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  1. ^ I try to also play myself.. although I am as out going in real life as I am here.. I would never be as flirtatious in real life.. because of the consequences haha.
  2. Linky

    Level your avi?

    I have to agree black, although it would be nice to see some type of progression implemented into the game... even if it was just achievements.
  3. ^^ new feature... tentacless...
  4. color pallets would be amazing.. they should really focus on improving our wardrobe creation... everyone looks relatively similar..
  5. hmmm.. should update this more but community is soo small here... it's growing though! MUST IMPLEMENT MORE FEATURES! Cmon 3dx..

  6. I know I'm not the only one who would think it would interesting if we had some unlockable content, Although gamification might not fit this genre well, I feel would give incentive to log on and draw in new players and keep the game interesting. On the other hand it may deter the roleplaying aspect. Would you feel this would improve or ruin the 3dx experience?
  7. Linky... Link was taken, Link referring to the Hero from The Legend Of Zelda.
  8. i never cared about anyone seeing my "real" face.. I choose to use my real picture here because it's the internet and no one really cares. I really do hope they add more customization for the AVI's.
  9. I haven't seen much drama here in the game yet.. tidbits here and there... best thing to do is... IGNORE and move on... I leave with you with a quote "letting someone get to you is like them living in your head rent free"
  10. outgoing inquisitive persistent confident compassionate
  11. logged on today... made new friends. seems like 3dx is gaining more subscribers!

  12. Linky


    lol... so avi's getting pregnant and stds run rabid in 3dx? i wouldn't support such a feature... kills the fantasy environment.
  13. feeling like nc needs a remodel... perhaps some doors in the bathroom.. privacy people!

  14. I hate it when guys message my friends and want sex right away... where is the intimacy or bonding?
  15. For those new to the game and for those seasoned, welcoming new members into our growing community... How do you make your the initial contact / first message ! Give us your best tips! Romantic or platonic is welcomed!
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