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  1. Just Off The Press!! Come one, Come ALL! Razvan's Bi͎r͎t͎h͎d͎a͎y͎ Party! ͎!͎ TODAY ! (3/16/22) @ 2PM EDT were throwing our good friend and family member a birthday party! someone we've known a while whos always there standing beside us lending a helping hand, someone who is always kind., Respectful & Ofc A Great Guy To All! DJ Line Up DJ: MommaBear DJ: Jamin'Jamie He Deserve A Great Party! Come Wish Him A Happy Birthday!
  2. Happy Birthday 3DXChat Community: 8 Years Our wonderful community turns 8! We sincerely congratulate you all on this event and are excited to share what we have prepared for you. Updates A lot of great content has been added to the game this year. More details on all the updates. Here are some of them: Lightning Effects for parties 200+ new animations (including dance moves and sex poses) 25 new hair styles for men and women New Faces, Tattoos, Outfits, Nipples customization New building blocks and materials for World Editor Discount 50% on all memberships In order to support you while you stay at home, 3DXChat has decided to cut prices in half to give you the opportunity to be social and keep in touch with friends in a virtual, secure world. So enjoy, stay home, and stay safe Create a new account (subscription) Buy Game-Time code (one-time payment) - Gift the game to a friend Invite friends by your Referral link (You both will get bonuses) Bonus 50% XGold Good news everyone! Buy gold and get + 50% bonus on your account XGold bonus is over With sincere congratulations and love, 3DXChat team
  3. After breaking the sonic barrier of age last year, getting promoted to our Winglady because of her wisdom, now the XS-Shadow WingLady Empress DJ PalpaTine XS Will now accelerate to break the “Altes Weib” (Old Woman) barrier soon! You are all invited to celebrate this great event for Tine-XS (3DX Christine XS) together with the ☣BDSMetal Gang☣ November, the 17th at 20:00 CET
  4. Join us at The Bridge for a good selection of hard rock this Friday evening to celebrate @danididit birthday, hosted by @Animay. Join DJs @Animay, @HazyRays, Lilylycan and @Mulan for a rockin' night at The Bridge...
  5. Warning: This Is A Surprise Party shes not on the forum respect in not telling her A.I.-3DX Presents A Special Opening! 🏗Demi's Birthday Party a person close to our hearts, someone whos not only a very talented builder but a wonderful friend, works hard without asking for nothin, we spend this Friday celebrating a day for her (TODAY) - (6 PM EDT) DJ Line Up DJ MommaBear DJ Jammin'Jamie DJ Gremlin Featuring 3DX's Most Desirable, Hawt & Co-ed Dance Team~ FLAUNT Join us & Wish Her A Happy Birthday birthday_party.mp4
  6. Chill with Bill’s Birthday Party - 4pm - 8pm CET 10am - 2pm EST Host Curiousret (Bill) with a different venue by Cicely. DJ Cicely with entertain you with her sounds for the afternoon. Chill, start your day, float through your afternoon with fun, wit and a friendly party, All Welcome TMF Summer Beach Club 8pm CET. Host Silvie Sun, With an amazing DJ line up starting live in the mix DJ Perrie, Paulina, Silvie Sun and Invictuss. Live on stage the dance groups Flaunt and the TMF Dancers. The Depths Grand Opening 7pm est Host HaileeHall, DJ's DemiTx, Rep & Candyman. Dance team Flaunt, A new deep experience for you, Jazz, R & B, Blues & Soul Want to see all our party's? https ://twitter.com/DavinaS_3dx https://3dxclubsevents.wordpress.com/category/events/, https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/calendar/19-events/2020/11/ https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/12059-united-independents-parties-saturday-050321/ https://3dxevents.neocities.org/ https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/forum/47-events-and-parties/
