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  1. The Legend himself! Allways had a great time.
  2. Would have been nice if someone had the contact info from Ashbash to come back for a set. He was my go to DJ back in the day. Totally Agree with you Natsumi. Few of us still remain <3
  3. Every Dev. Can relate what can be done in 2 months and if it's just a port from unity 4 to 5 then it's pretty insufficient. I guess the expectations right now are so high that the update will be a disappointment.
  4. Grrr... hatte gestern arge Netzwerk-Probleme Zuhause... Hoffe ihr hattet Spaß
  5. Bei den beiden hübschen Damen muss man vorbei schauen!
  6. Honestly there is no such think as a Program to play around with. You need experience in 3d Arts and it will take a lot of time and practice. For 3d Modeling (Clothes, Furniture ect.) you can easily use Blender, which is free to use. As far as I know, if you submit content, the devs resize your model to the game standarts. Be sure to check out this topic too: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/2208-user-created-content/ Regards and merry Holidays, Sin
  7. For example Hatsu Inu
  8. Yes i do and i love watching them. My parsonal list would be: Bible Black Gaiden, Euphoria, Rance Quest, Words Worth, Discipline, Stringendo Accelerando. Just to name a few good ones.
  9. Youre right, but those "little" things you do, motivates the people to keep on fighting!
  10. You deserve so much respect for this. I cant even find the right words to say.
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