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  1. 2 Days 6 Years Anniversary of the BDSMetal Gang with 7 Years 3DX Anniversary of "The Boss" Icebox Celebrate with us one of the oldest music clubs ever in 3DXChat! 25th and 26h Februara at 7:30 pm CET / 1:30 pm EST / 10:30 am PST 2 Bands Rockwitch and Venom 2 Dance teams Sophisticats and Sweet Harmony 8 DJ Winglady PalpaTine-XS, janeuk, Pandion (Guest), Nettis, The Boss Icebox, Eyleen (Guest), Darkangel and Helandrine
  2. After breaking the sonic barrier of age last year, getting promoted to our Winglady because of her wisdom, now the XS-Shadow WingLady Empress DJ PalpaTine XS Will now accelerate to break the “Altes Weib” (Old Woman) barrier soon! You are all invited to celebrate this great event for Tine-XS (3DX Christine XS) together with the ☣BDSMetal Gang☣ November, the 17th at 20:00 CET
  3. The Shadow Gallery of ChristineXS was voted to be the best room for BDSMetal Gang events in 2020. Syl the French Frog and the XS Shadow Lady DJ Empress PalpaTine will rock the Shadow Gallery through its 1 Year Anniversary!
  4. ❀❀ Our one year anniversary - Dame Teana & Doll It all started with this...maybe the worst introductory message ever from me... "Sorry for the pm. Just wanted to say I love your profile pic. Cute feet, yours really? I know I'm weird just like feet and wanted to congrats lol" And it continued with this...a so short answer to a girl I already liked after her short message... "Thank you my dear. I am sincerely flattered and delighted that you like my feet. I don' t think you're weird and I thank you for your compliment. see you around!" ...a few days later a very shy and nervous me met Teana in sin club...I somehow managed a bit of rambling chatter and luckily didn't completely blow it at that first meeting... ...and so...a week or two after that...when my nerves had steadied (a little) I finally begged Her to accept me as Hers ...promising to be Her most devoted...loyal and loving girl for as long She'd want me. Amazingly She accepted and I've been the luckiest girl in the world to have been Hers and only Hers ever since. It was all very...very new to me at the time...but was something that I have now come to accept is in my nature. All I can say is that my Maitresse Teana has been everything to me since that day...guiding...supporting...and loving me every step of the way. I could never have hoped for a more perfect Mistress. Doll has been from the beginning One of the kindest and most genuine person I ever known. I loved her right from the start and I didn't hesitate to take her as mine. I never regretted that and today I'm so proud and I love so much my precious flower. So devoted, loyal, loving...she deserves the ebst I can give to her, and even more. So...we decided we'd like to mark the occasion with this thread to celebrate, not just ours, but all lasting relationships in 3dx...and also to say we'll be hosting a little informal open house on Sunday, July 19. We'd truly love to see anyone that's known us over the time we've been in 3dx...or indeed anyone who wants to just celebrate a little romance, so please pop in, say hello to Dame Teana and Her girl...and maybe tell your significant other how much they mean to you while love infuses the air hmm? We'd both also love it if everyone/anyone wanted to use this thread to celebrate their own relationships in the game. It's not easy to make anything last here so lets celebrate those that have made it work and your love for each other. Please join us in celebrating what has been a beautiful...amazing year together and our hope of many more to come. With all my love...trust...loyalty and devotion...to my Maitresse...Dame Teana. Always. The last year with you has been one of the best years in my life...its flown by so fast and yet seems as if I've been at your side forever. My so perfect and delicate flower...My dear Doll, so precious to me. That year spent with you was so short. I wish for us so many more years like that one. ...and my love always to all of you out there in 3dx - Doll ...I add my voice to that of Doll to greet you all - Teana Teana ❀ Doll ❀
  5. MaxineJuicer & AmethystThalia Anniversary & Party! Three Years from the 9th October MaxineJuicer & AmethystThalia was Married. Joining our hands in love for Eternal and forever. This is Married is more than is expected from 3DX Chat, its also Real. Find out the truth of this necklace MaxineJuicer bought AmethystThalia in Real Life @ our Anniversary Speech. MaxineJuicer & AmethystThalia would like you to join us all in the Special occasion and listen to our speech. All Friends & Guests welcome. Ceremony is from 9pm cet - 10pm Cet Pool Party starts DJ list. Sherrie Dany JessicaX & LiliCreampie
  6. Hard to believe but, It's already been a full year since the Dangerous Divas saw the light of day in it's current form. To celebrate the many new friendships we've made, The fabulous 3DX DJ's we've invited over as GUEST DJs, The awesome music we've discovered together, And the classics that bind us together, We bring you : a 2 day event with your favorite DJ's. Breaking the group barriers, we invited some of the best 3DX DJs and mixed them up with our own Dangerous Divas! A 2 day extravaganza, An eargasm of the best ROCK and METAL available! Coming soon on December 27th and 28th!
