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  1. I recently updated my windows 10 home with may 2019 update and also got KB4507453, KB4507469, KB4507435 updates and after that, the 3dx chat (32 bit) started crashing every time. even more i am starting getting Green screen of death i am thinking it is all because anti-cheat windows block that conflicts some games. https://wccftech.com/fix-windows-10-gsod-anti-cheat/ i hope gizmo will fix the game or release patch that could not cause game to crash or even make Blue screen of death, or Green screen of death if you're member of windows insider program... i am aware gizmo said they will stop supporting 32 bit, but there are still a lot of players who prefer to play 32 bit because it's more stable... i am hoping to get help quickly as i am planning to record a video as gizmo requested, hehe...
  2. I don't know if it's normal or not, but the personal color palette don't work for the lingerie (panties, bra, stockings) in the beta. I'm forced to use the basic colors to recolor my clothes (the colored dots under each option)
  3. just as the picture showed: everything was normal ...until I step on it woosh~ I'm flying lol this glitch will make you can't interact with the pose object(can't see the icon at all), but makes you floating...... well, quita strange?
  4. Hello everyone My friend is having a problem. He can sign in but he can't see any of the shared worlds. and most of the times he gets kicked right when he enters the game. He tried uninstalling and reinstalling from the normal site, and he tried switching off and on his VPN. He tried changing servers. He tried also switching location of the VPN but nothing is fixing it, The problem is he got his code from a friend and that friend doesn't have the order ID for him to contact support atm. What can be done in this case? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! @Gizmo @Lisa
  5. I am quite upset, I reported a glitch allowing more than 3 characters to be created and now the pictures I uploaded are deleted from my attachment section on the forum. And to make matters worse I can no longer login to the game. I am paid in full, I know my password and yet I still cant login, even though I could the day that I reported the bug. I am upset because I feel that my account my have been banned because I had more than 3 characters. The only reason that I have more than 1 character is that I was trying to show the developers the flaw that I discovered. Lisa, Gizmo please help out a fellow developer here. I have recently tried to give you guys constructive criticism in my thread on the Open Forum and I pay the subscription fee. I won't try to help by reporting bugs anymore if my account gets screwed up each time I do. Also, in case any of you are wondering: the fact that I have more than 3 characters is not the reason I can't login, not directly at least. I have tested the login while having 4 characters linked to my account and was able to do so. I feel that after reporting the ability to create more than three characters, the devs may have gone looking for accounts like this and banning them or something. idk.
  6. Whenever I open 3dxchat, the login window shows up correctly and works just fine. When I press login, I am sent to the 3dx home page. Whenever I go to the character editor or to a room, my profile is glitched, my friends list doesn't appear, and I also can't see other user's rooms. Whenever I close out of my profile, I get a disconnection pop up as seen by the screenshot below. I click the reconnect button and it sends me back to the login window. I have tried re-installing the game and I still get this bug. Does anyone else get this bug and know how to fix it?
  7. The newly implemented "Sport 2" pose (see attachment) doesn't work, at least with male avatars. The avatar merely takes up the last used pose upon click, or stands idle if no pose was used beforehand. Also, the avatar gets halfway stuck in the ground / bed, so I assume the positioning of the avatar is correct, only it doesn't take up the pose it should. This is completely reproducable, it happens every time, not a bug you encounter every now and then. I hope the next update fixes it, thank you in advance.
  8. Hello, Since last patch, i have a display bug, indeed, i don't know why but the game doesn't display anymore little blocks exept if i stuck to them... This result in unreadable text, can you fix this please ?
  9. I never had this in a public place before (here in the Sin).
  10. For some reason, ocean level in my room sometimes got reset to 0 level and I need to fix it in world editor again and again. Maybe someone else have this problem too or better say - any solution for this problem?
  11. Hosting a shared room shouldn't be such a problem. Having to enter your character editor every hour just to keep your room from crashing is a bit of a disappointment to be honest. There has to be a better way to prevent your room from crashing. And it's definitely not my pc causing the crash, I've had rooms with 10 people crash for no reason - or just because I forgot to reset the memory leak after an hour. I guess I'm salty because I love hosting rooms for people and when your room crashes for 70+ people, it definitely ruins the experience for everybody. We don't need new items or poses for the next update, we need serious game optimization across the board. Thanks for hearing me out.
  12. Hello everyone, I read some of the support topics and tried searching for this problem, but couldnt find anything. All the problems are related to a dll thing or run as administrator and none of those are the one I'm having. I'm installing the game, clean folder with the 380 setup which is the one currently on the webpage for downloading. Everything goes well in the installation, then I want to open the game and the update comes on, fair enough seems legit something a game would have. The problem is that the patcher does everything it needs to do but at the end it gets stuck at 100% and never finishes, so I can't play the game! Any suggestions?? I've already uninstalled and re-installed more than once and the problem continues.
  13. Hi! I found intresing bug: sometimes other people's clothes don't load correctly. I saw naked girl but she said that she is clothed. Few minutes later somebody said to me, that I'm naked, when i was fully dressed.
  14. Hey Gizmo, Could you explain me (us) why the music affects the behavior of the computers. Example: A crowded Sin means: crash (frozen computer) . I have to use medium or low setting and 30FPS. (it is the same with any crowded rooms with stream). If I toggled off the stream, I would crash (music is streamed on background...I just can't hear it). A crowded Beach means: Super high resolution, experimental water, 60 fps or more. Use of CPU, GPU and memory normal. Radio (embedded ones) don't appear to cause issues. Question; Have I(we) to change anything in our settings (client side) Is it a problem with the settings of the streams (server side). I thank you for your answer... I begin to be fed up with this. Looking forward to hear from you Have a good week end.