  7. Date: 26/02/2021 at 21:30 CET - Pre-opening: 21:15 CET - Room: Happy birthday MYAPOISON by DJLUCHIGNOLO (La plage rouge owned djluchignolo) Happy HAPPY Happy birthday MYAPOISON , a wonderful party to celebrate together! Best wishes Forget Christmas, forget the New Year, there is a beautiful birthday to celebrate! Do I have to tell you what to do? You are invited to this party, don't miss it! You are all welcome
  8. Belem Tower/LXFactory 1pm - 4pm CET - Host & DJ Padme her famous buildings from Lisbon, Helicopter, Hot Air Balloon and her Mixed genre of Pop & Rock, dance, chill and enjoy 3 days aweek A Taste Of Hunny - 4pm - 8pm CET Host & Dj MochaHunny with her New Venue. Beach BIRTHDAY party & the smoothest mix of Jazz, R & B & More. Join her in her Birthday celebrations Silvie Sun Summer Beach Dance - 8pm - 1am Host Silvie Sun with Guest DJ's DarkAngel, ZhaNee, Biacat & Silvie Sun herself, with their own mix of Deep soul house, The Sunshine Girl Dancers and much more Vibrations 9pm - 1am EST (Mon, Tues & Sat) 3am - 7am CET (Tues, Weds & Sun) Host & DJ SpicySweet, Live DJ Mix, A Voice to melt on and a Pop/Rock mix to keep you bouncing Want to see all our party's? https://twitter.com/DavinaS_3dx, https://3dxclubsevents.wordpress.com/category/events/, https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/calendar/19-events/2020/6/ Double D Stream plus other 3DX DJ's can also be found here, http://eln.atwebpages.com/listentostreams.html
  9. Are you free and you boring? You dont know what to do in the night of 12 march by Central Europe Time? Wanna something weird? YOU are invited at my Birhday! ! ! Will be some creepy sounds, music, views, and me of cource surly with cake!
  10. Finaly the magic date has come well at least for me hehe why magic date ? well its my 22years old Birthday yayyy and for me that means from this summer ill be able to go out at nights in night clubs under my papa agreement So i was waiting this day to come for some years now Well im a lil bored of 3dxchat parties but this year is a magic one so ill make a small party (3 hours only ) 3 djs Party starts Febuary 3 and 6 pm CET till 9 pm CET yes im Aquarious DJ Eugene 6pm CET -trance DJ Maron 7Pm CET -rock metal Dj Mulan 8pm CET -whatever she wants You are Welcome to join the Party and have fun those 3 hours i will be happy to see friendly faces
  11. One birthday, five hours of mewsic, five great DJs: @MidnightMist, @Maron, @Icebox, @shirya & @LillianLangte. PUSSY RIOT has purred into 2020 and is celebrating its first anniversary on January 25, prettier and kittier than ever. So, join us for an evening of feeling groovy and groovy felines – including our very own, The Slush Kitties, riding the poles and rockin’ the room for the very first time. We may only be one, but we’re the one and only place to be this Saturday. Come on down and celebrate, and bring your riot gear. . .
  12. Rocking Tavern Special - 1pm - 4pm CET Hosts Vanhia & Niluc with New Room, RocknRoll & bouncing Oldies The Double D Bistro - 4pm - 7pm CET Hosts DavinaP & DavinaS with their mix of 80's Pop & Rock, Bar Dancers and New parts of the street completed with more areas to play Rocking Kats - 7pm - 10pm CET Hosts Elena & Kat with the Best mix of Pure Rock & Blues in Town
  13. It is with great joy that we invite all friends to our Birthday Party, come celebrate this day of joy and happiness, with a lot of music and fun in the new room built by Zhanee. We look forward to seeing you on Friday 13/09 from 9:00 PM CET C’est avec une grande joie que nous invitons tous les amis à notre fête d’anniversaire et que nous célébrons cette journée de joie et de bonheur avec beaucoup de musique et d’amusement dans la nouvelle salle construite par Zhanee. Nous sommes impatients de vous voir le vendredi 13/09 à 21h00 CET Con gran alegría invitamos a todos los amigos a nuestra fiesta de cumpleaños, vengan a celebrar este día de alegría y felicidad, con mucha música y diversión en la nueva sala construida por Zhanee. Esperamos verte el viernes 13/09 a partir de las 9:00 p. M. CET