  7. Sweets Island - 1pm - 4pm CET Dj Kim with a mix of Rock & Pop to dance the day away with Vanhia & Niluc's Wedding Anniversary at the Tavern 8pm = 11pm CET a mix of Rock & Roll, Rock and Oldies
  8. Celebrate with us one year TRANCE MISSION + the B-Day of Felia and AWahba
  10. Its been One Full Year since Jared and Jasmine Masters were married, and two years since they first met. Friends and Family please come join them on their special anniversary date at Noon EST December 8th until 4 pm EST and help them celebrate! There will be live music with Christmas songs, and Love Songs by DJ Starrfyre and WildHoney. And in that last hour, the Bare Bunnys will come and perform for us! Looking forward to seeing you all there!
  11. Hey Peeps so i have been here for a long time and i like to invite you all to celebrate my 5 years anniversary on 3dx Hope to see you there Cheers to another year AceX
  12. Finally my darling and me were able to schedule a new day for our party We are really happy to announce: Everyone is invited. So bring your family, friends and enemies And this is how it all began here in 3dx: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/2163-wedding-of-jassa-and-oliu/?hl=jassa
  13. Hi 3DX Chat Community !! Next Sunday, 30th September at 8pm CET ... ★★★ШҤIŦЄ ǷÁĿÁƇЄ ϦƦØŤHЄĿ★★★™ & Bass FACTORY presents : DJ LINE UP : (CET) 8pm - xYUNAx 9pm - EmmaFR 10pm - Chloe 11pm - KathyF midnight - MissyB You are all invited to celebrate and have a great party, See you there ^^ Pierro.
  14. I like to invite you all to our 3rd wedding anniversary! On 6th February 2015 we said yes to each other... Time has changed, not many from the party guests at that time are still around, 3dx was different as today, but one thing will never change: Our love! So we would be really glad if you would join us! KISSES Felia & Chloe
  15. once i came to 3DxChat, curious about this chat............ now i am here for 3 years! i made many experiences. not everything was good, but nevertheless, i am happy to announce: 3 YEARS of MADNESS Saturday, October 7th 10pm CEST music will be played by my alt "DjDarkangel"
  16. Happy Anniversary NapTime! The last two years have gone by in a blip. This marriage has brought to it everything one would expect from a gaming marriage. The best of which is a true friendship. That one simple concept has changed my life forever. Thank You. Happy 2nd Anniversary, EthericEssence
  17. ☆*:.。. ♪.。.:*☆We're hosting a 1 year wedding anniversary party on April 1st, 10pm CET, 4pm EST☆*:.。.♪.。.:*☆ ♥ To confirm and celebrate our love for each other with all our friends ♥ There might also be a surprise or two during the night
  18. Moon and Missy Invite You All To... We look forward to sharing this special day with everyone. Moon and I would like to extend our thanks to Biene for creating the wonderful poster for us, and to DJanes Chloe and Felia for agreeing to provide the music for this event.
  19. i can't believe it, at 5th october, i am 2 Years in 3DxChat.... ......with almost no brain damages^^ this is a really good reason to celebrate it einladung jubiläum by Darkangel ECA, auf Flickr
  20. Myzska invites all to come and celebrate her 1 year anniversary on 3DX together! You presence is requested at 20:00 UTC-1 at MYZSKA DANCE HOUSE friday 20/11! We expect much fun with great people and energizing livestream music! Come and bring your friends to this epic event! 20\11\2015 - 20:00 UTC-1
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