  15. I believe this bug has been around for ages now, but recently I have started seeing it pop up extremely often. These I think every time I go to Sins there is at least one character that has the bug where they are looking to the side and it looks really dumb. Are Surely it can be fixed? And doesn't seem like a massive bug either. It's not like it ruins the game completely or affects an aspect of the game seriously. My But it looks really bad and ugly. Would be nice to have it fixed. And if worse comes to worst, then just remove head tracking. Not like it does anything interesting anyway. Steps Pls fix
  16. I thought that it was an issue with my pc but a friend got the same issue. (both pc are news). Suddenly the game frezzes up. There are no more control: no keyboard, no mouse, etc. The only solution is too shut down the computer. Cleaning the cache helps to delay the occurence of this bug. What could be the reason of this? Thank you
  17. I have this: People in my room, I have invited them. I log out Shut down my computer Log in Back in my room... they are still there. Do something please kiss
  18. LOL ?! everytime you make a new patch, there is new bugs... but this time... congratz lol UPDATED BY ADMIN: 1) Add the patcher to the exception list of your Firewall and Antivirus software. 2) Run the patcher as administrator (Right-click on Patcher.exe file and then click Run as Administrator) If the problem persists, reinstall the game with the latest version: http://3dxchat.com/support/#updates Also please send us your output_log.txt file from Patcher_Data folder to support@sexgamedevil.com We will try to find out more about your problem and fix it. Thanks!
  19. Is it just me or are others as frustrated with the lack of action regarding ghosts of players appearing everywhere, this issue has been going for quite awhile now and it keeps popping up. This problem has been recognized by the development team in the past and it keeps cropping up again and again. Albeit it has not occurred to me, I walked around last night, during a quiet period and counted no less the 4 players at Sins and LI and have seen it on the Yacht and the night club in the recent past as well. For players to have to post in their profile that its not really them underwater or in a wall somewhere so that people will not PM them about it is not acceptable, much less if the person is doing something in the privacy of their own room and its seen by everyone that happens to go to Sins or where ever the poor soul is appearing. Developers, please address this problem in the next patch, resetting the servers is not an appropriate, permanent solution to this problem. I will be happy to provide SS's of this but a blind developer can see it from a mile away. Thank you
  20. I need some serious help guys, The game is blocking me from my friends! Please fix this soon, I have lost three good friends that I can no longer contact because the game is bugged!!! I have NO ONE on my ignore list! D: It makes no sense! I really dont want to make a new account again, and I dont know what else to do, PLEASE HELP ME. Thank you.
  21. I just went to customization screen and this is what I got today. I know many people had same issue and none got their rooms back but still wanted to share. GG.
  22. Hi there, Recently purchased the game. I have it installed in a VM with RemoteFX enabled, so it has a full 1 GB of video ram. I connect to it via an RDP client called RoyalTS. It runs great, smooth animation, and all that. The problem I have is the right mouse click. I don't know if this is a Unity program, but if so, Unity shows this same error in this forum. https://forum.unity3d.com/threads/right-click-mouse-not-work-on-a-remote-desktop.417324/ A simple and good fix would be to allow holding down the control button the left mouse click / drag does the functionality of the right mouse button. Or something along those lines. It makes the game unplayable, as you can never change the direction the camera is facing. Perhaps giving the camera an auto-follow feature, where it is behind your character looking in the same direction of your character, that would be a possible solution as well, until the root issue gets fixed. Just some ideas. Thanks!
  23. I'm having a problem with the sound in game. It was working fine yesterday but then late last night it just stopped working. I can't hear music or even the background noises. I uninstalled the beta and reinstalled it but still no sound. Not sure what to do to fix this...any ideas would be appreciated. My laptop sound is completely fine because I can watch videos on YouTube and listen to music perfectly so it has to be an issue with the game.
  24. Hi everyone, I just bought the game and when I play it the skin of characters doesnt show if characters have clothes on. When theyre naked it does show but only 1 skin tone and they still look really bad. Ive tried all different kinds of settings but it still looks bad, ive attached a picture of how it looks. Does anyone know the problem that causes this? X, Jasmine
  25. Hello everyone, as many of you may have noticed if you use AMD Video Cards. That in the Crimson Driver update, the games UI and such goes extremely dark like the contrast has been turned up to 9001. (Excuse the pun. ) Well AMD released a Crimson Edition 16.2+ Hotfix a few days ago and I just tested this out and it fixes the issue of the Dark UI and such that the Crimson Drivers caused. The only thing is the Crimson Edition 16.2 Hotfix isn't an official release of the driver and only a hotfix so you won't be updated to it automatically and you'll need to download it manually. Not to worry though, below is the links to this driver fix for you all so you won't need to worry about an extra Dark UI and other issues with darker images etc in profile galleries that can cause eye strain. Windows 10 32 + 64 Bit 32Bit: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Windows+10+-+32 64Bit: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Windows+10+-+64 Windows 8.1 32 + 64 Bit 32Bit: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Windows+8.1+-+32 64Bit: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Windows+8.1+-+64 Windows 7 32 + 64 Bit 32Bit: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Windows+7+-+32 64Bit: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Windows+7+-+64 So make sure to download the correct driver for your correct system version. Remember it's the Crimson Edition 16.2+ Hotfix that you need to download, it's below the 15.12 versions, ignore them and download the hotfix. Have fun Regards Ash
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