosting n The quality room will bring you ppl n you will see them enjoy the room. you can write every sex word there is in the vocabulary as a tag n still not get ppl BUT a nice classy room will help you preview pics soon more pics from the other places in this
  16. Aliviax


    hello spooky ppl here some pics of my winged skeleton 157 kb 1 skeleton .1 kb is arround 8 props if i remeber
  17. Hello everyone title says it all 'build for you . i was thinking to share some of my stuff i have build or my inventory that i store my unique items i build but then i thought its better for you all if i simply build for you something u may want. so in this thread you can ask stuff , rooms , etc u want me to build for you . ppl ask me all times whats my fee lol , there is no fee , i just like to build , i feel good when i see ur smile when u have a new house u like thats my fee . so i wait ur requests <3
  18. Hello this is the new strip/sex club almost finished still working on vip area n its done here some pics bar soon will have bottles etc my new sofa with hearts lots of lovely poles waiting the update and last is the vip area im still working tomorrow will be availavle u know how to find me bk to building now
  19. yes i know you think i gone crazy n give free stuff well im in good mood and as a big thank you to all ppl that so far has requested me stuff and ofc the rest ppl here are some free stuff i give you Bottles-glasses chair individualy grouped so u can grab w/e u want gothic style sofa and ofc a bed download link on my blog ..on the right u will see pages and under home page u will see free furnitures etc link will be on comment section. https://3dgamessexworlds.blogspot.com/
  20. hi everyone this is the new club my sweet bf made he did most of the stuff from guitars seat stracture i only did floors wall deco n lights here some pics suitable for rock n metal parties with multi layered walls that can be easilly deco to any likings
  21. Hello everyone this is now my own room i build well it has a title but i wont mention now as its too early here is a preview i promise you lots of unique stuff that no ones has build lots of hi tec stuff also its on a whole other level than what builders do but expect spaceships hi tec objects space crafts unique buildings stractures n many more that i wont say now just few pics n maybe some will get the idea where i go with this Look at this now u see why free is dead now its not random cheap stuff just started well it will take sometime but in the e
  22. Fall Festival Of Homes 2018 Contestants would submit their built entries by Oct. 1 to the organizer or organizers for a Nov. 10th judging. There would be two categories Fall or Halloween to compete in. One entry per person in either. It must be something you built not used from another file. Application would be made directly to committee and no application taken after Oct.13th. Two or Three judge panel. Contestant's would be given a number to add after Fall Festival of Homes #1, 2, 3, etc. to open their rooms publicly. If you don't feel comfortable putting your room
  23. HELLO:) Following the same path as my friend Katay, I publish photos of my clubs so that one day someone would say that it is his club (MYSZKA, I am talking about you). I do not see a way to secure my places, I do not want to spend time building this, I was betrayed by such unhappy people as this man (MYSZKA) ALL THOSE ROOMS ARE PERFORMED BY ME AND MY WIFE AND THERE IS NO OTHER RIGHT TO OPEN THEM, ONLY ME AND MY WIFE 1. CRAZY CLUB 2.Jungle Club 3.Octopus 4.Smurf party 5.Asterix & Olbelix
  24. Hello Guys!!! Today I will present you our new room, by me and my wife. This location is created in the style of high loft, a small, cozy place for your leisure. Here you can hold home parties, chat with friends, spend time with your halves. I created a survey if he gets enough votes then I'll post a file with the location. And now some pics...
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