  14. Come out and celebrate Sept. 14th starting 3pm est/9pm cet. Music by Live DJs mixed genres.
  15. It's that time again, Morgi's Birthday, New Room for party. ALL WELCUM!!!
  16. Absolute presents fun festivities as we celebrate not one, but two "original six" bargie's birthdays. So come help us celebrate Rhets and LoriDs birthdays Absolute style. (No, that is nothing like Gangnam style, but if we get enough alcohol in Rhet, you might get lucky!) Four hours of classic rock, hard rock and whatever these two request for the night. Stop by, bring your well wishes and plan on having a great night with two of the best people we know in Absolute. July 2nd at 9pm EST
  17. Completing another year of life is a reason for much joy and gratitude, not only for those who would celebrate, but also for everyone who loves that person. That's why we invite everyone to this party for our friend Gucci, come have fun with us and give the congratulations to this incredible friend, come dance and have fun with nice people to the sound of good music. Host: AdrianFranco - DJ: DJBIACAT. gates open from 10:45 PM / CET- 04/06/2019 Completare un altro anno di vita è motivo di tanta gioia e gratitudine, non solo per coloro che celebrano, ma anche per tutti coloro che amano quella persona. Ecco perché invitiamo tutti a questa festa per il nostro amico Gucci, vieni a divertirci con noi e fai le congratulazioni a questo incredibile amico, vieni a ballare e divertiti con delle belle persone al suono della buona musica. Presentatore: AdrianFranco - DJ: DJBIACAT. cancelli aperti dalle 22.45 / CET- 04/06/2019
  18. "BETTER THAN COMPLETE ONE MORE YEAR OF LIFE IS TO SHARE THIS MOMENT BY THE PEOPLE THAT DIVIDE THE LIFE WITH ME" Come spend a few hours with us, with lots of music, fun, nice people, with the sound of some of the best Djs of 3dx in a healthy environment and in the company of friends. Hostesses JULLIE (JUXX). Featuring THE BARE BUNNIES. 11/01 - GATES OPENED FROM 21:00 PM / CET Venez passer quelques heures avec nous, avec beaucoup de musique, du plaisir, des gens sympas, au son des meilleurs DJ de 3dx dans un environnement sain et en compagnie d'amis. Hôtesses JULLIE (JUXX). Comporter LES BUNNIES NUS. 11/01 - PORTES OUVERTES À PARTIR DE 21H00 PM /CET Vieni a passare qualche ora con noi, con tanta musica, divertimento, gente simpatica, con il suono di alcuni dei migliori Dj di 3dx in un ambiente sano e in compagnia di amici. Hostess JULLIE (JUXX). Caratterizzato da THE BARE BUNNIES. 11/01 - GATES APERTE DALLE 21:00 / CET
  20. Hello everyone This friday I will celebrate my 3 years on 3dx (it was the 19th) and my bday (will be the 25th). I will open the Pool as it is my historical room and the line up will be down on the fly So no poster and no line up, just an opening hour: it will be from 8PM CET See you all!
  22. SYNTHESIS OF SOUND It is our pleasure to invite you all for another Joyful night to celebrate with us the birthday of the friends born in October. Come celebrate with us to the sound of good music, lots of fun and super nice people. Our family waits for you with open arms. Open Doors - 10PM/CET - 29/10/2018 Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter tous à une autre soirée joyeuse pour célébrer avec nous l'anniversaire de naissance des ammies nées en octobre. Venez célébrer avec nous au son de la bonne musique, beaucoup de plaisir et des gens super sympas. Notre famille vous attend à bras ouverts È nostro piacere invitarvi tutti per un'altra notte gioiosa per festeggiare con noi il compleanno delle amicci nate in ottobre. Vieni a festeggiare con noi al suono di buona musica, un sacco di persone simpatiche La nostra famiglia ti aspetta a braccia aperte
  23. JACK VAUGHN BIRTHDAY BASH!!! FRI OCT 5TH 4-9PM EST join us for Music, and fun to celebrate with Jack
  24. Hi 3DX Chat Community !! Next Sunday, 30th September at 8pm CET ... ★★★ШҤIŦЄ ǷÁĿÁƇЄ ϦƦØŤHЄĿ★★★™ & Bass FACTORY presents : DJ LINE UP : (CET) 8pm - xYUNAx 9pm - EmmaFR 10pm - Chloe 11pm - KathyF midnight - MissyB You are all invited to celebrate and have a great party, See you there ^^ Pierro.
  25. i´m happy to announce this upcoming Event The GRANDOPENING of the Swingerclub "Paradiso" and the Birthdayparty of Darkangel this Wednesday, 08.08.2018 at 9pm CEST
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