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  1. New clothes hello.....
  2. Who wants to hear justifications and excuses get the Damn game up and running and keep it up and running. And add new clothes wtf .
  3. I agree where the fuck are the new clothes, these pose's could have waited. Clothes are getting old.

    1. Angelqueen


      Exactly... and many old chlotes also works bad.. example baseball hats! (only one colored part by part needed)
      Of course the body customization is really important... example fat or muscular slider.... ect.
      I really thought they were doing something big for 1.5-2 months ... like a chlote editor.

  4. one question is it down for everyone?
  5. I cant get on is it everyone?
  6. Why isn't this included when you renew your subscription? Why the hell do i have to go through trying to figure this crap out? Can someone tell me why the Fuck I have to spend my time figuring out how to enter dll and now 64 bit wtf. My time at 3dxchat is coming to a screeching fuck stop soon. What the hell is wrong with the people running this site? INCLUDE the shit in the set up.
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